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A Public Bare Bottom Spanking For My Son

Yes, I spank my son. My only son, my wife is divorced and I have full custody. I read somewhere that spanking your kids is good, so I do. Me and my son were at the beach, he knocked over some kids sand castle. I told him he would be getting a public spanking if he kept it up. About 10 minutes later he pours water all over a stranger, so the stranger comes yelling at me, right then and there I pulled down my sons pants and underwear, pull out a wooden hairbrush out of my bag and gave him a good embarrassing 10 swats. there were girls giggling because he was naked, everyone was starting at him, the whole time he was screaming and crying. After I was done, I gave the stranger permission to spank my son however many time he wanted, witch was about 30 times with his hand. Please reply. Please read my other experiences. And if you read this please ask a question or leave a comment. Thanks (:
Fussycat Fussycat 36-40, M 3 Responses Apr 8, 2013

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Hey there, how old is your son? That was great that you did not hesitate to spank him when needed. I can't imagine how embarrassed he was. I'm sure he was even more embarrassed when the other individual got to smack his bum also. Did you just hand your son over to the other individual after you were finished with a hairbrush?

how old is your son

You were quite right. That naughty boy thoroughly deserved that bare bot spanking. I spanked my own sons when they were naughty in the same way.