Step Dad Spanked Me

Well I'm Edward and I'm 22 and I had a job at Carl's jr but only temporally and I lost it for being late and so I have no money to afford my apartment so I asked my mom to move back in with here partly why I moved out at 17 is because she married this guy named Kevin and he is very rude,mean,strict he treats my mom like crap she is scared of him and she still stays with him but anyways I asked her to move back in with her of course he didn't like but she said yes and this one night they told me to be home by 10:00 but I was home at 11:00 and my mom got real irritated and I told her to leave me alone but when Kevin heard that he was pissed he grabbed me and bent me over on his knee I tried to get out but he had a tight grip and he started to spank me with his hand for like two minutes it didn't hurt much I was still struggling to get out then he yelled to my mom get the belt and she left to the room to get it and he duly attend to spank me with that for another 3 minutes and it started to sting but he lifted me and I thought it was done but he grabbed my pants and poles them down and started to started to spank me it stung a lot more i started to get tears in my eyes but I wasn't going to cry I tried not to but then after 5 minutes he lifted I thought he was done he started to yell at me and said stop disobeying your mom and I was still over his knee when he said then he grabbed the strap of my underwear and I struggled hard to get out and he pulled down my underwear and I felt him rubbing my but with the belt before he started spanking me again but he was at the same time lecturing me again while rubbing my but with the belt and then started spanking me again for like 10 minutes and then I started crying like a baby and he let me up and shoved me away and threw my underwear in my far and said put those on that little thing you have is embarrassing and I went to my room and my mom came in and said I deserved it.
Edward7755 Edward7755
22-25, M
Nov 26, 2012