Father Figure And Spanking Therapy

I have spanked for many years with lots of experience.
I am gray haired and have used Spanking Therapy to help ladies with their needs and problems. I get to know the Lady and try to help her solve her inner problems. Many times it is stress, guilt but many more can be added to the list. I have used spanking for Stress as well as Tension. Under both stress and tension actions are many times become agravating and argumentative which makes everything so un pleasant that I use a good spanking to settle things down. Both stress and tension work for a bad environment. A good spanking in love can set things straight and settle things down.

My mannerisms are a lot like a father the way I treat the women who come to me as I spank in love but  with care and compassion. Working with the woman I develop a caring feeling about the woman but naturally everything is non-sexual.

I do spank bare bottomed, otk and I believe in good spankings until RED.
I do give big hugs after each spanking and sometime during a break in the spanking.

Spanking alone doesn't solve everything but it does start the attention and address  towards the problem to be solved.

I am here to be serious and to help. You also need to be serious about wanting help. Everything is non-sexual.

I only Host in Columbus Ohio    aspanker @hotmail.com
aspanker43232 aspanker43232
61-65, M
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If you want my help, My focus will be upon your well being.

I help with many problems including accountability, responsibilities, stress, and especially attitudes which affect about everything. I have had success in building up self esteem and confidence.