Absent Minded

It is often a taboo to be absent minded. Tell me if you gave socrates or plato a letter to post at a particular point of time or asked them them to remember certain digits. They couldn't ! Their mind was full of ideas and busy with possible policies of construction of society. It was true that Einstein was absent mined to do his daily routine work, didn't had time for personal grooming too, but he was genius like socrates, plato etc. So, the inference is- those who dreams and visualize, doesn't care for petty things and they don't have to be mechanical about it. Being absent minded is totally natural to us, problem occurs when we are routined, because then we have to fulfill the needs of placement of objects in proper rhythm and so with other particulars. It is no wonder that people often forget taking pills, though it is most important and when having meal suggests it to do so.
Who can have perfect memory ? I say, everyone has, if it were not case, people could not remember dates and phone numbers at all. Our brain is designed to work with known patterns which remembers incidents and so we are forgetful about any memory which is artificial, like arranging things, bedsheets etc. It is not at all important to have routines in mind, because it is preoccupation indeed which is like a stable pond. Example- One can concentrate on one thing at a time, so is with brain which aligns towards fulfillment of his personal dreams.
Jawahar Lal Nehru (Then PM of Independent India) once said- "Those who stick to petty things, lose much of important things in life".

So guys, if you are absent minded, you are a bliss.
zeneriq zeneriq
22-25, M
Aug 5, 2012