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Math Books And Woodchippers

I was acting like a brat yesterday and that got me in some trouble so here is the story.
It all started in the early afternoon of yesterday, I was stuck in the house studying math, I wasnt really paying attention, but I stumbled across this really really lame joke, and I think thats actually where all my trouble started.

"My math book jumped out the window." "It commit suicide because it had to many problems."

hahahaha I know that is really bad joke but sometimes the lame ones can be the funniest, I thought "Heck why not give it a shot and see what happens"................I threw my book out the window, and got on EP to tell everyone the joke, but my EP mom told me to go and get it and get back to work, so I went outside to get the book when a brilliant idea (its really stupid now but I wasnt thinking straight at the time) occured to me why not put this book in the woodchipper and see what happens and at least I wont have to do it anymore.
As some of you probably know from my previous stories we are staying at my aunt and uncles house while my parents are away, they are strict with us but still really nice, and when I was feeding hay to the horses I noticed they had a wood chipper behind th barn, its just a big grinding thing you use to shred big branches  and wood.
We we sternly told not to play back there, but I thought why not no one will notice if i use it just this it once and i'll be careful.
I turned it on tossed my math book in and in a few seconds it had been grinded into a million pieces it actually kind felt good,  I knew I would probably be in trouble the next day when my tutor came and I didnt have my math book but oh well. My excuse would be I tripped over a log and it "accidentally" fell in and got grinded I have seen stuff like that happen plenty of times on tv.

I went backinside and went about my business but it wasnt about an hour later when I heard my uncle yelling in a very stern voice "ALEXIA ERICA COME OUT HERE RIGHT NOW I NEED TO HAVE A WORD WITH BOTH OF YOU!!!" : / uh oh someone is in trouble I asumed it was me because well we all know I can be a  so I took my time.
My uncle was standing in the front yard with his hands folded across his chest and he looked MAD : / thats not a good sign.
We lined up in front of him, he already had his belt off ready to spank which ever one of us was guilty, here is how the conversation goes "Alright who did it?" Whenever I am in trouble I have found playing dumb does help a little bit. so I mumbled in a half sarcastic half annoyed tone "Who did what."
He was mad thats for sure, so he said again, "Which one of you was playing with the woodchipper, I was just back there its hot and there are shavings all over the place so I know one of you kids was messing with it? you've got 10 seconds to confess or i'm gonna whip both your butts!!!"

Uh Oh : / I'm kinda stuck now I cant lie and say I didnt do it because then Erica would get in trouble too, I shoved my hands in my pockets and looked at the ground.
Erica was almost crying by now her eyes were big and sad and her lip was quivering in a few more minutes the water works would have started, but she made a confession, not on her but on ME!!!

"Wull Uncle Arlie, I didnt go near that scary grindy thing but just about an hour ago I saw Lexi go behind barn carrying her math book".

As the natural reaction I yelled at her "SHUT UP YOU LITTLE BRAT!!!"  my uncle yelled "HEY DONT TALK TO YOUR SISTER LIKE THAT IS WHAT SHE SAYING TRUE????" I shrugged my shoulders and said "I dunno maybe", he grabbed my by the ear and pulled hard and said ' I WANT THE TRUTH NOW!!!!" I knew I was trapped so I mummbled a simple "yeah", my uncle got the information he wanted he turned me around and started whacking my butt right there in the front yard, they live in the middle of nowhere so its not like anyone saw us but still it felt humiliating, he was laying down that belt pretty hard and I was crying and screaming by the 10th whack, that belt was wide and thick and it hurt I didnt have a chance to put padding on underneath my jeans, when he got there done I just stoof there crying while he yelled at me   "WHAT THE H*LL DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING, THATS DANGEROUS EQUIPMMENT ,YOU KNOW BETTER THAN TO PLAY WITH IT COULD HAVE TOOK YOUR ARM OFF , AND YOU KNOW BETTER THAN TO DAMAGE BOOKS YOU NEED FOR LEARNING, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!"
I blubbered out an "Idontknow" and he yelled again "WELL GET IN THE HOUSE AND GO TO YOUR ROOM TO THINK ABOUT."
So I dragged myself in the house and layed on my bed till I stopped crying, and I did think about it a little bit, I know now it was wrong to shred my math book I know when my parents get home they are probably going to make me buy a new one, I guess he's right that thing could have probably took off my arm in one grind : / that have sucked.
My uncle talked with me later and said that he didnt want to whip me but I am old enough to know better not to do stupid stuff and when I stop these obserd shenanignas maybe then i will stop getting spanked, he said I mostly just scared him, I could have been hurt by that chipper and no one would have ever known where I was : / guess that is a good point.

I wish I could end this story and say I behaved the rest of the evening and didnt get in anymore trouble but that wouldnt be true, I learned my lesson about wood chippers but I was still in a brat mood.

I was in my room working hard on homework, when Erica burst in the room and started asking all these annoying questions............"hi whatcha doing, what are you working on, why do you use mechanical pencils, do you want to play a game, when your done do you want to watch a movie then you are done..........." Erica is a sweet kid but when you are trying to concentrate on physics homework it is not always enjoyable to listen to her mindless jabbering. I got up and shoved her towards the door, she fought back because she didnt want to leave, so i kept pushing and somehow we ended up at the top of the stairs..........I gave he one last final push and down she fell..............................she stumbled half way down but stopped herself before she got all the way down to the botttom, and started screaming bloodly murder...............oh no im in trouble aunt and uncle heard all the noise and came quickly to see if she was hurt, they checked her to make sure nothing was broken, she was fine she just had a bruised knee, but when she managed blubber out "IdidntfallLexipushedme" they turned on me : /.
This time it was my aunt who was mad, she asked if I shoved her  down the stairs, I replied " I dunno maybe I  did maybe I didnt the important thing is she is still alive so what does it matter." *SLAP* like OWWWWWWWWWWWWW that hurt my aunt slapped me in the face and yelled at me to "GO TO YOUR ROOM AND WAIT FOR ME, YOU KNOW WE DONT TOLERATE BULLYING IN THIS HOUSE!!!!" : / "Yes Ma'am"
*sigh* I went to my room and prepared for the worse I knew I was going to get it again, I didnt REALLY intend on hurting her she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I looked out the window and saw my aunt cutting a long thick switch : / Uh Oh.
She came back a few minutes later, and told me to get my pants down she was going to teach me not to be mean to my sister and not to push people down the stairs ( I did this once before to Erica when we were probably 5 and 2).
I did as she said I didnt think it would be a wise idea to argue with her, I took down my shorts and bent over the desk chair. I gripped the bottom of the chair, and prepared for the worse, I heard a *SWISH* and then felt a sharp sting across my butt, I let out a loud OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW , she was whacking me really hard, I got about 30 more and I had welts when she was done, but I managed not to break down crying although I had a few tears slidding down my face, she said she wanted me to give Erica a sincere apology and then help her get dinner ready.
I tried my best to put out the fire blazing on my butt, but it was no use I would be feeling that for a while, I went downstairs and Erica was sitting in my Uncles lap, I could tell she had been crying because her face was tear stained : / awwww i hate when i make her sad :(, "Erica i'm sorry for what I did I didnt mean to hurt you, I wasnt being a nice big sister and I'm sorry will you forgive me." She thought about that for a minute and said "Yeah I guess." She was still mad at me this morning but i'm going to try and make it up to her.

After apologizing I went in the kitchen to help with dinner, I like my aunt and uncle but I live without all the chores they make us do, i always seem to be cleaning something, mashed up the potatoes and put them in a bowl and chopped up brocoli :P yuck why do i have to make this stuff when I dont even like it.
My aunt told me to set the table, and I mumbled under my breath "whatever" I didnt think she heard but I guess she did, I was walking away but I didnt see she picked up a frying pan off the counter, you can imagine my suprise when the bottom of the pan hit my bottom with a loud *WHACK* that hurt like HECK!!!!! I screamed "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!"
felt worse than a wood paddle and on top of my welts it brough tears to my eyes, I turned around and gave her the look of "What on earth did you do that for?" and she said "There is no back talk in my kitchen  now do as your told or I will use that on your instead of a switch.
: / yikes lets just say i set the table happily and cheerfully, the only good part about that was it mad Erica laugh all through dinner she kept calling me "Dinner Bell, and Butt Gong." Well at least it made her laugh.

And my last an final incident  was later that night about wearing shorts that were too short.
I put on some low tight shorts and went down stairs to get a snack my uncle raised his eye brows in disapproval and my aunt very sternly told me "Go and change out of those RIGHT NOW." "Why whats wrong with them?" "Because i said so, those are waaaayyy to short for a proper young lady."
I dropped my head back and rolled my eyes, I headed to my room and when I was at a safe spot from the top of the stair case I yelled down to them "DONT YOU OLD PEOPLE REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS LIKE LOOKING YOUNG AND SEXY!!!"
Down below I heard my uncle yell.............."I hear one more word out of you young lady your going to have trouble sitting for a looooong time, go to bed."
: / Yikes I decided then it would be a good time to shut up, my butt was sore enough.
Man what a day and it didnt stop there I snuck out later that night to go swimming with some friends but thankfully I didnt get caught for that.

So there is my story, I know I can be a brat, and a handful, and I dont always listen but I'm trying, i'll get it right some day, but for now i'm still learning

bullgirl104 bullgirl104 16-17, F 4 Responses Aug 31, 2012

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I kind of hope that you are making up this story and that you really didn't do all those things.<br />
<br />
Of course, if that is true, then you deserve a good spanking from all of your readers.<br />
<br />
I never had to spank my kids when they were growing up. But if one of them was as bad as you have been, then they wouldn't have considered putting shorts on that were too tight. Their bottoms would have been so sore that they would not have been able to put shorts on.

Why on earth would I make it up

Because it is a fun fantasy. But don't orget, even good girls need spanking.

Your bad you got what you deserved

I found it humorous that you actually put your math book in the chipper. I would love to do that to my chemistry book. lol

LOL that's a lot of trouble to be getting in in just one day....