Some Days....

I swear there are days when the air has been misted from above with stupidness....
Aiyana77 Aiyana77
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You should google "chemtrails". Although it's not recorded to account for the stupendous magnitude of rampant stupidity, sometimes I wonder...

I am very familiar with them. Unfortunately all the elite with the chem trails I suspect are snorting retardation.

"Snorting retardation"?!?! I literally burst out laughing-what a fun way to put it!!!

You mean stupidity, right? There is no such thing as 'stupidness'.

Everyone's a critic and just has to prove someone else wrong. I'd like to think the message otherwise got across but obviously I can't be certain. Though you have certainly proved my point.

I saw that you miswrote stupidity, but decided I liked the way you made "stupidness" sound. In fact, I kind of thought you did it on purpose, it sounded intentional :)

Hmmm. I have proven your point by pointing by doing what exactly? I just thought it was helpful to point out that if anyone was going to criticize the prevalence of stupidity, you would be better served by words that you have not invented. Apologies.

LMFAO, dukeofurl! Pretentious much?!? Lol! I hope the high horse you rode in on doesn't mind your condescending attitude, lol :)

Well said March. : )

Oh hey, my bad. Don't let my pretentiousness get in your way. Stupidness it is. Descending. In a mist. On both of you.

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Unfortunately, it lands on me sometimes too! LMAO - Along with all those other nasty human traits! Irratability, hatred, anger etc. We become blind..therfore stupid I suppose and forget that it is us and our view that may need to be changed. Ya think? Kim
Miss you girl! Sorry havent been around - When I am in a nasty mean spirited mood - I dont want to contaminate no one! Kim

Hey there. Miss you too. I am currently in one of those moods. It has been a rough couple days.

Haaaaa! Love u my friend!

: ) Love you too. I suspect today will be a clear day though. Least i hope.