Semi-public Spanking?

About a week ago my boyfriend and I were playing and a roommate and her friend walked in. There wasn't much to do about it, especially when they invited themselves to watch.

So my question to you all is: Guys, how would you feel about your girlfriend spanking you in front of others? Girls, is spanking your boyfriend in front of other people something you'd like to do? Or not?
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I have been fortunate enough for my G/F to both spank & paddle me in front of friends, my siblings, her made for a well-behaved B/F

when you know your girlfriend has the authority to spank and you get that look or any statement ending with "or else" you behavior suddenly improves!

wow...If I deserved it and you werent able to give me what i deserved because i wasn't holding still I can understand you having friends over to help you administer it the proper way and if they wanted to join in,that would be up to you ma'am:)

VERY stimulating!

Hey, I would feel very embarassed getting spanked in front of others. I got it once in front of a friend of my gf and I hated it

I spank my boyfriend regularly for disciplinary reasons. It started when I caught him lying to me about something important. He had a choice..a spanking or I'd throw him out. Now he is very submissive and gets spanked when I decide he needs it. Even when we go away together to visit family or friends I always bring along a belt or a strap in case he acts out. One time he was in line to get a strapping when one of my girlfriends just walked into the house. He was already bent over the chair ready to begin. When she came in she was shocked but them asked if she could watch. I was using a strap so I told her to sit down and perhaps learn something about taking charge of her own boyfriend. I gave him 20 hard strokes. Afterwards I had him stand in the corner while she and I had a drink and I explained about the spanking. She asked if she could watch again and I not only told her she could but offered to let her administer a whipping the next time he needed it.

Wow! You rock! I love it how you punished him in front of your girlfriend and offered her to whip him next time too! Always great when women teach men a lesson! :D

I would love to be spanked on my bare bottom by a girl in front of girls & guys -SO SEXY & EROTIC. Nothing heavy -just her hand etc.. Please reply & add me as a friend. Great post by you. Take care.

I loved to be spanked "on demand"...over my G/F;s lap, bare bottom, kicking my legs, squirming and crying

By "on demand" I mean to get spanked whenever / wherever the infractions occur!!

I was once spanked on my bare bottom by a friend of my aunt who lived in a nearby town... I was 14 or 15 at the time?
While visiting w/ her family (she & her daughter) during a school break; I had become "full of myself" including being rude to her & several other adults.

The lady came over to complain to my (play-auntie) at which time she "went-off" on me, announced that she had had her "fill" & that I was going to get spanked.

Making matters worse I told her she was not authorized only making matters even worse...well, at the blink of an eye; she had sat down hiked her dress up & I was over her lap w/ my pants down & getting spanked & paddled right there in front of the neighbor

Well, I kicked my legs, cried, begged her stop & promised to be good forever

P.s. - both me & her daughter were paddled on numerous occasions during my time there over the years...w/ it happening in front of each other...she was a year older than me.

It would be very embarrassing and very arousing to be spanked by a girl in front of another girl or girls. Especially if the audience held my hand and chastised me, mocked me while looking straight into my tear filed eyes. I would dread the possibility of the other girl also spanking me.

My dream

I love the idea..... wish I could make that happen

It's happened to me once. I kind of knew it was coming. I was in trouble because I'd forgotten our anniversary. I've had some real scorchings for much less than that so I knew I was going to get it big time! I also knew that my GF's friends were coming for brunch that day. 15 minutes before they were due I had to ***** and get a good hard spanking OTK and made to stand in the corner. I had real butterflies in my stomach because I didn't know what the friends would say and do or if they even knew about me. I had to stay where I was in silence as they came in, chatting and giggling. I was blushing big time, and maybe even shaking a bit! Nothing like this had ever happened before. Well, all my GF's GFs knew exactly what they were in for. I had to fetch and carry things for them and when I made mistakes I had to bend over a chair and get some licks with the paddle. The friends didn't really hurt me that much, except once or twice when they didn't manage to hit me with the flat of the paddle and whacked near the bone. Only one of them, Kathy, really roasted me. She's a gym freak and she's got really powerful arms. When she took her turn she put me OTK and just let rip. My GF was laughing the whole time. She let Kathy beat me until I was crying with pain. Then I had to go on my knees from each friend to the next and thank them for the beatings and apologise for being insolent and awkward. Then the worst thing happened: the doorbell went and it was Mitchell, Kathy's BF, coming to pick her up. He wasn't too happy to see me naked on the floor in front of his GF and semi-aroused. I don't think he was in on the secret and he looked pretty disgusted. I was starting to think about putting my clothes on and apologising but my GF took charge. She explained that I'd been bad and she needed some help to discipline me. He took some persuading to start with. He said that if he gave me a beating it would be the real thing, a real man-sized beating, and he didn't think my GF was being serious, or that I could take it, so he wasn't going to start. That was OK by me. I didn't want to be in this situation with another man. I didn't dare say that though. I just had to hope. My GF had an evil twinkle in her eye. She talked him into it and he took his big leather belt off and ordered me over the chair. I was really shaking this time. I wanted to say 'no' but I couldn't so I got over the chair and held onto the legs for dear life! Well, Mitchell wasn't lying about what he was going to do to me. It was the worst belting I've ever had in my life. I tried so hard not to cry but I was sobbing and gasping for air before the end of it. The friends didn't seem to notice that I was really in distress and in much too much pain. My GF knew but she was happy with that. That night I begged her on my knees not to let another man beat me again, or even let her friends beat me, but she laughed and said she couldn't make any promises. It's only a matter of time before they all come over to the house again. My GF's introduced me to the cane since then so I'm going to be in real trouble if it happens again!

Its very difficult, at least in CT to find women who are interested in spanking men...I was lucky enough to find one woman several years ago through a website.. thankfully she was not a pro... I was /am only interested in someone who wanted to do this because it was what she was into and not because she was going to get paid for it...I was very concerned about how I would react once I was so exposed in front of a woman I had never known before, much less what would happen once she started spanking me...I found the courage to tell her about my concerns which were not concerns of hers...soon I found myself over her lap, and in other embarrassing positions with my butt getting whipped and spanked hard... I will wait and see if anyone wants me to post or is interested in how I and my body reacted...

the key is - do you like it, and did you. It comes down the desire if you wish to add shame and humiliation to his process.

i once brought up this idea with my girlfriend at the time. she seemed very interested. mentioning her best friend.

Its quite humiliating. That said its also quite the effect on your mentality. It puts us "naughty boys" in the right frame of mind to receive our spankings.

I love this fantasy.
but would really haver to love her a lot and know trust and be friends with her friend so I didn't freak after going through with it

as long are in agreement with it, and confidentiality is respected have fun.

one of the first times my high shool gf spanked was for getting drunk, wrecking the car and spoiling our weekend trip to the beach. She didn't speak to me for a month. Then one Sunday when her folks were away she asked me to come over. I thought (so mistakenly) it was for make-up sex. But no. When she opened the door she brandished a hairbrush, took me by the ear to the basement--fast as we could go--pull a chair to the middle of the room. Sat down grabbed my belt and almost tore it off. Only a second later my underpants were puddled around my ankles and I was over her knee. All she said was "Get that bottom up, arched and in position, buddy boy."

I did as I was told, of course but that didn't stop her from spanking my fanny as hard as she could for at least ten minutes, then sent me to the corner. Upstairs I could hear foots steps. those could only have been her younger sister Lyn who was 2 grades behind us, but was also like my gf (Gloria) drop dead gorgeous and petite.

Gloria went up stairs for another five minutes or so, then came back down and ordered my back over her knee , bottom arched, "ready for some more of where that other came from." It seemed unending, like this reply, so I'll make it short. I was sent to the corner again, my bottom swollen a deep crimson, and me sobbing uncontrollably almost like I was gasping for air. Went back up stairs, left me standing silently in the corner. The next thing I heard was Lyn, who just gasped at the sight of me and said: "Oh gosh. I'll just but this down on the steps." Then she ran back upstairs.

Apparently Gloria had sent Lyn downstairs to console me with some lemonade.

Did the spanking seem worse, knowing that Lyn was upstairs and probably heard the whole thing?

That was quite a spanking. Did Gloria make that a regular part of your relationship?

When it is that a spanking is warranted, I do honestly believe that it should be administered immediately, though not in a public place. Though if they were in front of her friends and while in a residential setting, then that does not matter. He should be forced to pull his pants and underwear down around his ankles, made to lay across her lap and accept his deserved punishment. And even if she wishes to get her friends to help by either restraining him or spanking him, then so be it.

After he has been spanked, he should be made to stand in the corner with his freshly spanked *** on display.

I agree, except sometimes it's more fun to make him wait for the spanking. If instead of taking him to a private place I whisper in his ear and tell him he's going to get spanked later, he gets all nice and fidgety until it's time. For the few people who know I spank him, if they happen to be there, they know what i told him.

How does he feel about it that others know about his spankings?

That is a great ideal.

I had an ex who lived in a small apartment complex, and she loved making me get naked so that she could spank me in front of all of the women at various times. Not all of them at once, but just whoever happened to be around.

But what was really embarrassing was once she did it in front of her friend and her friend's mom. And I had bruises on my *** for a week after that trip over her knees.

Black and blue in the back, and redfaced in the front whenever you had to face the friend or the mom, I'm sure.

Most definitely! Not to mention walking around the apartment complex either. Didn't matter if inside her apartment or a friend's apartment. If she thought that I needed to be spanked, then I was ******** and spanked right there. The only time that she didn't spank me immediately was when out in public or with family. And then she would warn me and promise that I would be spanked later.

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You sound like a VERY SEXY LADY. You could spank my bare bottom as I lay over your lap anytime -SO SEXY with the right person. WM-42 -6FT -BROWN HAIR -BLUE EYES with a little boy face on a man's body -LOL. Hollywood Handsome too -Honest. You can email me at if you would like. Bye

I've been spanked in front of others. Its quite humbling and intense but if there is good trust also worhtwhile.

my good...these men r such losers...ur the guy..u should be able to run the family...stupid fucktards...ever remember ur wife has an *** about paddling that *** if she acts up on u? doesnt take rocket science to get it that....or ur just perverts making up stories

I would love it although it would be highly embarrassing and humiliating

good boy !

My wife has done it to me many times.

After a while does the additional embarrassment wear off? I mean, the first time a friend watches it's gotta suck. The fourth or fifth time that friend watches you get it, is it still worse than when it was just your wife? Does she invite different friends over time?

No, the embarrassment doesn't wear off. Yes, it is. She doesn't invite friends over, women have witnessed my spankings accidentally. One time we went camping and on one of our hikes she found a spot by a waterfall and felt playful. She sat down on a big flat rock called me to her side, pulled my shorts down (I wasn't wearing any underwear), bent me over her knee and started to spank me for all the world to see. Well all the world didn't see, but 2 women in their 60's were hiking on the trail on the other side of the ravine no more than 200 feet away and witnessed the whole thing. Much to my chagrin.

I wish I had a girlfriend that will spank me 1000 times I am bad boy and Should I ask a girl to spank me

of coarse ypu should ask if you do not

I would feel very embarassed and think it should be private between me and her.

My wife has paddled me in front of her cousin on several occasions. She has recently had her spank me when she was out of town so that I didn't miss my weekly correction. On our anniversary she decided I would be corrected daily which is really more than I ever bargained for but it is HER decision.<br />
I found out the hard way life CAN be much worse! About two weeks ago I was in a bad mood and just "forgot" my place and argued about being corrected daily. that night her cousin and her boyfriend came by for a visit and my wife made me go get the paddle, it's hard to explain just how embarrassed I was when I realized she was going to punish me in front of another man! After considerable begging she finally demanded I drop my pants and assume the position and after 100 licks I thanked her and started to get dressed, very much in pain and humiliated. To my surprise she stopped me and ask her cousin and her cousins boyfriend to take a turn. I honestly thought I would DIE from shame!<br />
Well needless to say I lived and can tell you all from a "subs" point of view being paddled on you're bare *** by a man with two women holding you still is just about as bad as I EVER want to be punished!!!<br />
After it was over and they left I begged her to never do it again and she agreed to "consider" my feelings but told me she enjoyed it and would make her decision ba<x>sed on my future behavior. So I guess the short answer is yes, I've been spanked in public. The fact is though it isn't the worst thing that can happen to you, so take my advice, mind you're mistress and remember you're place!

*my* butt hurts just from reading your story. Ouch! So far, none of my friends have spanked my boyfriend but I personally wouldn't let any situation go as far as yours did. Thank you for sharing that. Does your bottom clench up a bit as you relive it?

WPM, I too am spanked in front of other people. I am always restrained for punishment and my head is set between to boards just wide enough for my head not to be able to move. So I am never able to see who is in attendance. I do not have any idea who has seen me spanked, but I can assure you they have see me cry uncontrollably as I am punished very hard with a paddle. It is arousing but still humilating for sure!!

My girlfriend never spanking me in front of others, She enjoyed it only in privacy . I like when she spank me in privacy.

Most of the emails I've received say the same as you. Thank you for sharing.

I would not like to to this in public. But indeed, now I than I go over the knees of my girlfriend. Akso I spankes her bottom serveral times, and really hard on the panties or bare botton.

You can see public spanking photos here! Some ideas for your public spanking sesion:<br />
<br />
public spanking

Great story and great responses. Having been spanked in front of others on more than one occasion if you want to spank him in front of your roomates or anyone else for that matter do it. You don't need his permission. Most men would tell you no they wouldn't want to be punished in front of others. To do so goes against the male ego in most cases and admitting that to you is very difficult especially a younger male. If you enjoy it and want to take control don't give him the choice. I think you will find he wants you to take control of him and will be very happy you did.

Well, this was quite a while ago and I didn't spank him publicly a second time. It took a while for him to be comfortable around the roommates again.

I find it a little difficult to accept that you can just tell a guy you're going to humiliate him and he'll agree without complaint (and leaving you!) but maybe it depends on the relationship. He and I have been going together for a little while but we're not tied to each other and we don't have the sort of relationship that a lot of you seem to have.

I think at the time he would have left me for greener and less embarrassing pastures. Maybe it would be different now.

BBB, I too am not allowed a choice in the matter and it is hard to be ******** in the presence of others and then spanked to tears, which is always the case.

I agree...I prefer my G/F to take control & spank me as she seems appropriate. My spankings are generally "over her lap" until my legs are kicking & I am crying...

My most public spanking was at a "rest area" on the mother pulled off the highway, sat in middle row of the vehicle, took me over her lap and paddled me into good behavior!!

Very sexy to be dominated in front of an audience

I have indeed spanked him twice now in front of one of my female friends. <br />
She wants next time to bring her husband to see what lies ahead for him.

since this last posting my friend and her wayward hsuband have witnessed my bad boy take 50 with my riding crop

she borrowed my riding crop!

I usually get spanked a few times a week. Jenny and her friends like to share the spanking too. They all chant sweet phrases as they do it as I'm always in a petticoat & dress. Everyone wants to see me hard in my panties too.

If your BF doesn't want to can I voluntee? lol Actually I would love to as long as it's women and it's my bare bottom. But I could imagine it would be more fun for you if he doesn't want to and you do it anyway.

Such a great story, and the comments and stories there are a big part of the reason I would now like an experimental spanking. Wish I had someone to give me one! :)

I once said "I don't give a good ****" in response to her asking my opinion of a paint color in home depot.. She felt embarassed in front of the paint lady Sooooo I received 20 swats every day for two weeks with my heavy oak fratertiny paddle. I had to profusely apologize to the paint lady who had a smirk on her face as I said: "I'm sorry" I think my wife told her about daily blisterings.. It was I who was embarassed this time around

My wife spanked me with the speaker phone on so her sister Mary could hear hear the whole 30 minute session. It was 40 otk with the hairbrush. plus 15 minutes of corner time during which the two sisters chatted oblivious to the throbbing of my tenderized bottom. Then Linda administered 25 very hard and very slow blistering swats with the frat paddle, leaving me whimering like a damp rag on the floor.<br />
I could hear her sister giggling, and chortling from across the room. Without telling my wife I had spent $350 on a golf driver. Mary's husband Charlie was with me when I purchased it , and he matter of factly , told Mary and Mary timmediately phoned my wife ,Who became livid with anger when hearing about it. Mary asked to stay on the line so she hear every horrendous swat and every yelp and plea for mercy, and was lol the whole time during my ordeal. I had to return the golf club and was sentenced no sex for at least a week. disgraziato

I have to say being spanked in front of anyone is a thrill to say the least. My partner paddles me in front of anyone that will watch. She dom's me, canes me, and humiliates me in front of people all the time. It's a great way to let off some steam.

I was once paddled by my mother at a teacher/ student review meeting...during the meeting my teacher informed mommy that I would act out at times!!

Instead of waiting until later when we got home she immediately hiked up her skirt, took me over her knee, me protesting the whole time.

And w/ the teacher's paddle she spanked me while across her lap in full view of teacher

She & the teacher while I was made to sit (yes, sit over in the corner)...discussed how she wanted progress reports on my behavior.

P.S - Mommy had given her (signed release) to spank me as well...and she did on several occasions.

On another occasion (12th grade) I had acted out being very rude & cursing...could have been have been suspended affecting my graduation but one of my teachers who witnessed all this step-in on my behalf & interceded.

Later that day she took me to her room for a "stern lecture" ending w/ me across her lap receiving a bare-bottom paddling (lasting between more lecturing - it seemed like 30 minutes!!!

I was kicking & crying immediately

Another "school spanking" was the result of sneaking around for a girl friend kiss (it went no further).

We were discovered and taken to the office...the female Assistant Principal took matters into her own hands (or over her knee)

She hiked up her dress, took both of us across her lap and gave us a "paddling" first me then her...each had our bottoms bare...and we were made to watch each other!!!

Another "school spanking" was the result of sneaking around for a girl friend kiss (it went no further).

We were discovered and taken to the office...the female Assistant Principal took matters into her own hands (or over her knee)

She hiked up her dress, took both of us across her lap and gave us a "paddling" first me then her...each had our bottoms bare...and we were made to watch each other!!!

Mommy was right - she once said that I would be hen-pecked when I grew up...

Well she was right...I have finally found my mate - a lady who is "strict, stern & domineering" while insisting that I am "the man of house"

I am spanked or paddled "on demand" at her discretion and same for her (her discretion)

We are older now (late 40's / mid 50's) with the house to ourselves

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Yes she may Spank me in front of women,but only the "GOODLOOKING"ones i chose myself!I would have liked to be a volunteer to get a Spanking from you!!!

I think you should humiliate him in front of your friends<br />
Make him ***** naked, show off his completely shaved willy and let them admire his red bottom afterwards criss crossed with cane marks whilst he is standing in the corner after his punishment<br />
Then make him serve you with coffee - still naked of course.

Sometimes a man needs the humiliation of both a spanking and having it done in front of others.<br />
I am now at a point that if he does something to embarrass me I feel justified in stopping no matter who is there and taking a belt to his bare ***. It is amazing how quickly he starts acting like a man and not a frat boy.

i understand and i am spanked when i act up or act out.

thnks for stating it so simply.

and how often is that say in a months time?

Sounds like my G/F...spanking me whenever / wherever the infraction occurs. I spanked squirming, kicking, begging and crying "out loud"

The more I cry; the the more she spanks...once finished she has me laying over lap crying the pain away.

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personally I would love the humiliation that came with other women watching me being spanked.

My peter has been spanked at a party. The hostess spanked him and since both men and women have seen him punished.

Over the last 20 years I have been spanked where others could hear a few times and once where my lover saw me spanked by my ex wife's mother. I was not a willing participant and it was really humiliating at the time. But now after the fact my lover is talking about spanking me in from of others. I am concerned that if these potential witnesses are not consulted before the fact that it may cost us friends.

My G/F has on several occasions "spanked" me in front of & within earshot of others...I was not a willing participant; kicking, squirming, begging & crying for her to stop...when finished she made me remain over hep lap and crying "out loud"...the pain was greater than who may have seen or heard

Over the last 20 years I have been spanked where others could hear a few times and once where my lover saw me spanked by my ex wife's mother. I was not a willing participant and it was really humiliating at the time. But now after the fact my lover is talking about spanking me in from of others. I am concerned that if these potential witnesses are not consulted before the fact that it may cost us friends.

Somewhat similar scenario (Mother's spanking) previous wife & myself were spanked by her mother...we were in our early 20's

We were having some marital issues and her mother decided to address the issues...she took both of us over lap (opposite directions) and spanked and paddled us - bare butt (felt like about 20 -30 minutes).

We were both squirming, kicking and crying - and were calling her "mommy" before it was over...she repeated this on several other occasions to our dismay!!!

This was not the first time that I was spanked both simultaneously and in front of my female sibling - our mother would take both of us across her lap (opposite directions) and spanked & paddle us until we were kicking, crying, and squirming.

Always bare bottom; these spankings continued well into our latter teens through college years.

My sister (2-years older) also paddled me on occasion (in front of her friends) w/ the same results.

To get spanked and caned in front of a roommate and her girlfriend is humiliating and exiting.

I have heard so much wisdom here; an emotional bond between your BF and your female roomies should not be allowed to develop. He is your BF, after all, and spanking--with or without erotic overtones--is so very intimate. <br />
<br />
If another woman spanks him it is best, I believe, that it be with his agreement and your agreement and under your supervision. And yet, if it is not for purposes of her instruction and information, I am not sure what the purpose would be other than humiliation as part of the spanking. <br />
<br />
The primary relationship is between you and him; the spanking you give him is a gift which should strenghten the bond between the two of you.

My wife has spanked me a few times in front of other people, including my own parents. I'd usually prefer it in private, but what the hell.

Mark, thanks for the feedback. I hope he doesn't become less attentive, but if he does, your points are well taken. I will have to see how things end up going with his interacting with the roommates. So far he's continued to be on his best behavior.

As you continue your relationship with your b.f. you will find that he will become less attentive to your needs and develops careless traits and habits; this is natural and eventually occurs in most relationships. However, you now hold the power to keep him as you would like him to be. Spanking should not be about his likes and dislikes if it is to be effective. Instead, you can use it to change his behaviour and to keep him on the right track, something that will benefit him as much as it does you. <br />
<br />
If he does not like being spanked in front of other people then the threat of doing just that should be a handy way of controlling him. It would be wrong to sell tickets for the event but having a couple of female friends witness his predicament should do him no harm. Be careful about inviting them to join in, just in case an emotional bond develops between them.

As you continue your relationship with your b.f. you will find that he will become less attentive to your needs and develops careless traits and habits; this is natural and eventually occurs in most relationships. However, you now hold the power to keep him as you would like him to be. Spanking should not be about his likes and dislikes if it is to be effective. Instead, you can use it to change his behaviour and to keep him on the right track, something that will benefit him as much as it does you. <br />
<br />
If he does not like being spanked in front of other people then the threat of doing just that should be a handy way of controlling him. It would be wrong to sell tickets for the event but having a couple of female friends witness his predicament should do him no harm. Be careful about inviting them to join in, just in case an emotional bond develops between them.

My boyfriend isn't like most of you - he's really not excited about a public spanking. So please don't be disappointed if he behaves himself and doesn't get one. When it's all said and done, I want him to be happy with me and not pissed off. I'm sure you all understand.

Interested to see how this develops.You're a star Irb91!

I would expect her to ask permission and if it's playful and I'm there, I'm okay with that. Yes, it does sound like it could be fun.

Wow go for it. Probably a huge turnon for him submitting to you in front of your friend then being turned over to her for her fun and amusement.<br />
<br />
Depends on how secure you 3 are with each other.<br />
How strong is your relationship with him, how good is your friendship with each other.<br />
<br />
This sounds like it could be loads of fun for all concerned

It did sort of catch me offguard. She has joked about it before and enjoyed his seriously redfaced reaction. He also gets a little aroused by the suggestion so I think he'd actually go along with her spanking him. I don't *need* for her to do it, so I'd only let it happen if he wants it to. I'll have to get him to talk about it and see how he feels.<br />
<br />
You're right though. I should have agreed that a good smack would approve his hearing and she definitely would have smacked him with the board.

Well, lrb, maybe she does wish to spank him but is unsure how you'd take it, seeing that he 'belongs" to you, so to speak.<br />
<br />
I know that sometimes these things take us by surprise and you might not have had the time to react as you might have wished but, with hindsight, an exciting response from you would have been to jokingly tell your room-mate that, yes, a swat would definitely improve his hearing.

LOL! I'll be sure to tell her that. Since it was just the 4 of us in the apartment (me, two roommates and the boyfriend), there is enough tension from the previous walk-in event that it's bound to happen eventually. If it were me, I would have given him a playful whack. I don't know why she didn't. Maybe she's all talk and doesn't really want to spank him? I'll have to talk with her when she gets home. I'm not giving her permission to give him a proper spanking, but I see no harm in a playful whack.

He (the boyfriend) came pretty close this weekend. He was helping me in the kitchen and one of the roommates came in and asked him a question. He didn't hear her, so she picked up a cutting board (longish with a handle) and playfully asked him if he needed a swat to improve his hearing. She would have done it, I'm sure. And of course the one swat would have probably ended up with bareassed for more.

I'd love being spanked in front of her female friends. any time they would desire

At least one of them has already said they'd like to see another spanking. The boyfriend isn't too keen on putting on a show.

Great story and wonderful comment,s, too!

I guess being outside is a little more public than I was thinking of, but I can see that your neighbor would never look at you the same way again. You and your wife(?) dominate other people? Does she get spanked too or is it just you, and does she spank other guys? You said 'slaves' and I'm curious what your situation is.<br />
<br />
I know that what i give my boyfriend is not really punishment. Sure, it hurts for quite a while after I let him up, but I know it's really coming from something he wants. He wants me control him for those few minutes but he really doesn't want me to change his behavior. That's obviously different than it with you and Debbie.<br />
<br />
So I'm trying to visualize this. You're talking to the neighbor with your pants down and bent over while she canes you?

Mt Wife has spanked me in front of her sister and (later) it turned me on but I hated it at the time. It's not something I crave but I would probably not mind certain other people watching as long as I was sure they would not out me socially.

I WOULD love to be spanked by my girlfriend in front of others women and men! maybe i am odd or just an exhibitionist or i just know i need a very public spanking!

As it turns out, he's not at all into the 'public' thing. And I haven't discussed spanking other men with him but I really don't think it's going to happen. Interesting idea though, do you think I'd get volunteers?

I would really like to be spanked by you!!!

Irb, You asked if three counts as a roomful. The answer is yes, in a small room. I like the idea of women watching, learning, and even giving a hand, as it were. If your friends know that you spank your boyfriend, see if he'll agree to your spanking other men who want it, and believe me there are. Then suggest the idea of an audience to your new bottoms. Some will eat it up. Have fun.

ycam, I think that's a good attitude- that you'd let people watch if she wanted them to. I feel the same way about people watching me spank my boyfriend. If he doesn't want it ti happen, I will do my best to make sure it doesn't. Unfortunately both of live in shared apartments and you can't always plan on complete privacy. Even if we're in my room, people can hear a spanking - they're not exactly quiet.

While I've been trying to keep afloat in a sea of school papers & assignments, a number of you have taken the time to write and ask what happened after we got walked in on. I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond to mail, and no thanks to the two of you that offered to spank me for neglecting my EP duties. :)<br />
<br />
So to make up for this, I'm posting a copy of an email I shared with a close EP friend shortly afterwards. This was about 3 or so weeks ago. You'll understand if I changed the names to initials and stuff...<br />
<br />
*******************************************************************<br />
<br />
Dear _______,<br />
<br />
We've had some time this week to just hang out. With so many people having the flu, he thought he might be coming down with something. I suggested we check his temperature, and wouldn't you know it, the naughty boy brought back the rectal therm from my room. So of course, I had him pull down his pants and lie over my lap. Just about the time I got the thermometer in, one my of roommates came in with someone she works with. The roommates all know he gets spanked, of course, but this one had never seen it and the friend, well, let's say she was a bit shocked to see M over my knee with a thermometer between his cheeks. Did you know butt cheeks blush? So I said the usual 'Hello it's nice to meet you.' Then 'this is my boyfriend M. M, say hello to L and her friend S.' I can't imagine how embarrassed he was. He didn't say anything right away. I pulled out the thermometer and gave him a good smack and told him to say hello. He squeaked out a 'nice to meet you' or some such. I slid the thermometer back in and explained to them that he wasn't feeling well. The two of them invited themselves to watch while we waited out the 5 minutes. L and I made some smalltalk, she occasionally asking M a question. He didn't respond until I reminded him that he could be spanked for being rude. The two of them obviously enjoyed teasing him.<br />
<br />
I pulled the thermometer out finally and said he was fine. But as he had been rude that I'd have to spank him anyway. S said they had just stopped by to get L's sweater or something, and they'd leave us alone. L said they had a few minutes. 'M', she said, 'since you were rude to me and my friend, I think we should watch her spank you. Is that okay?' When he didn't answer, I pushed him a little farther over my lap and pulled his underwear down a little farther. He must have known it was going to happen, so he said he was sorry for being cheeky (which got giggles from all of us). After reminding him that I could send L for my hairbrush if I needed it, I gave the two women a pretty good show, and M a really good spanking. I must admit I kind of got into the idea of spanking him in front of a complete stranger. M had gotten pretty excited too (the erection gave him away), even more than a usual spanking. It took about 5 or 10 minutes before my hand was sore and M was sniffling. The two of them were watching in rapt attention. After I stopped, he lay quietly over my lap while I stroked his bottom and talked with them about how long we've known each other and how often I spanked him. L said that now she's seen me spank him, maybe more of his spankings could be out here on the sofa instead of in my room? When M protested, I gave him another smack and asked if he'd like each of them to spank him themselves? Right here and now?<br />
<br />
I wiped the Vaseline from his cheeks and told him to get up. L wanted to see how red he was, so I had him stand with his *** facing them for a minute before telling him to get dressed. It was rather funny watching him get his underwear over his half-hard penis, but he managed. He then got his pants back up and as always, thanked me for his spanking. 'Would you like to now greet our guest properly? Or should I send L for the hairbrush?' I asked him. He sheepishly turned to S and said it was nice to meet her. She laughed and said the pleasure was hers, sorry to have been a pain in the ***, and that she hoped he was feeling better. They grabbed the sweater and left.

She spanks me in complete privacy and no one outside our relationship knows that I am spanked. She does have a couple of very close friends that I would be willing to let observe my spanking. But this would be the case only if it were very important to my wife to demonstrate--for instructional and support purposes--this component of our relationship. In other words, this would be OK if it were very important to the one I love the most.

I'd prefer it if the person watching was female. That said, I don't think I'd mind being spanked in front of a group of people of both sexes, as long as some of them are women.<br />
<br />
Whatever the case, I'd like to tone my body a little more before doing anything like that. If I'm going to put on a show, I'd rather it be a good one.

Well, my boyfriend wasn't happy about our being walked in on, but now that one roommate has seen it, the other one wants to also, and the friend wants to see another spanking and has offered to help. So if my boyfriend shares your fantasy (which I'm sure he doesn't), I know at least 3 women who are more than happy to oblige him. Does that qualify as a roomful?

It will be very shamefull and humilating, but I would love it.

I fantasize being spanked in front of a roomful of women.