So Confused...

HI, my names steph i joined this group to see if anyone could help me.. I think i have an emotional disorder,

I was talking to my boyfriend this morning , well hes not really my boyfriend more like my ex but we still see each other and he loves me but i dont feel love the same way =/, We always fight because he says i have too many male friends and i need attention all the time.

The story is I grew up with no dad, My father left my mum when i was five he was really horrible to her i dont wanna go into it but he use to mistreat my mum etc.. then my mum divorced him and moved to australia and found another husband.. as i was beginning to get close to him they divorced because he was a headcase and started to be violent to my mum.. and now my mum is in her third marriage and i really dont like my step dad he doesnt understand me at all and were always fighint because i never seem to do anything right :( . Well I think that my emotional instability and confusion comes from all these dysfunctional relationships i have lived with and no father figure.. I have a problem with falling inlove really easily and being naive when it comes to guys.... :( I think i still love my ex but i have a crush on another guy i judt think hes really funny and charming and we get along really well i like him alot but i feel so guilty because i think im cheating on my ex because he loves me and we still see each other,.. also i lived in south america 2 yrs ago and fell inlove so much with this south american guy but then i moved back to australia and had to end our relationship and prety much forget about everything.. so that was never resolved and now i still think about it... and it makes me SOO upset . Sometimes i get so confused and depressed that i just cry for days and then fee better again. I think theres something really wrong with me and the way i feel i need help :(

smstephii smstephii
18-21, F
Feb 22, 2010