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Bad Grades

Just as the title of the story say I got some really bad grades last week, I could have tried harder but I am just bored and I didnt really care my mind was else were.

As some of you probably already know I am homeschooled and I have a tutor who comes and teaches me. To some kids that might seem fun to get to stay home and not have to go school, but really it sucks beyond belief, how much would you like it if you had to sit a hard chair for 8 hours while someone is constantly telling you to pay attention and sit up straight, then expecting perfect grades and I mean perfect if I get anything under 90% my parents are not happy.
And since I am a senior this year thier always bugging me about the importance of my grades so I can go to college.
Thats another thing that bugs me they are forcing me to go to college classes starting at the community college in January to give me a headstart, my parents and my tutor think that they have worked too hard the past 13 years for me to just throw away my education.
I can tell everyone right here and right now "I AM NOT GOING TO ANY FING COLLEGE!!!!!!!"
The dream of most teenagers is to graduate high school, go to college to get a job, and make "millions", well let me tell you something  I know what real power and real wealth can do to a person and I know for a fact I dont want that kind of life.

I want to be a horse trainer, horses are my passion and until God calls me to do something else thats what I am going to do............what I love.

I know I should be thankful for all that I have been given, but I dont think it is fair that I should be forced to do something I dont want to just because  my parents and teacher think that it is a mark if THIER accomplishments.

So to show them how tired I am of listening to them I bascially blew off school this week.
We are staying at my aunt and uncles house (my parents are in Italy) and so I sent my tutor on a wild goose chase.
Hahahahaha I gave him some crazy directions on how to get to their house, left at the first corn field........follow that road till you come to a dead end........... turn left again at the water tank............take right at the green fence post and you cant miss it.............. a college professor and he doesnt even have the common sense to stay on a main highway, they live on the same road we do just 20 miles West instead of East, I know that was mean but hey at least I got a few hours off from school.

I didnt do any of my homework, and I fell asleep every day except friday, and I was kind of mouthing off to my tutor.
Every friday he rights  up a report for my parents, so they can keep track of how we are doing and to keep record of our grades. The letter explained about how I was not paying attention and being a smart mouth with him and my grades were no where close to my usual standards, here are my grades for last week:
Bible Doctrine: 90% A-
Health: 85% B
History: 89% B-
English and Literature: 70% C-
Mathematics: 65% D
Science: 60% D-
Business Management Course: 90% A-
Speech: 90% A-
Latin: 89% B-
 He emailed the letter to my parents and printed a copy for my Aunt and Uncle, I of course shreded it and went on with my life oh well it happens, I spent the rest of the day getting a prank ready for my brother you can read about that in my story "Clay's Anniversay Donuts" ha ha ha.

What I didnt know was that my darling brat of a little sister also had a copy of that letter and she showed it to my aunt, I love my aunt and uncle but they are strict and they have permission to disipline us if we get out of line.
I got home and walked in the door and my aunt yelled at me "GO TO YOUR ROOM AND DONT COME DOWN UNTIL I CALL YOU WERE GOING TO HAVE A SERIOUS TALK WHEN YOUR UNCLE GETS HOME!!!!!!!" : / yikes what did I do that was so bad I knew she had probably seem my grades no one would scream that much unless "school" was involved.
I went up to my room and got on yahoo and started chatting with my friends, I knew I was in big trouble so I thought why not just relax while I could. All too soon my aunt called me down for dinner, I knew something was up because I got a lot of stern glares and no one said much to me.
When we were finished, my aunt told Erica "Sweetheart why dont you go outside and play we need to have a talk with Lexi alone."
Oh boy im really in trouble now, they tried to stay as calm as possible but I know their blood was probably boiled, they asked me why I had got such bad grades and why I wast even trying, I was being a smart mouth with them, and so then they started raising their voiced = /.
We had a long lecture they told me that even thought i am bored and I dont want to go to college, I still need to finish my highschool education and have decent grades.  I guess they are kind right but I still didnt think it was fair and I didnt care about school and I let them know that. My uncle was getting  really mad over that letter, he wasnt happy that I had been disrepecting my tutor and falling asleep when I should have been working.
He said he didnt want to but he thought maybe it would adjust my attitude toward my studies if me and him went out back to the woodshed.

:O Out back where? I thought he was just joking about that I didnt think he was serious what is this the 1800's, I actually was kinda scared because that meant I was about to get whipped really hard, I just stayed  in my chair, he went and got the dreaded razor strap the same one he used on my cousins and said "Dont make me tell you twice lets go."
:O I know my eyes must have got big, but I got up and followed him outside.
They actually do have a woodshed, its a decent sized shed that they use to store wood for the fireplace during the winter but during the summer months, they use it to store garden and yard tools.
We went inside and he said, " I really hate to do this you're not a kid anymore your  a beautiful young lady, and I know you are smart, but this attitude about school work needs to stop and I'm want to make sure you remember that, turn around and lean up against that wall."
I  did as he said closed my eyes and set my teeth I knew I was about to get my rear lit on fire, at least my uncle doesnt spank me bare but unforchantly I didnt have time to put on layers underneath my jeans.
I opened my eyes for just a second and saw his arm swing back and a few seconds later it felt like my butt got struck by lightning he really put some power into that swing I let a loud "AHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCH!!!!!"
He whacked me a few more times any the the 5th time I was screaming/crying for him to stop, I promised I would get my grades up, but he wasnt listening I got a total of 40 and my backside was burning and I was bawling  when he got done, I got another quick lecture and  he told me to go straight to work on the lessons my tutor had reassigned he wanted them complete by monday and I couldnt watch tv until I had it done.
I went in the house wiping my tears away and trying my best to put the forest fire on my butt out. Erica had been playing in the front yard and she said she heard me screaming, I layed down on my stomach, and got to work on my english, math and science lessons.
Most of my school work is easy, its just boring its all stuff I already know.
But rest assured all my homework is done and I did pay attention and try my best at.

*sigh* im still not that thrilled about the idea of going to college but I will try to keep up with my school work so i can at least graduate highschool.

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You know you love horses, why not study to be a vet, that would go right along with your becoming a trainer. My nephew is studying to become a Vet he loves it, because he wants to help animals .

Same in my family. Any grade not up to near perfection is spanking time.

U deserved to get a spanking but that sounded a bit severe of a spanking even thou it was done with your jeans on spnkbooty

your parents all they really want is for you to have a real Career, i'm sure they don't want you to live with them for the rest of your life, just to make it in today world you NEED a Career, but before that you need to go to college, your parents didn't have all this farm and money and big house before they went to college and got themself a Career, all your stuff you guys have today is for fun,

I'm sorry to say it but you did deserve what your uncle gave you.

sorry to say but you kind did deserve that one those grades are no where near what you usually get

Oh man that had to hurt : /

I get whoopings for grades too. Sucks

Yeah definelty

I hate getting spanked for grades

I re read it. In what grading scale is a 90% an A- but an 89% is a B-??? I am assuming you meant B+. If not- I would love to see his grading scale...

Oh yeah that was a mistake it was suppose to be at +

Oh, and fyi- to stay admitted to the College of Ed (within the University) I can't get anything lower than a solid C in my classes. and since I want to have a decent GPA upon graduation I have to get As or Bs in all my classes. 3.034 is not good.

C is about as low as my mom considered acceptable. I have gotten lower without consequence due to extenuating circumstances(yes, even a F or 2). And I don't think most people want to make millions. They want to earn a degree, get a job they like within their field, maybe create a family. And the good news is in college it'd be illegal for people to report grades, etc to your parents. You could even set it so they don't know your username and password to access them online. I wish I could come talk with you and your parents.... my heart hurts whenever I read about their unrelenting expectations. Come to school up here...or do you think my family and I are crazy? ;)

Spanking is not abuse in texas unless it leaves a mark or welt lasting more than 24 hours.

O you forget to mention how I reacted about the report Alexia Justine I love you and try to be nice to the goodie goodie nerd.

what does real money and power do to people ?<br />
<br />
lol maybe college wouldnt be so bad. u can go with preston

Makes them greedy and selfish only caring about themselves and their stuff and the only people they like is people who have as much money as they do