Her face had sadness streaked by tears streaming for a millennia;
She is infinite; big, curvy, universal, empathy, beautiful, sensuous, scented, healing
Her hugeness onset by need of space
So much happened, she needed solitude to process events
She knew not of boundaries
Intuition created space around her, calories consumed as though she was eating the galaxy to have space inside her, rather than outside her
Bigger she became, others marvelled; they gave her space
she swallowed the universe and carried the weight of so many burdens in her
burgeoning belly
They mistook her expansion for anger, self-loathing, unforgiving, addiction, unhappiness, they all left
She simply needed space
Left, finally, on her own, she was bereft, she processed
She stopped consuming the cosmos, she felt
She learned
She was lonely
turquoiseturtle turquoiseturtle
36-40, F
Mar 12, 2013