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Carrying On The Family Tradition

I'm 19 now and I have a brother who's 22. Our sister is about 25 now. When we were younger, she started spanking him regularly. At first it was a private thing between the two of them. She caught him trying on her clothes and rather than telling mom, she agreed to keep it quiet if he'd stop doing it and agree to take a spanking from her. He reluctantly agreed. Of course he didn't stop poking around in her closet (you boys never do) and he ended up getting his bottom bared several times per month. I found out about it a few months after it started. By the time a year had gone by, I was allowed to watch.

When she went off to college all the fun stopped. She had warned him to behave himself or he'd get a good paddling when she was home on breaks. I know he still snuck into her old room and tried on clothes she had left behind. My sister figured as much and asked me if he was leaving her stuff alone. I told her I knew he was still wearing her old underwear, dresses and shoes.

That first year's Christmas break, she waited until our parents had gone out and confronted him. She told him she knew he had been messing with her stuff and that he was going to get the spanking of his life. She told him to go get her hairbrush from the dresser and come down wearing just a pair of her old panties and a pair of heels. He blushed and did as he was told. When he came back he was pretty excited (the panties were filled out)  but scared also. Our sister sat on the sofa, hiked up her skirt and told him to lie over her lap. She spanked and scolded him for a few minutes before sliding the panties down to mid-thigh (working them over his erect penis). She then spanked him until he was kicking hard and bright red.

She stood him up and told him that I'd be watching him and if he did this again that I had her permission to spank him myself. Then she noticed that he had squirted into the panties. She promised him another spanking for his 'accident' before she went back to school and told him to clean himself up. He teetered off in the heels looking rather ridiculous.

From the time I was 12 until he went off to college I spanked him once a week for one thing or another. If it was for going through old clothes, I sometimes had him wear panties. If he squirted on my lap (which happened from time to time) he got extra swats or another spanking the next day. We had to be careful not to let my parents know about it, but I'm pretty sure he often did things on purpose to get spanked.

One morning I noticed that one of my skirts had a broken zipper. I asked him if he knew anything about it and he said it wasn't him. I said that lying was going to get him a paddling and he swore it wasn't him, but a friend of his who had come over a few days ago. They were goofing around in the basement and his friend picked up my skirt from the laundry. He apparently made his voice squeaky, (supposed to sound like me!) slipped off his pants and pulled the skirt up around his waist as a joke. The zipper broke and when they panicked, they just put it back. I told my brother that someone was going to paddled for this and I didn't care who.

The next day he brought his friend over who apologized for breaking the zipper. My brother had told him to apologize. I asked him if that also meant he was willing to take the spanking and he didn't know what i was talking about. I ended up spanking him over his underwear with a paddle, then spanking my brother's *** for not telling his friend what was going to happen. I know his friend was mortified being spanked by a 13 year-old girl. I gave him a birthday spanking later that year but that was the last time.

Most of my brother's spankings were over my knee even though he was much bigger than I was. Even though he was taller and older, he still acted like a little boy when I reddened his butt with our sister's hairbrush. His friend still won't look me in the eye and blushes if I mention that day in our basement.


lrb91 lrb91 18-21, F 35 Responses Mar 25, 2010

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My mother-in-law at 78 is still able to spank me to tears with just her hand. Both my wife and her mom are big strong farm girls.

It does run in families. My mother could still spank a fire into someone's bottom if she wanted to. I don't know if she'd spank adults or not.

I too have been spanked by my mother-in-law to tears but she has used a hairbrush to do it , but she does spank hard she was a farmers daughter too !

please spank me message me

I wish i was your brother!You can do that to me ANYTIME!

hi, im a 21 yr old guy, but my mom just refuces 2 believe that im 21... she still bathes me saying that im not matured enuf 2 bath on my own while my 17 yr old sis started bathin by herself before she was 10.<br />
around 1 yr back,on a friday night i finally decided 2 end this humiliation. at around 11 at night wen my sis was asleep, n mom was busy washing the plates in d kitchen, i went up to her n told her "mom, i just can't allow u to bath me again. im old enuf 2 do it by myself".then the conversation went on like this:<br />
mom: havnt i told u , i'll let u bath by urself wen u r matured enuf?<br />
me:I AM matured enuf<br />
mom: no, u r not<br />
me: how come christy(my sis) bathes by herself?<br />
mom: she may be younger, but shez matured unlike u<br />
me: wtf?? how can she be mmore matured than me?<br />
<br />
she dint even wait 4 me 2 complete my sentence, she just grabbed my by d ear, took me 2 d couch n started spanking me. I was so shocked i started shoutin at her. She told to herself "I dont think this is gonna be enuf " n started stripping me. I was used 2 being naked in front of her but this was much much more embarassing.<br />
Then she started spanking me naked. I was so embarassed n shocked, i started shouting n crying. Then to my horror my sis came downstairs n startd laughing like hell. Then after my but was fully red, my mom decided 2 leave me.<br />
And wen i stood up naked and humiliated, my sis said something that changed my life 4 ever.<br />
she started laughing lookin at my penis and said "now i know y mom says u r immature".<br />
After that incident i became her little baby brother whom she humiliates at will..

Desire to spank you? To be spanked? I'd be curious to know what you mean.

What an amazing thread. I've never really been interested in this spanking thing, but a new EP friend seems to have piqued some ssemblance of a desire here...

Bob, I'll take a virtual cake :) You get full credit just for the thought. Sorry I can't help you with an actual spanking. :(

May I aks a couple of questions irb? Your experience is very interesting. .You started spanking your brother when he was 15 and he sometimes ********** over your lap (or your sister's). Did it bother you that your brother was considering it a sexual act and was turned on by you? Were you also turned on by his soft bouncy *** under your hands while his throbbing penis was pushing against your thighs?

Yes Maam. Perhaps you could tell me where to send it?

Bob, you still owe me cake. :)

I'm sure if I was younger and had you for a GF I would also intentionally annoy you once in a while to have you spank my naughty bare bottom

If I don't ask, someone else will - and were you annoying just so you could get spanked? I know my brother used to be annoying on purpose and my boyfriend has done it too.

I was being annoying they said. kept bothering them after they asked to be left alone

I don't spank my brother these days. My boyfriend gets a good butt warming from time to time. <br />
<br />
What did you do to get spanked by yor sisters?

do you spank anyone else, or just your brother. My sisters warmed my butt the other day

Heh. Yes, I guess if you took the trouble to bake me a cake, the least I could do is make your bare butt hot enough to bake another. That seems fair. :)

So if I bake you a banana cake, I might receive a birthday spankingfrom you? Your hand will be very sore though after you spank my naughty bare bottom one per year.

I guess the obvious answer is 'beefcake', but I'll answer it properly and say I prefer either banana or red velvet. Yumm....

And what is your favorite cake?

Bob, I haven't had the opportunity to do that, although I guess I would under the right circumstances. There would have to be a party including cake. :)

Hi Irb91 So do you still give birthday spankings to naughty boys? (even if they will be a lot older than you)

I think all brothers need to be spanked by there sisters no matter the ages. My sister spanks me

Irb91, do you feel your brother listens to you better when he is naked, and do you think the spankings really helped? Does he still obey you?

Badboi, thanks for posting. Your sister sounds like quite the firecracker! <br />
<br />
GBJen, my brother is still available... Or at least his bottom is. His girlfriend would be happy to team up with you. :)

Irb91,<br />
Sure we want to hear the story of badboi's exp.!<br />
<br />
Badboi thanks, I will check out the story.

I know why and how I started disciplining my brother and I'd be interested to know how your sister started disciplining you. Would you consider writing a story in this group? I'm sure others here would be interested as well.

Badboi, good for your sister! What naughty things have you done that gives your sister reason to spank you? How old is your sister?

Sweet, that's toooo nice for me as well!

Wearing the skirt reminds you of school? Or getting it raised before a spanking? Schools haven't spanked kids around here in many years. I don't think I know anyone who was spanked in school. The private school my sister went to still spanked kids, but she says she never got one.

You might not have wanted to be in his position at the time. :) If he was wearing panties, he usually got a warmup by hand until I could see pink through the fabric, then the panties came down for the hairbrush, He stayed over my lap, usually kicking and wiggling, until he was bright red.<br />
<br />
He had to pull his pants down first. Tell me - do you imagine having to raise your skirt first or do you want your spanker to pull it up after you're over her lap? I'm trying to picture this...