Older Brother

I am the older brother. I get my butt spanked by my little brother and little sister.  Ever since I was 14 my 12 year old brother would spank me for loosing games, then he started to do it for punishment.  It hurt.  I don't even remember how it happened anymore.  then When I was 15, my 10 year old sister caught us, and my brother taught her how to spank me, now that I am 21 I get it from both
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I'm 15 yrs old and also the older brother. I have 1 sister who is 1 yr younger and two brothers, 1 is 3 yrs younger and 1 is 5 yrs younger. When i was 10 yrs old my parents gave all three younger siblings permission to spank me when they thought I deserved one. I've been a bedwetter my entire life and wet during the day when I fall asleep or doze off. For this reason when I was younger before starting school they decided to just keep me in diapers fulltime butt the problem with this is my folks say only babys wear diapers and there for because the younger three are all out of diapers and toilet trained they are considered older then me and I have to treat them as older and I get treated as younger. Meaning they are allowed to spank me , change my diapers , put me to bed and so on.

I think spanking between siblings is a good way to relieve sexual tensions that are likely to be present. Spanking is something is more innocent compared to more complex interactions, and a good excuse to see someone bare.

do they spank you infront your mom???do they forced u to *****??

sounds most unusual but you obviously need such discipline!

Yeah I kind of like it. A few of my friends know, and some of there friends

Do you enjoy being spanked by them? Who else knows about it? Do either of them ever spank the other as well?