Game Night

She wandered around the casino for awhile, checking out each pit. Table limits, players, mood of dealers. It was exciting to find that one brilliant dealer who moved his career to the next energy level. Michael was her favourite. Mostly because he had faith, and because he wasn't greedy. He was smart enough to understand the rules of the universe and gambling. He had a flair for the dramatic. If the table was pissed because they were down, he was appropriately apologetic. If the table was a happy crowd that believed in spreading the love and the wealth, he accelerated it. And, while catering to the emotions of the spoiled patrons, he stayed on top the game, making sure all rules were followed, payouts done correctly and swiftly, hand signals given, bets positioned correctly, and proper card handling. She never saw Michael's tables get out of control. The attribute Michael possessed that sealed the deal for him being the best ever dealer, in her mind, was his genuineness. The man was kind, to the core. He was in love with his family and it was his love for them that made him the kind of person he was. She would find his table and toke every chance she was up two extra chips. If she could adopt him as her little brother, she would. He was younger than her by about fifteen years, but his heart made him ageless. His innocence made him transparent and his sense of humour made him adorable. She just hoped he was also smart enough to figure out how to keep the deep well filled so he wouldn't one day crack up for giving out so much all the time. But then again, he did find that one rare love we all search for. Our soul-mates. Should keep him going for quite sometime.
turquoiseturtle turquoiseturtle
36-40, F
Mar 29, 2013