Gosh I Miss Him

Its been over a year since me and him parted and I've tried my best to forget about "us" his laugh.the way his voice got deeper when he was mad.or the way his voice would be less deep when he was hyper. Or how he would let me do almost all the talking and he would actually listen and pay attention to me.I tried to forget that special night that we shared.and how he kept telling me not to be sorry about it.I tried to forget the way I use to glow when we talked on the phone.how happy I finally was. I tried to forget IYQ,it was special cuz no one knew what we ment when we said it. I tried to forget all the amazing moments and how I felt as if I was a princess and he was my prince. I tried but I never can seem to forget. I thought I was doing good than BAM! All those memorys can flooding back *sighs* I think id do almost anything to have him back but he seems so happy now. He's living his life and I'm scared that if I try to get him back,he won't be happy anymore. Because of that fear,I sit here quietly,remembering and forgeting. But its worth it to see him smile.
rayvnne rayvnne
18-21, F
Dec 13, 2012