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In Our Family Girls Rule.

I started puberty early so by the time I was 11 I was a lot bigger and stronger than my 12 year old brother. Brady learned to do what I told him or get knocked down. We'd get in arguments and I'd get fed up and tell him to go to his room. At first he refused to go but I picked him up and carried him in and threw him on the bed. After that if I told him to go to his room and he didn't all I had to do was stand up and he'd stomp off to his room pouting. Sometime he'd be so frustrated, he cry. Something else that was important happened during the summer of my 11th year. Something that change my life.  It was hot and I couldn't sleep so even though it was past my bed time of 10 o'clock, I got up. I peeked in Brady's room and he was sound asleep so I decided to sneak out to our pool house and cool off in the pool. When I opened the side door, the pool was dark but the light in the locker room was on. I could hear my mother scolding my father like he was a small child. I was so fascinated that I crept close enough to see. I guess I should point out that mom is taller than dad and something always told me she was stronger too. Anyway she was shaking a finger in his face while he stood in silence looking frightened. Mom was real mad. Finally she said; You just don't get it. With that she grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it off over his head. Then just as quick she stuck her thumbs in his waistband and pushed his shorts to the floor. Mom had dad completely naked in two seconds. I stood there with my mouth agape. I had never seen my dad naked before. Next to mom and naked like that he looked like a little boy. He was crying and pleading with her not to spank him. Mom simply pinched his testicle bending him over. She tucked him under her arm butt out while holding onto his privates and wailed on his fanny with the other hand. Dad was bawling like a baby.  I got so excited seeing my mom all powerful that I almost cheered. I clapped my hand over my mouth and backed out the door, thinking; Girls rule.  When I got back to the house I was so pumped that I went into Brady's room and turned on the light. He woke up with a start and swore at me. In an instant I was beside his bed dragging him out by the arm. Brady was shocked and embarrassed because he was only wearing his white underpants. Hauling him to his feet, I tucked my thumbs in his waistband and in one swift move I had him naked. The horror on his face was priceless. I pretended to be angry like mom and started scolding him for being disrespectful. Brady was trying to cover himself while saying, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I told him he just didn't get it. Then cool as can be, I reached down and pinched his little testicle. Wow! Brady gasped and bent over. Just like mom, I tucked him under my arm and started wailing on his cute bottom. I don't remember ever having so much fun. It was so easy I wondered why I hadn't done it sooner. One thing was for sure, I knew I'd do it again.  Brady was real good after that and never gave me any lip.  The next time I spanked him was in the pool house. I kept him naked for a long time too before I spanked him. He was saying anything he could to save his butt. Finally though I reached down when he wasn't expecting it and pinched his testicle. That is my favorite part because it's so easy.  Mom finally figured out that I was spanking Brady, but when she confronted me, I just smiled and said; well you spank daddy. She looked shocked then tried to hide a grin. I added that girls rule mom, and pointed out that there was never any backtalk around our house. Mom asked if her spanking daddy upset me. I said, heck no, and asked when I'd be old enough to spank dad? Mom laughed and said that I just better attend to Brady's little bottom and not worry about dad's for a few more years. She also told me to only spank Brady when he needed it. So I tried to only spank my brother to discipline him. Even so, I still enjoyed it. Mom and I grew a lot closer as we talked about girl stuff and discussed  raising the boys. Mom started being more open about spanking dad, and I also started spanking Brady in front of mom. Brady grew to accept my authority and even sometimes would come and curl up next to me and tell me when he screwed up, then ask if I thought he deserved a spanking. Maybe it eased his guilt, but also the spankings made us closer and I think he liked that. Like dad Brady never got real tall, only 5'8, two inches taller than me, so I wear high heels so I appear taller.  When I turned 18 and was heading off to college, mom finally told dad that he had to obey me too.  The best part about it was scolding him. It made me feel so powerful. I think mom wanted me to experience that before I went out into the world.  Girls really do rule. 
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I am 12 years old, and have a 17 year old brother. In my household, boys rule. My brother isn't allowed to spank my mom though. Every night, my mom and I are taken over the knee of my dad and my brother and given spankings, just so we know who's athority we are in. Usually, it goes something like this. We're put in corner time for 30 minutes to think about how lucky we are to have a home and kind guardians. Then, we go over their laps for a 10 minute warm up spanking, which is usually followed by 30 minutes of the hairbrush. Then we have to get 20 with the belt. After this, we usually are bawling, and we have to stand in the corner for another hour. All of the spankings are done on the bare but and as soon as my mom and I arrive at the house, we have to ***** and walk around naked. If someone comes in, my mom is allowed to change into clothes but I have to ask them if they would like to see me get spanked. If they say yes, I get 10 minutes of the hairbrush. Every morning, I have to get up super early, and do the chores with my brother whipping my but with the belt every minute. My brother and dad do none of the chores in the house, and I have to do all of them!

The whole family is sick!

Wonderful story. Spanking is an awesome thing.

Ummm in a few years he we'll grow though puberty and abuse you...... Learned that the hard way!

Did you spank your dad yet?

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Girls rule. Anything boys can do we can do it better

I do not have enough imagination for these stories.
I dream about reading hear real life EXPERIENCEs not fantasies

Thank you for your story please share more it would be nice to hear of your experience

I have seen extreme proof of women ruling during a war conflict. Testicles are always a very popular target when civil war becomes bad and a powerful tool for women to compensate the rapings. A matriarch society would simply destroy us males, not necessairly by force, just by our own obseleteness, I guess. In the animal world the same happens, but there we don't mind. We have to admit, that testosterone giving us spatial insight made us being technical, but it tends to run out, and we tend to be overtaken by girls these days, so... why the hell not go all the way?!

Story was good until the end! Then it was SICK, Spanking her brother was cool and Mom spanking Dad was cool. End it, with going off to college! Part 2 I am home for summer vacation!

wish ihad wemon in my life to spank me

Not nice, not funny. That demonstrates that the things that the parents can be learned by the kids...
By the way, I prefer to dominate girls. Grabbing them from the hair and pulling untill you see them cry it´s amazing, but cutting their hair is still funnier. They feel so bad that you can kick them as much as you can after that :)

Did your Mom ever invite you in to watch your Dad get spanked?

you know you shouldnt treat your brother like this just because hes smaller then you. and it may make him feal unloved and cause him emotional trama. i know whats its like to be small and fat a hated by most of the people i know including my dad. and it did cause me anger ishues, paranoia, and just plain emotional problems. but then i got big and muscular. so now i like to hurt people for fun and people stopped disrespecting me. so before you hurt him again think that one day he may be over 6ft tall and strangle you in your sleep

This story is basically cut and pasted from an erotic story site ( I don't believe a word of it. I would reference the original author and title, but I don't have the time to search through the site.

I knew I had read this somewhere else

Both my older sisters have spanked me while i wass naked. My family was ok with nudity and im glad. There was many times i was disrespectful twards them and got it. My oldest sis spanked me by hand but the other used a spoon. I remember mom giggling while sis spanked me.

i spank my younger brother all the time naked allways its more fun that way i think i have even spanked him nude in front of my girlfriends from school and ive gotton to the point of ware ever we are when ever he needs it i spank him with his pants down or offi even did it once in his teacher's home miss tompson love it he got all hard and red in the face and shot about 5 long ,hot white strings of ***

Too bad I didn't have a sister like you when I was growing up

Your mentioned seeing your brother naked in the pool house reminded me of my cousin. She is a few years younger than me and when I was at her pool, I had no suit of my own, so she let me use her boyfriend's. We were in our mid-teens. Anyway, she commented on how there was still some "cheek" showing. When I showered afterwards, she walked in on me naked. I was facing away from her and she commented on my 'cute little tushey'. Had she slapped my bared behind I'm sure I would have been ashamed and aroused. <br />
<br />
My older sister saw me naked a few times and I'm sure had she even spanked me I would have learned my place real quick. She is four years older than me.<br />
<br />
Looking back, I think had this kind of stuff happened back then - 30-plus years ago - I would have accepted it. My cousin was the middle daughter and the other two probably wouldn't have done so. Sharon would have had no problem with it.<br />
<br />
So, I'm glad you had the chance to assume authority over your brother and that you father 'knows' what could happen. I find that part a bit odd, but if he is that much of a wuss, so be it.<br />
<br />

You pinch a ball and he bends right over! I<br />
love that.

i don't have a sister or a brother but i do have to obey Ms Lucy (the daughter of my Mother's Best Friend) who is 8 years younger than i am. I know that it's right for girls to be in charge and i accept her right to discipline me to help me be a better person.<br />

" Mom asked if her spanking daddy upset me. I said, heck no, and asked when I'd be old enough to spank dad? " And you were only eleven! I hope your daddy was out of earshot. <br />
<br />
Like your daddy, I am under my wife's authority and she spanks me- and I'm sure you approve of that- but being under the authority of a young girl and spanked by her on my bare fanny would be utterly mortifying. <br />
<br />
" When I turned 18 and was heading off to college," you say. "mom finally told dad that he had to obey me too. The best part about it was scolding him. It made me feel so powerful....I corrected him the other day for something minor then lectured him for several minutes just to assert my authority over him." How frustrating it must be for him to endure a scolding by his powerful daughter!<br />
<br />
You don't spank him YET, you say. But he knows when you scold him that you could spank him, so I'm sure he's respectful and obedient, as I would be. I'm sure, as you say, there's "never any backtalk around your house. <br />
<br />
"Now start telling yourself and others that you are just a boy," you say.. What a typically adult remark. As you say, "we start babysitting boys from early age," exercising parental authority over us, <br />
<br />
You exercise parental authority over your daddy and "the role reversal feels right," you say.: a girl Daddy and a male daughter.! .

how long you did punish to your brother? did you ever gave him penis punishment or ball busting punishments? i have got same punishments in my family as a teen boy. share ur experiences if u wish. my mail is.

That was a great story. It was good to see how you and your mom bonded over time and how she helped you grow into a strong, confident woman. I'm sure any and all men in your life will respect you or suffer the consequences.

I would be inclined to agree with a point JaneFromDenver said about girl being more maturer but there are factors you over look, it is more to do with how they are raised. if you consider the fact that most girls are more bothered about having a boyfriend and how they look now days, girls now days are as immature as boys from my perspective. I know this from experience, i have had 2 sisters that have been to the same secondary school I went and it changed their personality to that of a spoiled brat within a week of going there.

I am spanked by my little brother and little sister

Fascinating story, I'm always interested to hear about people who dominate and discipline their older siblings, parents, etc, or who have been on the receivig end of such a role reversal! Or both!

In our house growing up the girls ruled as well. I think it's just a pattern as my grandmother was the breadwinner and ruled her husband and children one of whom was my dad. Then in our family mom told us what jobs we had to complete, where we had to be and when etc. My father and myself just went along with it and didn't question much of anything. My sister and mother used to have power struggles sometimes and then my dad and or myself would play mediator. We both just hated conflict so we tried to avoid it. When I was growing up I didn't really think much about it (women ruling) , but I don't think it was a good thing. Now I'm older and making decisions is kind of foreign to me. I'm much more comfortable having them (decisions) made for me. Even simple things like ordering food in a restaurant. I often want to tell the waitress just to bring me whatever dinner she feels like. My mother did spank me occassionally, and when she did I'd go through the usual emotional gambit. After a spanking I'd be angry, and wouldn't want to be around anyone. Then I'd sit in my room and think about the lead up to it. Then I'd start to feel guilty and blame myself. Then after internally beating myself up for a while you vow that you will never get yourself in this predicament again. Then you leave your room and try to face the world. I'm not sure if I'm better off for it or not? In some ways the tight control she had made me responsible, accountable and when I was lazy or irresponsible the guilt I'd have was immense. That guilt complex is what leads us (wimpy controlled guys) to believe we deserve to be spanked. Even today I have a real guilt complex I'm hard on myself and lack confidence. Does the good outway the bad? Or is it one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't questions.

Wow! I love it. I want to spank my brother. We live in rural area so us girls get left babysitting while our moms go to town. Our neighbor next farm knows me really well She goes shopping with mom and leaves her son mike to play with my older brother Dan both 14. I am 13. It's understood I am suppose to look after them an make sure they don't get into trouble and they have been told to obey me. Like you I am taller than the boys. They play outside but when I call then in they come running because they don't want me to get mad. I haven't spanked them. Don't know if I can, not yet, but I swat them on the bottoms to move them  if they they are slow. Mike is more submissive and obeys me all the time. Dan does it because mike does and he is imbarrased to babysat by his little sister so does not want to make it a fight he would loose. I read you post a few weeks ago and it put ideas in my head. I stopped mike for being noisy and asked him if he needed a spanking. He tried to get away but I made him stand there and answer. He mumbled no and I made him repeat it louder before letting him go. I turn to my brother who was quietly watching and pretended to be mad. I could tell he was scared. I told him he was not to big to spank then I grabbed his arm like I was going to do it. His face got red and he said sorry. I gave him 4 hard swats as he hurried out of the room. I heard him tell mike I was mad and they better be good. I so want to give them both a bare bottom spanking but it has to be for something really bad so if our moms found out they would be mad at the boys and not me. Going to take more planning. Smile.