Enjoy Wetting

I'm 23 years old and live alone.  I frequently enjoy  reading these posts and stories about others who enjoy wetting their pants and bed. 


As a child I had a friend who lived down the street and we always played together.  We would sit on the sidwalk and play with sidewalk chalk.  While we did this, my friend would draw 3 lines on the sidwalk.  If we had to pee we would rush over and touch the first line while wetting our pants.  If we had to poop we'd touch the second line while pooping in our pants, and the third line was for doing both at the same time.  I guess we did it so that we didn't have to stop playing and go inside.  It was summer so we'd sit and play in our wet pants until they dried.  I loved watching the wet patch on the sidwalk beneath us grow as we peed our pants and occasionally watch as a buldge appeared in our pants as one or the other of us pooped our pants.    When we pooped we'd have to go inside and clean up so we wouldn't get caught.


I remember one time my friend pooped her shorts and her mom came out and saw before she had a chance to clean up.  She told her that it was an accident, and didn't get in trouble.


As and adult I still enjoy going to the bathroom in my pants and bed.  I like to stit at the computer and slowly wet my pants. 

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3 Responses Apr 17, 2010

I used to wet my PJs in my bed when i was 2-3 and then just sleep, it was weird becasue i would always yell "DADDY!" to get attention or something.

I love the wetting feeling too! Do what makes you feel good! Life's too short to conform!

It's fun cause it's naughty, and it feels nice. Keep up the good work!