She Thought I Was Psming

my aunt had a baby when me and her older daughter was about fifteen and her son was ninteen. The three of us raised her as much as her mom it seemed because my aunt had to work.

As i said before my parents never spanked me and i never thought i would do it to some one else. I watched my brother get a spanking or two over the years and hated to hear him cry.

Anywho the one week i had my little cousin for almost every day for that week and with each day she was pushing her limits further and further with me. She was about six and i used time outs and even grounded her but nothing was working.

After a week she was wearing me thin and she kept demanding i let her watch Jerry Springer and i had said no i do not know how many times to this request over the week and she would demand every day it was on. finaly that day i said "i am not going to tell you no again" i put cartoons on and told her that she better not turn the channel

I went out to the kitchen to check on supper i was not out there long when i heard what sounded like shouting in the living room i walked in and seen she had changed the channel. I was so mad i yelled at her and she said "my mom said i could watch it" I bent down to her level and said "I do not care what you do at home i told you no, did i not?" I take it i must have looked pretty scarry because her eyes where wide and she started to tear up and she said "sorry i will listen sorry." I pointed to the corner and i after she was standing in it before i left the room.

I went and sat in the kitchen chair and calmed down then called my aunt at work and told her what was going on. I told her i was beyond fustated and asked what i should do and to say her answer did not supprise me was true "spank her" was her simple yet powerfull answer.

I know she spanked her kids but never seen it or had her do it to me and i sure as heck never gave one. When i argued she said "just do it, NOW" i sighed and hung up. I stood up and looked at my little cousin standing in the corner I sighed again and walked over to her. i tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around and looked up to me and gulped.

I walked towards the couch and motioned for her to follow. As i sat down he started crying "please no im sorry no no spank me." i frowned at her and took a breath before saying "i am sorry swety but you earned it." She started to argue and i grabbed the phone and handed it to her and told her to call her mom or sister and ask what they thought.

She shook her head and handed me back the phone and i smiled. I helped her lay across my lap and gave her about ten good smacks on top of her shortrs. she yelled and cried and i was crying by the time i finished. I stood her up and pulled her into a hug and held her till we both settled down. I told her i loved her and hoped i never have to do that again. She hugged me and told me she loved me and was sorry and she would listen from now on. I felt so bad after wards but after that day i never had to tell her more than once to stop what she was doing or no to something she wanted.

That night after her mom picked her up and took her home and put her to bed she called me. "Honey you ok" she asked and i said yes she said "good you did good she needs to know she has to respect you" I frowned and said "I know but i will find a diffrent way next time" she lauged. before she hung up she said "i called to tell you that she told me when we got home that you must be psming becaue you never spanked her before." We both laughed for a whiel at that before we hung up.

She is 19 now and a verry good person she is a trained nurse who is working and has her own appartment and helps he sister raise her two boys.
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My brother told me to spank his son/my godchild once when he was about three. I got him over my lap and then I couldn't bring myself to do it. I told my brother- who was standing right there - "I'm sorry. I can't do it." I pushed Ryne off my lap and his father ended up giving him one later for something else. I couldn't hit him and never did - except once when I gave him a tap on the shoulderblade when we were hiding against a severe storm/possible tornado in the basement at home and he wasn't concerned and continued to horse around [he was about eight then].

She dont remember it thankfully and it was the one and only time. That was the only time she ever really did not listen. I was suppose to be her god mom but alot happened and she was never baptised but she told me i was like one anyways. Its hard to believe in a couple of weeks she will be 21

Youre right still too this day if i give her "the look" she will stop what ever she is doing