Aunt Spanked Me

The first time Auntie spanked me, she looked at Mom, who just nodded, and said go ahead.

Auntie did not waste much time. Just hauled down my bluejeans and underpants, yanked me over and put her hairbrush to good use! I hated being stood in the corner bare botttomed afterwards too!
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Until what age did your aunt spank you?

ere you young that first time, how old? What age did your Aunt last spank you bare bottom and how did you feel then?

YES updown186 . Parents That Love Their Children Want what is Best for Them in Life . Good Parents Start Training Their youngsters from When They are very young . Obedience Training has to Start young . A Smacked Bottom if A Child is Disobedient Will Teach The Child A Good Lession . With no Lasting Harm .The youngsters need Teaching Good Behaver . Good Loving Parents have Boundaries .

my aunt spank my naked bototm many times in fornt of my mom an bro sis no less<br />
it was not uncommon for my parents or relatives to spank me

it was the same for me . Spanked bare bottom by Aunties and my Mum , in the 1950s and in the 1960s when i was a teenager i was Strapped Across my bare bottom often for being a badBoy . SomeTimes i was Caned Hard After i was Age10 years old . A Catholic Priest Gave My Mum A Rattan Cane to use on my bare bottom if i was Unruly at Home . it HURT more than anyone could imagin . Strict Severe Discipline was Normal in the 1950s and 1960s . in Schools and Homes and it was all LEGAL Back Then . How Things used to be . The Behaviour of youngsters was Different Then We had Respect for ADULTS . Not Like it is Now . youngsters Need Discipline Even Now in 2011 . Respected Trusted Gent . Age62 years young Looking Back .

Lilerica, I had the stick when I was about 10 by my aunt. I have 3 Aunts and sll spanked differently I have been spanked by all 3 all spanked me in the own way. My aunt connie she watched me alot when I was little she is the one how would spank with a Hand, brush or Strap. My Aunt Jean she spanked with her Hand, Slipper,Bruch. My other Aunt only spanked with the hand and stick. all 3 of my Aunts all spanked bare bottom just like my mom dose.

You ever get spanked by your aunt in front of boy cousins or other males or just in front of girl cousins? Could they spank as hard as mom.

I was in your shoes many times. you can read my EXP being spanked by my Aunts. also with a brush and strap ouch.