Not A Good Feeling Tonight

Nights like tonight, when I'm hormonal and saddened by the daily news. Seems like today has just been horrible all around. The internet is raging with news about the shooting, and it seems like everywhere I turn right now, there is turmoil and sorrow, conflict and anger. I'm an empath! I can't take this for much longer!

I'm having a very painful period, cramps are tearing my insides out, and my fibromyalgia is making it worse- draining me completely of energy so that I can do nothing except lie in bed.

Then I find out that my best little doggy friend will be taken to the shelter if I don't find her a place to go- her owners (my neighbors) may be moving very soon and will not take the dog with them. I'm devastated! I live in an apartment and cannot bring the dog here because pets aren't allowed. I have been calling around to everyone, looking for someone to foster the dog until I can find her a good home, or until I can work out an arrangement that will allow me to keep her.

I will be heartbroken if I never get to see her again, and even more heartbroken if she gets taken to a shelter. What a horrible day. Days like this, I don't know why I try to fight so hard to be a good person and do kindnesses for others when it is a constant door slamming in my face when I do. *sigh*

Sorry, I just needed to rant.
SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

That's okay that's where I was two days ago....I have bad periods too and I pretty much stay in bed if I'm able to just let it pass. I am sorry to hear about your doggie friend. It's a shame people don't make plans with their pets in mind. It is wonderful that you are trying so hard to find her a home. People like you make the world a better place for sure. Don't give up...hopefully something will work out!
Take care and rest so you can take on the world again soon.