I see so many stories in on girls who get spanked. However, I am firm believer in boys getting the same upbringing as girls.
Therefore, my 8-year-old son also has to bare his bottom and bend over for the willow switch or the belt, just like his older sisters, aged 13 and 11 have.
I love my kids, but in my opinion, preparing them for life through a consequent and strict upbringing is definitely also a sign of love.
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We boys all got the strap over mothers knee in the home bare bottom

Do you spank the boy in front of his sisters?

Belt/switch at age 8 sounds awfully severe to me.

We do to at that age but round 10 we slow down our sons whippings cause my husband begins to tech him dominance and we discipline him differently not that we're not as strict with him just that there's different expectations im our community and church from boys and girls.

I what way differently?

Extra chores, grounding, things taken away. Obiedance is key in a proper wife my daughters most likely will live a dd wife. Our oldest 2 has already made that decision and both has bfs that discipline them. Timothy will one day most likely dicipline his wife with whippings. Dd has been part of our family life for many generation.

Occasionally my husband will spank him for something big.

Sounds good. Is he older or younger than his sisters?

Middle child we have 5 children and one more on the way

not really they grew up with nothing different it does help that their bfs are not their age they are 4 years older than them

a few times depending on what they do like the other day my 13 year old called me a *****

actually i gave her my hairbrush when it happened but when i told him what she did he gave her a long lesson from his belt

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Just be careful not to switch his boy parts. I was when I was about 6-7 and have never forgotten it. The switching, not the reason for it.

No, far from.

i have 4 kids 2 of each and they all got the same as they was growing up i treated the boys the same as the girls. All of my kids have grown up now and i am proud to say they all turned out good


thank you but there was times when things went wrong and i wondered where i went wrong but with a good spanking and some long talks about bad behaviour they got there and now they have kids of there own so i hope they will pass on what they know

couldn't agree more :)

I grew up in a family where my sister got different punishments than me and bro. She never got the strap but she got more mouth soapings. She was always spanked in private but we could be spanked in living room. I accepted it as natural. Girls and boys were raised in different ways so punishments could be different too. I really admire your effort to treat both of your kids exactly in the same way.

Are you implying that girls get spanked more than boys? When I was growing up it seemed to me that we boys got many more spankings than the girls did.

Kindly add me and I'll be happy to share my experiences with you.

one has to laugh at a lot of these posts, not sure what the big thing is about this spanking. I think most of you get some sick thrill out of it as I have 3 children and have never spaanked them. they are all doing very well and are well behaved.

What a great way of bringing up your children

Thank you, you are so kind.

At the " cocky " age of 15 ... I told my mother to F##K OFF .... After she asked me to wash up ..,,. She immediately went for the cane .... I ran to my bedroom ... Locked the door ... Pushed my wardrobe in front of it and confidently layed on the bed .... After a couple of knocks my mother pushed the door in ... Wardrobe went flying as did the cane , got a well deserved hiding !

Definitely well deserved. Hope it was on your bare bottom

At first through clothes .... Then on my bare cheeks .... Left a few welt marks !

How many strokes?

God I lost count .... She went mad ! ... A rough guess ... 12 through clothing .... 4/5 on my bare bottom

depends on your infraction most I ever got was the full 12 the pain was incredible welts cane as part of it next day you were to act as sweet as honey to dad and us boys sure did he was not going to put up with pouting

got a lot of them when my dad caned me as a teen I never used a cane on my boys always told them boys they never had a good butt whooping now they are grown and understand me

you dam well deserved it

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i totally agree with you

Well said. And I come from a family where the boys got spanked exactly the same as the girls so I guess it can't be that uncommon a philosophy! Seemed to work with us anyway!

You are so right. Good to hear that some parents still believe in traditional values. I am sure that your children will be grateful that you took the time to correct them.

I agree. Good for you !

I think it is great you use the switch & belt on ur 8 year old. I bet you forgive & comfort him later after he has had a good hard cry =)

Of course I do.

And then you wait for the POLICE to come & throw you into GOAL!

A strict upbringing did me a lot of good

as me

i have 2 boys and 2 girls and they all got the same

Who among your children accepts the spanking more than the others?

you a great mum the cane is the best

well it works but can be over done

Good for you on equality... have a couple older than myself and was spanked as well growing up.

I have seen stories with boys/sons get spanked bare infront of girls/sisters, but sisters get off with the special treatment just because they are girls. Either gets spanked in private or doesn't gets it all. Its very disgusting and in reality its a sexual abuse cause one sided humiliation can't be disciplining measures. I am also a firm believer of equality no matter if its a girl or a boy. Both should be treated in same way. If one gets spanked in private then other should get it in private as well or else they should both get in front of each other without any gender biases.

I could not agree more.

I had very bad experience of not being strict with my girls. The two of them had picked up so many bad habits.

Sad to hear that.

Finally I had to start with the corporal punishments and now they are very much decent grown up women.

Well, I am glad to hear that then.

Yes, my 11-yr-old stepson gets spanked just as hard (probably more often) then his two sisters, 10 and 13.

Why more often? Does he behave worse than the girls do?

Do they get spanked in front of each other. I did & I it is the same with my kids

Yes they do.

When you spank your kids do you pull their pants down and do you let them bare their own bottoms to take part in their punishment?

I could not agree with you more, Susanna. I am a mother of girls and a son. I have tried to treat my children as fairly and equally as possible, including when I've needed to spank them. I made no concessions with my son because of his gender, he was spanked just as soundly, and to as late an age, as his sisters.

Good to hear, Sarah

I would agree with bringing up girls and boys with strict boundaries and in an atmosphere of politeness and obedience to their parents. But I think their are important gender differences and modesty issues.

You seem like a good and responsible mother to me, Susanna.