Haleys Revenge Part Two

i was still recovering from the shock and surprise over what had happened when Haley had called round. when i had last seen her she had been shy and retiring and a bit of a hyocondriact, now her she was apparently so self asurred, very dominant with a creul streak, yet atthe same time she could also be tender and loving, and desp[te having had two kids her vagina was so tight as was her little arse hole. she had certainaly learnt a lot since i last saw her. even how she spoke, previously she had spoken almost in a whisper apart from when she was angry and the her voice would be like a screech. now when she spoke it was a voice you listened to and obeyed.

my arse was still sore three days later and as i went over what had occurred in my mind remembering the pain, i could almost feel it again and found my self getting aroused. when i remembered the pleasure i had recieved and the wild rough sex with her my **** was rock hard. i was so turned on i had to ***** naked and play with my self. i was laid on the sofa playing with my self when Haley walked into the room.

"stop that at once you filthy pervert." she yelled at me. i did as she commanded and remembered to kneel at her feet and kiss her feet and called her mistress. she was wearing five inch high heels and a long over coat which came down almost to her ankles. when she removed her coat i was surprised to see that she was completely naked and had even shaved her *****. she sat on the sofa and had me remove her shoes and then lick the soles of her feet, licking in between each toe and sucking each toe then moving on to the next foot. when i had licked and sucked her feet to her satisfaction she had me lay on my back and then sat astride my face and made me lick her ***. she ordered me to push my tongue right inside her and lick it nice and clean. as i licked away at her arse she emptied her bladder and her warm golden liquid poured down over my neck and chest and as she moved back so her ***** was over my face and covered me with her pee. i swallowed as much as i could enjoying the taste. i then licked her ***** dry.she then had me kneel on all fours and sat down on the sofa and used me as her foot stool for the next couple of hours
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you lucky *****