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My Son Got Spanked In the Living Room

The other day, my son had been caught at school with a copy of a test, complete with all of the answers. He got away with a simple warning from the principle, but I had decided that he was going to get off that easy. On Sunday, I informed that he would be spanked naked in front of the family the next day after school. He complained about it, but I told that there was nothing he could do to prevent it from happening.

That day, his sister gave him a ride home, as always, and they entered the house. My daughter couldn't stop smiling as she made her to the living room and got ready for the show. I left the room and came back with my hairbrush two minutes later. My daughter was giggling as my son's face was already turning red.

"Why don't you get dressed as we wait for your father to come home," I said.

"But mom! I don't want to be naked for two more hours," he said.

"He's coming home early today! He just left, he'll be here in a half hour. Now takes off your clothes."

He knew there was no point in fighting anymore, so he removed his shirt, shoes, socks, and pants. Naturally, he hesitated before he removed his underwear, but after about five seconds, they were on the ground. His sister began to laugh and point as he attempted to cover his penis. I slapped his *** once and ordered him to put his hands behind his head and wait like that. As I lectured him, he soon developed an erection, which resulted in hysterical laughter from his sister.

After a half hour, his father arrived and the spanking began. My husband and daughter sat on the couch together, watching my naked son get spanked by my hair brush. His face and butt were bright red by the end and his sister couldn't stop laughing. My husband whispered something, which I couldn't hear, in my daughter's ear, which made her laugh even more. He smiled slightly, but tried to humiliate our son too much. It was still obvious that he thought it was funny though.

My son was forced to stay in the corner for a half hour with all of us watching, until I told him to return to the center of the room. I decided that a simple spanking wasn't enough this time, so I said to my daughter, "Would you like to spank him too?"

She didn't even answer. She just grabbed the hairbrush out of my hand and began spanking him furiously as she laughed. My husband and I sat together and began laughing hysterically. He then whispered in my ear, "Now I know why he doesn't have a girlfriend. That thing's tiny. Even erect, it's small." I laughed quite a bit after that.

Then my son started sobbing, so I said that was enough. I told him to return to the corner and we all stared at his dark red bottom and listened to his sobbing. Then my daughter whispered to me, "Dad said that Bryan's wiener is really small and that's why he doesn't have a girlfriend." I whispered back to her, "I know." We both laughed.
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Glad it wasn't me

What if we laughed at you if you had small breasts? *****. He is too young to have sexual relations with a girl, you ****.

First off, it sounds like a filthy fantasy. Secondly, I don't see it anywhere near to disciplining, but as child sex abuse. You should be ashamed of yourself even if it is just a fantasy.

If this is real, I have a very unique set of skills. skills in which I can find you and humiliate you in a worse way

I wish I had a mom like that, I didn't get spanked enough and I sure wish I could get a good spanking like that and the humiliation would make me do better.

Really ??


That story it takes me back to when I was a teen and I got into trouble for pushing my mom out of the way. My mom pulled down my pants and underwear and said that I have nothing to even look at I'm about 2.5 soft and 5-5.5 hard and I got hard immediately and I drip a lot of Precum it was running down my penis and while I was standing there getting lectured by my mom and she kept staring at my penis saying it won't be hard for long. Then my sister, 10 years older than me and her friend came home and walked into the family room and asked what was going on my mom told her and they kept whispering and laughing to each other. My mom wouldn't let me hide it with my hands either she said you want to be hard and enjoy this then your not allowed to hide it "hands on your head" then she made me put my hands on the wall and bend way back while I had to spread my legs wide open so I couldn't put my hands in the way and she started whipping me with this skinny red belt that hurt worse than a thick one hitting the back of my legs that hurt so bad I was crying. I didn't even care that my sister and her friend were watching and laughing at me and my small penis. 30 something whacks later and then my mom made me stand in the middle of the family room and of course both my brothers and my dad came home and saw me. It was so embarrassing.

The sister spanked too bloody embarrassing

Did he like to be spanked? I ask because I always did.

I always get my thing shrink while I was getting spanked, but after my mom finishes I would hard erection. Did that happen with him?

i certainly wouldn't be as much of a smartass if you were my mom ha. And i probably wouldn't have cheated as much either, and probably would have actually done my school work lol.

I hope most of this story is fictionalized, since effective punishment should not involve ridicule.
I have 3 sons aged 17, 15 and 14, and they are all spanked when necessary. The punishment is set beforehand at between 4 and 8 strokes of a 30" long riding whip, depending on the severity of the offence. The punishment is only witnessed by me and his brothers. The boy being punished strips and bends over my desk to receive the spanking. The 14 and 17 year old get an erection during the spanking and the 15 year old is erect even before he strips. I never make any comment about the erection or the size, and the punishment is punishment, not humiliation.

you should lose the rights to keeping your children or have you just made this whole story up!

bro I hope its fake man...the injustice...that is not simple discipline that is cruel and unusual punishment...and that's a federal matter.....

You had him naked and the whole family around and spanked him vigorously?! What kind of parents are you. Especially when you make fun of his penis. First of all he must have got it from his father because, obviously you guys gave birth to him. That boy is brave to just sit there humiliated while you guys are laughing as if it was stand up comedy by Kevin Hart. If I were your son, I would be embarrassed to even be seen or related to you. That story was SAD!!! What a horrible family.

I am spanked and humiliated by my Mother and I have been since I was a child, but I have turned out okay. Like your Son I too have a small penis compared to my Father and a lot of other males as I have noticed over the years, but I do not mind my Parents getting a kick out of it.

good for you more parents should be like you an your husband an spanking the chlidren
i had spank my girls growing up like you did all the time never hurt them an they turn out fine

spanking like that is not fine, and I am of authority..if I want I can cause a great deal of trouble legally for a lot of people

You will be all alone on future Mother's Day.

My mom spanked me in front of my girlfriend on our first date. My gf liked watching my erection and didn't care for my ouchs. Mom made me stand naked in front of them for 10 mins after the spank finished.


Hard to believe.
I am a adult male whom has been spanked recently. My mother is dignified and doesn't humiliate me in that manner. That is not the purpose of domestic discipline. It is to correct an unfavorable action. She simply looks at me and says, " my I speak with you in my bedroom please". And when I go she follows and closes the door behind, at which time we discuss what caused this, and then she has me ***** and bend over her bed. After its over there is no "chatter" or giggles from her and surly never anyone around.

you ***** are you a mother? your are shameful to all the other mothers in the world

There was nothing wrong with the spanking itself, Allowing his older sister to help was borderline at best. But mocking him on the size of his pens was clearly abuse. A kid has no control of his sexual development. I'd be looking for a foster home at this point. Hrd to see how could be worse off. Would you mock your kid if he/she was born with a deformed foot? Father, mother and daughter need to report in to the spay/neuter clinic. And forgo the anesthetic.

Hey guys, this is Fantasy Island. Anything can happen: Next week: "College Cheerleader Spanked on Bare by Dwarf."

Obviously it isn't true so I wont belabor the point as it has been exhausted. What I will say is... Shame on them!

looks legit *scacseism

A REAL mom wouldn't have done that, you don't bully your kid on his penis size, how the **** dare you, rot in ******* hell *****...

Umm, sick! If this is true that's sexual abuse! You want to discipline that's one thing but to humiliate and include your daughter and make fun of your sons penis size is just utterly disgusting! Are you for real? If this story is fake and you have kids it's just as disturbing to me...

Stop Making Up Lame Stories your pathetic....<br />
Your a disgrace to humanity.

Well obviously this is fake, I bet the account's fake too. It's probably a shrimp-**** little teenager who wishes mommy would take off his clothes and spank him in front of everyone so they can mock his tiny little ****. Poor guy.


Thank you, I'm glad somebody does! Don't get me wrong, I like Janet's stories, but there's no way in hell they're real. At least not in this day and age where everyone is ready to call social services the moment a child gets one slap to the behind, even if they deserve it.

She's not much of aa mother she 's not much of a human being either .<br />
i think the thing anybody could do with her would be to lock in a old fashion stokes in middle of the town square nake so everybody could laugh at her and spank her

What a nice example of mother you are. (I hope that you got it that this was sarcasm)

I Do'nt think she got it she to stupid to have gotten it

this story is a big fake!