All 5 Of Them

I spank my sons,all 5 of them,They range in age from 4yrs to 10yrs old.I've only recently started spanking the youngest,he used to get a few taps on the butt or on the hand but i felt the time was right to start spanking him the way i spank his brothers.My boys hate having their bottoms spanked but if they misbehave thats what they get,rarely do they misbehave in the same way again but if they do its a long time inbetween the same behavour.My eldest 2,Liam 10 & Stephen 8 think they're too old for a bare bottom spanking. I myself &my husband were both spanked over the knee with a bare bottom when we were kids,me up until i was 16-17,& my husband til he was 15,so we both think that 10 is'nt too old to recieve a spanked bottom! I only use my hand but they get between 5 & 15 whacks depending on what they've done,sometimes but not always i will make them stand in the corner afterwards.My boys know they only get spanked when its absolutely necessary,& i always explain to them why they are getting a spanking.They also know they are very much loved & a spanking is for their own good.
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Spanking by hand doesn't bring the required results.

never too old your a great mom i want you to be my mommy!

my three sons : 9, 13 & 15 yrs old are put in the same room in undies/socks and pull out a desk chair for me to sit on.
they get a spanking over my lap with my bare open hand...each is lined up as one is over my knee getting the nonsense knocked out of them. as one completes his spanking they are to pull up their undies and get right into bed. TV gets disconnected and cell phones come right with me.
found out one of them posted on their Fb 10 mintues after he was spanked and he said how "dad is a real jerk" ....yanked him outta bed and brought him into my room for a longer session.
in this country i dont care if people dont like how i discipline my children or what the judicial system has to say for it either.....but if you dont want my kids growing up into hoodlums.....they are STILL told if they are under my roof and 18 or older...they will definitley get it....oh yea and also folks...its obvi some of you are just posting stories with a real genuine disrespect for the thread here.
honestly you should all just come over my house....i lll whoop yall lol

Good on you. Spanked my own sons across my lap as well!

that's a good way of punishing

My basic rule is that spanking has more than immediate effects, Its a tool of parents to raise responsible children. After age 16, when the driver's license could be used for punishment, i seldom needed to spank, but in the early teen years, at least on boys, its a must for many reasons.

GREAT JOB, MOM! I'm a mom of four,and they keep my lap occupied after I've downed their pants. A sounding spanking whether applied to the pants or bare bottom does teach them a lesson.<br />
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Carla James

Bravo mom! My son is absolutely only spanked when necessary, and after REPEATED warnings. My husband and I always pull down his pants to pop him, and only by hand. It is in a loving way, and he knows exactly why he is going to get a spanking. We also have dropseat pajamas for him, which we called his "naughty pants" when he was younger. They are a good idea now that he's seven, because we can bare his bottom without baring his privates.

You sound like a wonderful mom. My mother spanked me through my teen years. I was a good boy so I didn't get spanked very often...just a few times a year but I always learned my lesson. I remember that after I finished crying, I would reflect on what I did wrong and know I would try not to do it again. I would also feel a deep sense of love towards my mom. As strange as this sounds her spankings actually gave me a safe feeling..I knew she cared about me. Today as an adult I am very thankful for how she raised me, spankings and all.

If they need discipline, it is good that they receive it at home. At least you are explaining why they are being punished instead of some parents who just start beating their children and the kids have no idea why they are being punished.

I so agree with you. I would love to work for a woman like you, 5 boys is a challenge. I also believe in diapers as a punishment and enemas. I work cheap, so if you guys can use the help, let me know.

You sound like my mom. And I am glad she raised me as she did.

My mother "claims" she never spanked me. I can't remember back 40+ years like SHE can! Still, she jokes that it doesn't matter how old you are, since I am always going to be her son. We laugh, since she "says" she has a paddle handy, just in case. Still, if the one writing this story wants to spank her 10-year-old, so be it. As long as the only thing bruised is his ego, I see nothing wrong with this.<br />
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Susseditout - do you spank your sons separately in private or in front of the others as a way of showing the other what could happen to them? I know some who spank their children regardless who is there! That's a bit much, but if that's the norm with them, so be it.

i dont think they are too old for a bare bottom spanking at all. i was spanked as a boy by my mother up to the age age of 12 nearly 13 and this was done on the bare, bent over her knee and given 6 slaps. bare bottom spanking was always done in my bedroom in private and she only used her hand.

poor poor children... i really hope this is some kind of joke...i hope wen your kids are old enough they will stand up to you ...and box you sideways...

IN THE 1950s and the 1960s it was LEGAL for parents to Discipline their youngsters . having a sore bottom did me no Lasting harm

OMG that was a severe punishment,i'm glad it taught you never to smoke again though,i think your Aunt was probably turned on by the thought of spanking you being only 5 years older.I can't imagine how much your bottom hurt though.<br />
My boys complain if they get 10 smacks,but i've upped that a bit now as they're getting older,& the eldest 3 normally don't get a specific amount i spank them until i feel they've learnt their lesson,which normally results in very red sore bottoms for the rest of the day.I will continue to spank their bare bottoms until i feel they are old enough not to deserve it.

i am Age 63 years young and stil dont Smok . all thanks to my Mum IT WAS A HIDING I NEVER FORGOT . Without Discipline their is CHAOS

My Mum Thrashed Me Until i Left Home at Age23 . The Severest Thrashing i ever had was for Smoking . i was Age16 and My Friends Were Trying to Get Me to Smok . i Did and Mum Seen Me . i had to be Home at 9pm everyNight When i was Age 16 . Mum Told me of for Smoking . My Aunty Kitty was Their and said i Deserved to be Strapped Across My Bare Bottom for Smoking . i said i am Age16 i Can Smok if i like . My Mum said i Told you Not to Smok David . Punish Him Aunty Kitty said Give Him A Damm Good Thrashing . YES Mum Said i will . and i had to take my Trousers and Underwere of i Could See Aunty Kitty Looking at My Peins She was My Mum.s youngest Sister Just 5years older Then me . Assume The Position David over The Sofa Mum said . Aunty Kitty said i will Smack his Bottom you get The Thick Leather Strap . and A Cane David Deserves A Damm Good Hiding . Mum Went to get The Strap and Her Canes . as Aunty Kitty Spanked my bare bottom as Hard as She Could Until her hand Hurt and my bottom was red i Tryed Not to Cry Being Age 16 i did not want to Let Aunty Kitty see me Crying . Then Both Mum and Aunty Kitty Thrashed My bare bottom Hard With The Strap first Taking Turns i Cried Like A Baby it Hurt Like Hell . My Bottom was Extremeley Marked and Bruised . When Mum said i am going to give you 6 Whacks David With The Cane . Aunty Kitty said He Deserves 12 Hard Strokes Across his Naughty Bottom from Both of us . Mum said David.s Bottom is very sore . Aunty Kitty said He needs Teaching A Lession for Smoking . YES Mum said . Aunty Kitty Caned me first as Hard as She Could WHACK 12Times .Then Her and Mum were feeling the Welts rubing my bare bottom . Mum said David has been Punished Enough . Stand up Mum Said . i said i Can Not Stand up My Peins is Throbbing hard . Aunty Kitty Pulled Me of The Sofa . Mum and Aunty Could see my Peins Throbbing . i said i am Sorry Mum . She said for Smoking David or Embarressing me in frount of my Sister With an Erection . i said it Just Happenned as you and Aunty Kitty were rubing my bare bottom Talking about it being all Bruised and Welted . Go to your room David . i did as i was told . i never Smoked ever Again . i Learned My Lession Well . its saved me Lots of Money not Smoking over the years . i am 62 years young Respected Gent None Smoker