Dad would be annoyed at me sharing this story, dont talk about me he would say. I want to talk about him. My dad lost his battle with cancer on 28th dec 2012 after a short illness. It was all very sudden and he was as shocked as us when he found out but in truth i think he knew and just wanted to protect us as that was him. we recently held his funeral and what with hospital visits, helping with his care, christmas etc it was all a bit surreal, its only now that its over the reality hits hard. Dad was so brave through it all he smiled and joked as if he didnt have a care in the world but that was to the world to me he would talk about how he worried about us and how we would manage without him and how he sometimes felt depressed by his illness. Towards the end he was really poorly and I couldnt stand to watch him cancer stricken its the cruelist disease ever i would want to shout out come back dad but he faded away in front of my eyes. I am still very much trying to come to terms with dads death as it was just recently and I get the usual it gets better in time etc and I hope thats true but I will never forget him and will love him forever. There is so much more that I could write but Im very closed as a person and to write this hasent been easy as I cant type for crying but life goes on dad taught me that and he would want me smile not cry. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a loved one to cancer. R.I.P Dad love you forever
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Jan 14, 2013