Got No Regrets, None!

 Got No Regrets, None!

I had been spanked alone, I had been spanked with my sister, I had been spanked with brothers and cousins, at all the ages till I got 20, and always bare butt. By the time I reached 13, it was usually the spanking but after 13, mother swiched to caning, though still bare butt. Sometimes, I along with my sister, were caned stark naked as well and sometimes with just our bras on but never with our panties on. We also had to spent corner time stark naked for some good couple of times, but got no regrets, none!


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cant u tell this a pervert getting a thrill over this abuse

Spanked alone? LOL...only if you were spanking yourself LOL!......but honestly I know what U mean about "no panties/sometimes naked" spankings in front of people....all relatives, family friends etc....extremely embarrassing and worse the older I got, well into my teens!

Interesting. My scottish school like all scottish schools the teachers used a leather belt (tawse) This was used vdaily on boys and girl suntil the left school at age 18. Very strict!!! Ouck

Good for you you handled it well

it is the acceptance what matters ! were u caned in front of your sisters and brothers

to strong to painfull

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Inhindsight,I actually have no regrets about being spank growing up. I recognize, a bare bottom spanking, I remember my misdeeds more.<br />
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I would dearly love to jion your circle of freinds.<br />
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Carla James

thanks for the comment Carla,
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My only real regret is: I took many times to learn from my mom diciplining me i.e. Not listening or heeding the house set rules.


my mom spanked me bare bottom from 6 to 16 almost daily. hand mostly but she used hairbrush paddle switch slipper. when i got the belt i was made to ***** naked lay over the bed legs butt and back got the belt.<br />
i have no regrets home my mom spanked me she did it out of love.

you see pain and pleasure are mixed togeather. When I got a spanking I was arroused sexually for a while.

thanks!!!!!!!!<br />

It was pretty similar in my family too and I got those types of spankings/discipline up to past 16! I look back and can't deny that it tought me some necessary boundaries growing up and I certainly earned most of them! No regrets either although I wished at the time I had been a bit smarter than I obviously was!

thanks for the comment!!!
you got a positive attitude for spanking

I think spanking females nude either with strap, strop, or cane is highly beneficial.

what about males!!!!

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i like your positive attitude towards spanking

I get belted and caned in the same way allways on my bare bottom and sometimes I get it stark naked. <br />
If others are watching me as I´m caned and they gaze at my naked body I feel humiliated and aroused at the same time. I´m getting wet if I think about.

Hello Sarah
Though I never got belted, but I got caned and spanked naked infront of others a lot many times. So it was like humiliation and pain on one hand and kind a erotic pleasure on the oher hand at same time, while knowing, they were all exploring my anatomy . Now a days I also feels wetting myself when I thinks of it.