I Didn't Know It Had A Name...

Many years ago, when I was a teenager (I'm male) and a virgin, I got the really weird idea, at least I thought it was weird, to stick little plastic things into the end of my penis. This was just one of the things I did during my sex play. I had no idea it had a name, and in fact I thought I was the only one in the universe to do it.

I am much older now, but a few years ago I had a condition that caused me to be incontinent, and one of my solutions was to wear a catheter and leg bag. I was still working at that time, so I had to keep my mobility. The first time that catheter slid into my pee hole it brought back such pleasant memories, and the feeling was no less awesome than it had been when I was a teen.

Today I was browsing around this site and discovered the concept of Sounding, the first time I knew that it had a name. And now my obsessive/compulsive nature is demanding that I go further. To add to my frustration and pleasure, I have ordered, but not yet received, a penis enlarger device, a stretcher really. To be perfectly honest I am not hopeful that it will produce much enlargement, but I anticipate lots of fun playing with it; and now if I can lay my hands on a catheter or two, that will only add to my pleasure.

I can see it now: my penis entrapped in a device that is stretching it, a catheter or other article is my urethra, and the entire package enclosed in a pair of tights! Am I one messed-up dude or what!
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Jan 7, 2013