My Three Year Old

my three year old son is been horrible since I found out I am pregnant. I love Logan very much. He is my whole world.
today I had it. We went to the store and he threw a huge fit for a candy bar. He threw himself on the floor and screamed. I picked him up and carried him to the car and we went home. By then my husband was home. I carried Logan to his room for a nap as he continued his fit. I laid him in his bed and he kicked me as hard as he could in my stomach. His father heard him yelling and came in just in time to see him kick me and Dave flipped he pulled him outta the bed and spanked him three times on his butt.
I know Logan deserved the spanking, but I feel bad for Logan I feel like he is going to blame the baby for getting his first spanking...
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I felt bad for you and your unborn child. Logan could have used 2 or three times as many swats. He placed you both at risk. At that age, my bottom would have been very red!

You should sit down when both you and Logan are calm and ask him how he really feels about the new baby, and reassure him that if he tells you he will not be in trouble. Address his concerns and reassure him that the new baby isn't going to replace him in your eyes and that you aren't going to love him any less than you do now. Try telling him the upsides of being a big brother. Besides that, he did deserve that spanking for kicking you, which was obviously not acceptable behaviour from him. If you are worried that he might perceive a connection between his punishment and the baby, clarify the reason behind it with Logan, and tell him that if he hits or kicks mommy again, he will get another spanking.

Don't feel bad, well done to your partner, Logan needed a short lesson. It was only three pops- attention grabbing, but not bad or lasting or anything, just a wake up call and it's clear how much you love him and want the best for him- even if it results in a spanking.

I remember my kids when I got pregnant (I have four children). Well, the only two who acted out were my oldest and my second youngest, who were 4 and 3 in that order when there next siblings (my second child and my last child in that order). My last one has never had t experience it and my third kid kind of glided n happily.

Sadly it did result in a through well earned pops (with hand over clothing) but it was fine. We also got a book both times, a story book with a bit of writing, called Mummy's Having A Baby, about getting a new sibling from a child's viewpoint and encouraged a lot of interaction (feeling the kicks for example) and we bigger up the whole Big Brother thing to make them feel important.

I have a friend that was babysitting a young child and had to go shopping. The child threw a fit for a candy bar so she laid down next to him and began screaming and flailing her arms and legs. The child immediately stopped his fit and never ever gave her trouble again.