Spanking This Weekend

my girlfriend is gonna spank me for lieing to her. i am getting the belt and this is the first time that i am getting spanked by my girlfriend for a punishment. so if you have any advice can u tell me and we both agreed to it  
harney32 harney32
22-25, M
6 Responses May 8, 2012

Suck it up!

After she spanks you do not lie to her ask her to give you a hug after she spanks u don't lie any more to her tell her the truth does this help

Have there been others since this post?

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You need to get spanked tell her to hug you after a spanking tell her you love her a lot why did you lie that is not good she well spank you 20times I hope

Try and find out if it is really a punishment spanking or if she wants an excuse to spank you because she enjoys it. She may be too embarrassed to admit it if she wants to spank you just for the fun of it but if you watch and listen carefully you will get some idea if this is the case. I would go along with it. It may be a lot of good fun for both of you. If she is really mad at you for lying to her just accept your punishment. It probably won't hurt very much. On the other hand if she is a weight lifter or a wrestler you could always find another girlfriend.