My Son Got Spanked In the Living Room

The other day, my son had been caught at school with a copy of a test, complete with all of the answers. He got away with a simple warning from the principle, but I had decided that he was going to get off that easy. On Sunday, I informed that he would be spanked naked in front of the family the next day after school. He complained about it, but I told that there was nothing he could do to prevent it from happening.

That day, his sister gave him a ride home, as always, and they entered the house. My daughter couldn't stop smiling as she made her to the living room and got ready for the show. I left the room and came back with my hairbrush two minutes later. My daughter was giggling as my son's face was already turning red.

"Why don't you get dressed as we wait for your father to come home," I said.

"But mom! I don't want to be naked for two more hours," he said.

"He's coming home early today! He just left, he'll be here in a half hour. Now takes off your clothes."

He knew there was no point in fighting anymore, so he removed his shirt, shoes, socks, and pants. Naturally, he hesitated before he removed his underwear, but after about five seconds, they were on the ground. His sister began to laugh and point as he attempted to cover his penis. I slapped his *** once and ordered him to put his hands behind his head and wait like that. As I lectured him, he soon developed an erection, which resulted in hysterical laughter from his sister.

After a half hour, his father arrived and the spanking began. My husband and daughter sat on the couch together, watching my naked son get spanked by my hair brush. His face and butt were bright red by the end and his sister couldn't stop laughing. My husband whispered something, which I couldn't hear, in my daughter's ear, which made her laugh even more. He smiled slightly, but tried to humiliate our son too much. It was still obvious that he thought it was funny though.

My son was forced to stay in the corner for a half hour with all of us watching, until I told him to return to the center of the room. I decided that a simple spanking wasn't enough this time, so I said to my daughter, "Would you like to spank him too?"

She didn't even answer. She just grabbed the hairbrush out of my hand and began spanking him furiously as she laughed. My husband and I sat together and began laughing hysterically. He then whispered in my ear, "Now I know why he doesn't have a girlfriend. That thing's tiny. Even erect, it's small." I laughed quite a bit after that.

Then my son started sobbing, so I said that was enough. I told him to return to the corner and we all stared at his dark red bottom and listened to his sobbing. Then my daughter whispered to me, "Dad said that Bryan's wiener is really small and that's why he doesn't have a girlfriend." I whispered back to her, "I know." We both laughed.
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I hate it

poor boy feel sorry for him but got what he deserved


that is right and good for mom to do it

his mom enjoyed it A good excuse to see him naked

Wow the dad had no right to say that about his GD SON!!! ESPECIALLY NOT TO HIS DAUGHTER!!! These are horrible parents to allow their daughter to spank her brother for nothing!!! The mom had a reason to spank the son but not the sister!! That boy's self esteem about getting a girlfriend will be soooooo low due to his family!! Then the mom encourages the sister's antics about the sons penis!!! Wow his is so freaking wrong on many levels!!!! I pity that boy to deal with his father who teases him and lets his daughter do the same! The wife who punishes him then allows the sister to hit him for no reason then teases him about not having a girlfriend! This isn't humiliation talk this is hurtful talk kids start hating their parents for especially their siblings! I would hate my parents if they did that and allowed my sister to talk crap about me!!

Nothing wrong

Glad it wasn't me

What if we laughed at you if you had small breasts? *****. He is too young to have sexual relations with a girl, you ****.

First off, it sounds like a filthy fantasy. Secondly, I don't see it anywhere near to disciplining, but as child sex abuse. You should be ashamed of yourself even if it is just a fantasy.

It is for sure verbal abuse and probably mental and emotional abuse from this horrible family!!

If this is real, I have a very unique set of skills. skills in which I can find you and humiliate you in a worse way

The sister spanked too bloody embarrassing

Did he like to be spanked? I ask because I always did.

I always get my thing shrink while I was getting spanked, but after my mom finishes I would hard erection. Did that happen with him?

i certainly wouldn't be as much of a smartass if you were my mom ha. And i probably wouldn't have cheated as much either, and probably would have actually done my school work lol.

I hope most of this story is fictionalized, since effective punishment should not involve ridicule.
I have 3 sons aged 17, 15 and 14, and they are all spanked when necessary. The punishment is set beforehand at between 4 and 8 strokes of a 30" long riding whip, depending on the severity of the offence. The punishment is only witnessed by me and his brothers. The boy being punished strips and bends over my desk to receive the spanking. The 14 and 17 year old get an erection during the spanking and the 15 year old is erect even before he strips. I never make any comment about the erection or the size, and the punishment is punishment, not humiliation.

you should lose the rights to keeping your children or have you just made this whole story up!

bro I hope its fake man...the injustice...that is not simple discipline that is cruel and unusual punishment...and that's a federal matter.....

You had him naked and the whole family around and spanked him vigorously?! What kind of parents are you. Especially when you make fun of his penis. First of all he must have got it from his father because, obviously you guys gave birth to him. That boy is brave to just sit there humiliated while you guys are laughing as if it was stand up comedy by Kevin Hart. If I were your son, I would be embarrassed to even be seen or related to you. That story was SAD!!! What a horrible family.

good for you more parents should be like you an your husband an spanking the chlidren
i had spank my girls growing up like you did all the time never hurt them an they turn out fine

spanking like that is not fine, and I am of authority..if I want I can cause a great deal of trouble legally for a lot of people

You will be all alone on future Mother's Day.

My mom spanked me in front of my girlfriend on our first date. My gf liked watching my erection and didn't care for my ouchs. Mom made me stand naked in front of them for 10 mins after the spank finished.


Hard to believe.
I am a adult male whom has been spanked recently. My mother is dignified and doesn't humiliate me in that manner. That is not the purpose of domestic discipline. It is to correct an unfavorable action. She simply looks at me and says, " my I speak with you in my bedroom please". And when I go she follows and closes the door behind, at which time we discuss what caused this, and then she has me ***** and bend over her bed. After its over there is no "chatter" or giggles from her and surly never anyone around.

you ***** are you a mother? your are shameful to all the other mothers in the world

There was nothing wrong with the spanking itself, Allowing his older sister to help was borderline at best. But mocking him on the size of his pens was clearly abuse. A kid has no control of his sexual development. I'd be looking for a foster home at this point. Hrd to see how could be worse off. Would you mock your kid if he/she was born with a deformed foot? Father, mother and daughter need to report in to the spay/neuter clinic. And forgo the anesthetic.

Hey guys, this is Fantasy Island. Anything can happen: Next week: "College Cheerleader Spanked on Bare by Dwarf."

Obviously it isn't true so I wont belabor the point as it has been exhausted. What I will say is... Shame on them!

looks legit *scacseism

Umm, sick! If this is true that's sexual abuse! You want to discipline that's one thing but to humiliate and include your daughter and make fun of your sons penis size is just utterly disgusting! Are you for real? If this story is fake and you have kids it's just as disturbing to me...

Stop Making Up Lame Stories your pathetic....<br />
Your a disgrace to humanity.

She's not much of aa mother she 's not much of a human being either .<br />
i think the thing anybody could do with her would be to lock in a old fashion stokes in middle of the town square nake so everybody could laugh at her and spank her

What a nice example of mother you are. (I hope that you got it that this was sarcasm)

I Do'nt think she got it she to stupid to have gotten it

this story is a big fake!

I got paddled in the family room. I was a senior in high school. I'd gotten into a fight in the locker room after soccer practice, My mom had me bare my butt, bend over a chair and bruised and blsitered my bare butt with ten whacks of the paddle.

Many boys and men need to be caned and dominated so they have manners and they are happy to be treated like that.

Yeah, and when someone asks women or girls, what kind of man they prefer, many of them would say a strong, wild, almost beast like man who knows what a real man means, right ? So, am I the only one, or is that you are just pretending to be dumb (who knows, maybe not even pretending), that see a contradiction which leads to hypocrisy in above stated comment.

Boys and men need to be punished very strict and harsh. The humiliation is a necessary part of it. Otherwise they won´t understand and they won´t learn their lesson.<br />
<br />
I was brought up like that and I still get my canings on my bare butt or naked in front of other females..

Ouch that had to have fixed him. It defiantly would make me never cheat. It hurts just thinking about that spanking. I would plea and beg before I let you put my over your knee for a hairbrush spanking. But I don't think that begging would help. Would it ?

Ouch that had to have fixed him. It defiantly would make me never cheat. It hurts just thinking about that spanking. I would plea and beg before I let you put my over your knee for a hairbrush spanking. But I don't think that begging would help. Would it ?

hey guys, i got a very interesting method of punishment for boys. it is a story of a boy called banumunchi. do not argue about authentication of story but it is quite interesting.............................t is a incident that happened with me.nude punishments was very<br />
><br />
> common in my family and i have two elder sisters and one uncle<br />
><br />
> always give me nude punishments for any nude standing by<br />
><br />
> holding ears, sometime nude stipulates etc.. my uncle had a friend who<br />
><br />
> was a doctor(quack) who also watched sometime my nude punishments,when<br />
><br />
> he came to my worst punishment was given by that time i<br />
><br />
> was about 14 years old and i was going to be stage of pubirity. In my<br />
><br />
> family i has two older sisters including parents.we would live in a<br />
><br />
> small town .one summer i had a itching in my thighs and near my<br />
><br />
> i would itching many times.but after some days it was spread<br />
><br />
> near my genitals.and due to this i felt sensational in my i<br />
><br />
> used to rub and itch my genitals.many a time my sisters saw that i was<br />
><br />
> rubbing and itching my genitals ,even some time in front them due to<br />
><br />
> itching. one day they complained to my mom about this.and mom warned me<br />
><br />
> to not do so. I told him that i was not doing all this<br />
><br />
> day mom saw this again that i was rubbing my got angry and<br />
><br />
> said that in evening ,she would took me to doctor for treatment . at<br />
><br />
> evening my mom and both sister were going to local market so mom called<br />
><br />
> me to come with her so she could took me to doctor. the town was very<br />
><br />
> small and there were not good doctors in town .mom used to go a doctor<br />
><br />
> whom i did not like because he did not have any medical degree but i<br />
><br />
> could not said to them,as he was favorite doctor of my mom . When we<br />
><br />
> reached to doctor mom told him about that for few weeks i am rubbing my<br />
><br />
> genitals. The doctor asked me to remove my pants and underwear for check<br />
><br />
> for any disease. i pulled down my pants,but i did not want to *****<br />
><br />
> nude completely in front mom and sisters and there was not any curtain<br />
><br />
> in that clinic. so i complained to doctor that you should have curtain<br />
><br />
> in your clinic and a separate room for.........but..while i was saying<br />
><br />
> this to him suddenly doctor pulled down my undergarments up to my<br />
><br />
> knees,and exposed my genitals to everyone.everyone were able to watch my small penis.i was so shocked at what the<br />
><br />
> doctor did.but he was not seemed worried,he pushed me to a bench,he made<br />
><br />
> me lied on that bench and he took-off my underwear by pulling it out<br />
><br />
> and he lifted my both legs in air and spread it apart for watching for<br />
><br />
> any disease. he did this all so quickly that i was completely baffled<br />
><br />
> and feared.i was trying my best to cover my privates by my hands.after<br />
><br />
> checking he told my mom that i had not any disease.even not any sign of<br />
><br />
> itching.and i was doing this deliberately.hearing this from doctor mom<br />
><br />
> got angry and her face turned red.than suddenly doctor said to mom,you<br />
><br />
> need not to bother,he would be going to give a such punishment that i<br />
><br />
> would never do this saying this he grabbed my penis in his one<br />
><br />
> hand and asked my sisters to count up to he was going to yank my<br />
><br />
> penis 20 times as a punishment, i was trying to rescue my penis from his<br />
><br />
> hands but i could not got my penis free from his steely hands.and he<br />
><br />
> started yanking my sisters were counting 1..2..3..and doctor<br />
><br />
> was yanking my penis mercilessly.i was almost screaming after each and every<br />
><br />
> yank.but no one came to rescue me,even mom was too smiling at what-ever i<br />
><br />
> was getting in clinic.i was struggling with quack to rescue my penis but i could not got success my sisters were watching this with interest that how i was struggling to rescue my penis, at this my sisters started laughing more madly and i felt more embarrassed..and the quack continued yanking my penis without listening me and my complaints. after 20 yanking of my penis the doctor left my<br />
><br />
> genitals and asked from my mom,if it is enough-punishment for me or i<br />
><br />
> should be more i heard from doctor,i besieged from mom to<br />
><br />
> not any more punishment.i promised her i wold not do this again.and then<br />
><br />
> mom and sisters said to doctor to leave me and it is enough punishment<br />
><br />
> for me for today. when i came out from clinic my face was burning red<br />
><br />
> due to embarrassment and humiliation.and it was causing extreme pain in<br />
><br />
> my penis it was not only paining but also burning.but it was a strange<br />
><br />
> and exciting experience for my mom and sisters because they did not seem<br />
><br />
> worry about what happened.whole way back to home from clinic my sisters<br />
><br />
> were teasing me by asking me, how is your penis?is it itching? or is it<br />
><br />
> feeling pain? when i reached home my sisters told this to my aunt and female cousins and they started laughing madly at this incident. since than my sisters always tease me how brutally my penis<br />
><br />
> was molested by doctor. since that day i have to do all work of my<br />
><br />
> sisters like washing their dirty clothes and iron them,sweeping their<br />
><br />
> rooms.preparing tea and coffee.etc.if i do refused to do so, they<br />
><br />
> threats me to call the same doctor in home for my further<br />
><br />
> punishments.thus they made me afraid of quack quite long time.....

Janet,<br />
<br />
You mentioned elsewhere that you once spanked your son in front of his sister and two of her girlfriends when he was 13 and all of you made fun of his small penis to his face. How old is he now? And his sister?<br />
<br />
My younger brother would have been absolutely mortified if our mom made him ***** before spanking him, with me watching and her moving his hands away from himself to reveal he had an erection. (Thankfully for both of us, our mom never spanked us)<br />
<br />
However, our stepdad spanked Matt mercilessly for years; he'd often get it on the bare. But I wouldn't stay to watch.<br />
<br />
Unfortunately, reciprocity was not one of Matt's strong suits and when my luck eventually ran out and my stepdad began baring and spanking me when I was 16, Matt and his 12-year old playmate (a boy I regularly babysat, which made it even more humiliating!) watched as I was essentially reduced to a crying naked jiggling spectacle before my mom thankfully intervened.<br />
<br />
You wrote elsewhere that your daughter was recently spanked. Has her brother ever witnessed her being spanked like he was (bare or naked)?<br />
<br />
How would you have dealt with a reverse situation, her brother walking in with two of his male friends as you were spanking your naked daughter? Would you have allowed her to retain some dignity or would you have treated both siblings the same?

I Raaised two boys of my own and yes often naked with the belt.always done in private even thou everyone else knew what was happing it a correctical measure not a show & tell show. perhaps you would like it if your husband punished you nake in front of your and daughter. is belong to be done in private not public

I wouldn't mind it.

I don't know what to say but, "Wow. I am in awe!" I wouldn't want to be your son! Disciplined, yes, that... where do I sign up? ;-)

Jane, thanks for your answer.<br />
I have to say, I do not like the joking (or making fun) with your son's small penis.

I think your son is spoied.

Did your son ever resist? I did when i was 15. My mom just slapped me and didn't say a word. Yhe next day she had a judge sign an order declaring me 'incorrigible' so I spent the rest of the summer in a camp for difficult teens in Montana.

I was 15. I'd gone a little to far with a girl (my girlfriend) at a school dance. I knew she'd be expelled if I didn' admit to 'mild force.' So I did. The fathers paddled me and I was whipped at home. I thought it was over. The Ursuline superior wanted ctiminal chatges. I didn't know then that my das, a lawyer, had arranged for a sealed record if I spent the summer at the Montana disciplinary camp.The fathers never put mark on my record and allowed me to return the next year,.Mom felt a whipping was appropriate the night befote. It's the only time I resised. She slapped me, and said, "Well, you'tr going to a reformatory."

My mom never made me ***** all the way for a beating in the living room. I'd just have to ***** to my waist, take off my shoes and socks if I was wearing any, drop my pants and jockey shorts, snd br<br />
asce myself over a chair for five to twenty whacks with the paddle. I admit it didn't matter who was around.

Jane do you spank your hubby as well?


LeAve ...tHoSe ..............................pOmPuS. U R................ "RigHT". "SIZE - MATTERS"<br />
<br />
YEs siZe reALLy mattER. THOSE WHO R BLAMING U ..Actually they R PROTECTING their "MAleHooD EGO". a MAle caN puLL sKirt of a gIRL ANywhere ,but THEy r no ReADDy foR reap what they sOw." I MEAn gENder diScrRImiNaTiOn"..

Oh, they're just stating what they believe. Size doesn't matter, I only say that to my son to make the punishment more memorable.

I'm sure your son will remember these experiences well years from now when he is going though therapy or being profiled by the FBI. One of the common traits of sexual predators is having parents like you. You can rationalize all you want but your molesting your son and allowing your daughter do the same. It’s one thing to spank a child but you cross a line when you sexually humiliate your children like so many people in these groups do. If you get off on spanking and sexual humiliation then play with your husband and leave your kids out of it.

Man can pull skirt of a girl anywhere ? I am realy intersted where you live, maybe that is some town like in Flintstones, where they also pull your hair and drag you to bedroom. I mean please, I don't know from where you are, I guess America, but I am from Europe and I haven't seen in my life that someone lifted girl's skirt (maybe only in night clubs with many people late at night when atmosphere was right, and noone ever complained)

What a fine example of mother you are, first you humiliate your own that you gave birth son in such a way, and like cheery on top you go saying to him something that you yourself don't belive (I mean size doesn't matter, right ?), last time I checked that was called lying. And also what nice "education" about importance of penis size you are giving to your dougther, so that she know, of course, all in your family could choose what would you like to look when you were born, but by some trick of fate, your son couldn't. I know what you are thinking, some guy with small **** is complaning, mine is 6x6 so you judge it however you want, but I never in my life have discriminated noone no mater what basics since I was little, because even then I knew something that I suppose you idiots didn't, and that is, THAT NOONE COULD CHOOSE THEIR ******* BIRTH (Because I assume if he could, he would definetly choose better mother, LOL)!

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wowwwww , i wish if i were sister of your son. i wish if i could see all his nude show. if i had watched the poor boy forced to ***** nude and getting spanked by his sister, i would have gotten my nip hard and sensation in groin by watching his dangling and jumping penis and balls when he was getting spanked badly by his sister.i would love to see this again and again.

Haha, too bad you're not. It sounds like you would really appreciate it. ;)

If you were my mother and manilaseema were my sister, I would expect her to look up to me and defer to me as a little girl to a big boy.

If you smacked my *** like that and made me put my hands behind my head, I would forbid her to look at my privates. I would tell her to go to her room immediately.

yes ..sure you can do what u want and i can do what i want. boys are not too strong too hadle.

"boys are not too strong too hadle." This very statement has put many strong girls into a lot bigger troubles more than they had bargained for.

Did he ever ********* during spanking? I did sometimes and got extra punishment and my mother scolded me

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You are so wrong . If you and or your husband wanted to spank the boy it should have been done at the time crime not a couple days later,and it's not a show . His sister had no right spanking nor should she have been present when it was done. making fun of his size is wrong. if i had my way pepole like you would be arrested and put away for child abuse.

You can use this link to report people you suspect of child abuse. Even without a specific location the authorities can use the suspect’s ISP to locate them.

i want to let u know penis of a boy is good gifted natural thing. like a boobs and vagina of girl. so a boy can not help himself about size of penis. so madam i will suggest u please stop making fun of boys who have small penis whether if he is your own son or not. it hurts most to a male. sometimes it is o.k but surely it should not hurt the self esteem and self confidence of a boy. please be polite.

It was simply for humiliation and punishment.

I am surprised that you let your daughter spank her brother. I can see if he had done something as an infraction to her for her to spank him but for her to spank him seemed a bit much. I certainly think it was good for her to see him be spanked so she would know that if she tried the same thing that she would be spanked. Since your husband came home early, I think he should have spanked the boy as well as you.

Well, my husband has spanked him, just not this time. I simply felt that my son had to be taught a lesson. His sister had simply seen these spankings, but I think cheating is horrible and I needed him to understand that it would result in utter humiliation from his gossipy sister and laughter from the rest of us.

Good way to handle it. The humiliation was probably worse than the spanking. The fear that his sister might tell someone hopefully straightened him out.

Think u handled it very well... Bit note too self neva try n b sly n sneeky around u :) u catch everythin ;) I wouldnt get away wit wat I do ;)

Indeed. hehe ;)

Hehe :) dnt get me wrong I would try tho ;)

Good to know ;)

If u can catch mee tho :) I can be super sneeky sumthime ;)

I doubt you're too sneaky for me. ;)

Okeh.. Mayb wnt get away wit everythin I would like too... Bit I kno I can (hopefully :).. ) get away wit most ;) or id try ;) would luv too make u mad too c wat an get away wit ;)) ... Xoxo

Woops I can :)

Haha :)

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