Have To Spank ALL My Sons.

I have four children. 15yo daughter, ten year old son, seven year old twin sons.

My sons all acted out.

I know I'm going to have to spank them tomorrow, but need advice.

Basically, they were dishonest (to me and my husband), hid secrets, were mean and goaded their older sister (I was there and saw it) and then backchatted and shouted, before they went and slammed the doors in their rooms. It was all connected btw.

I don't know what to do. It's very, very serious I guess, but I don't know how. I usually use the belt, on my ten year old I mean, with the paddle being the most serious for my twins, but I guess it's escalated to the belt now? It will probably be very severe, and I feel sad thinking about it, and reluctant because generally they are all pretty good kids.

They are in their rooms, grounded, no priviliges, doing homework.

My plan for it goes-
Write apology notes to 15yo, say sorry
15mins in corner in living room
Spanked separately, will go youngest to oldest probably.
The spanking will be a severe hand spanking
Then a talk
Then the spoon
Then the belt
Then the last few with either a hairbrush, or the hand
Then a talk
Corner time, bare bottom, for 15mins for 7yos, 20mins for 10yo.
End of punishment, but extra chores for week.

Too much, too little, okay? Sorry, am confused.
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A little over kill policy. A firm spanking is good.

Hi there!

What did you end up doing?
I think they definitely need discipline and what i tjink sounds good about your scenario is that it is well ordered. Also it's not done out of rage...
Feel free to add me if you want to exchange more...

this post is totally someones fantasy...and if it is real you are sexually abusing your children and it shows from the way you write your post.
im surprised it is more important to rant on the www telling public how "methodically" spank your children.
there is nothing wrong with spankking your "under 18" child....i dont think it should be outlawed let alone give big brother the privelege to tell me how to punish my children in my own tax paid home.....but for real ....going from a hand to multiple tools to spank is a bit much ....i would in their briefs over the knee with a hairbrush for 2 mins or less should be enough.

You can also have your daughter helps you spank the boys.

wtf"? cmon with that...that is like an incestual act and gross.

thats child abuse you crazy beehatch

way too much on the spanking part. i would say start with good bare bottom hand spanking then take it to next level with the hairbrush. you want to discipline them not beat them. going to far will only make them hate you. they need to feel that even though they are being punished its out of love you do it.