This happened about a year ago..I wasn't a believer in soulmates . Just got out of a long distance relationship.I was at work (Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt).
It was a very busy night we had a line out the door after standing for hours I started getting stressed ready for a break.I noticed this guy walk in he was tall very thin beautiful face almost could'ev mistaken him for a girl gorgeous.Olive skin,dark black hair,heazel eyes.He was wearing black skinny jeans and a grey shirt tatto on his left arm.As I'm taking someones order I notice him from the corner off my eye this time he was standing infront of me a couple feet away.Just as I turn to look at him it's almost he can read my mind he looked away.I started feeling nervous and impatient almost as if I can sense him his stare was burning me,but everytime I looked back he'll look away I was paranoid. Then again he stared and I look over but he turns away but he has the most lovely smile I smile and i notice him looking then I turn away and I go by the register I see him looking around I feel his looking for me and when he does he stares at me for what seemed for a very long time his eyes slowly drifting to my arms to my hands especially my left hand it was a heart shape vein.
I notice them talking to Amy(co-worker).I go to the back to use the restroom I hear Amy call for me.But when I go out they were gone Amy told me "Bill kept on staring at you there from this band".I felt this connection with him this foreign feeling hard to explain. That night I had a dream of him this song was stuck in my head it talks about soulmates "and I lose myself I think of you".I wake up the feeling of looking him up I remember what Amy tells me Bill ***** and when I did we had so much in common..

This memory is so clear to me like a soulmate connection his looking for his soulmate,I always said I wanted true love...And on my question I found out were he lives he lives about an hour away from me..Sometimes I'll see him in his car one day we almost crashed because we zoned out it was almost like it was only me and him it sounds kinda corny..But it's always bad timing I'm either going to work or school. Theres been so many signs.

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Jan 13, 2013