Song Writter For 20 Years

Well it all started back in 1994 my 11th grade year. I wrote my first song.
I did not think i could do it, but I did. It took me 10 years to get it right.
in the time between that time i wrote like 6 to 7 more. In the past 10 years
I worte 116 more songs. And the thing is I have not sold them yet. Just
can't part with them. Call me crazy but I fell they need something more.
If someone can help me. I would be glad to take all the help you can give.
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1 Response Feb 19, 2013

Sometimes writing is an inner release that one comes at ease within. Also you be a perfectionist and think you can do better. Me personally, I love to write more than anything because I express myself so deeply. I can write about anything, but it is usually only for my eyes to see. Call me crazy but I believe in real art. Writing is great and not everyone can do well, yet people will say they're writing but just jotting thoughts down. Writing for me comes deep inside and I let go when the pen hits the paper(or fingers to keyboard) but that's my experience. I can imagine song writing as being interesting and painting a picture, like a journey. After all if you don't paint a picture in writing what is it ? Rock on!
Hope that helped

Thanks for the help. and Rock "N" Roll to