Teacher Spanked My Bare Arse Finaly

in my last year at secondary school i was made a prefect. one of our duties was to ensure pupils did not run along corridors or on the stairs. we would stand at the bottom of the stairs and soon discovered if we looked straight up we would be treated to views up the girls skirts. my friend and me where so busy looking where we should not have been that we did not notice a member of staff approach us. the first we knew was when the teacher Ms. Jones shouted that she wanted to see us in her office at the beginning of lunch break.
when we where stood in her office she angrily told us we where a disgrace and if it was not for the fact our new head master had ban physical punishment we would have been receiving a bloody good spanking, as it was she could only give us three detentions. every time she saw us the rest of that last year at school she would scowl at us.
a couple of years later i was working as a plumbers mate and had been left on my own putting some waste pipes in and once i was finished i could to make my own way home. i had almost finished when the home owner walked in and i recognized her straight away as ms Jones. she looked at me and asked me if she knew me and i told yes and how she knew me. "yes, now i remember pity i never got to give you the spanking you deserved." she said.
" i was almost as disappointed as you where when you said you where not allowed to spank me."
she looked at me and asked me if i was trying to be funny and when i said that i was serious she smiled and asked me if i still felt that way. i bowed my head and said in a meek and timid voice " yes miss, i still have not been punished properly for what i did."
"so am i right in believing that you are willing to submit to my spanking your bare arse now.?"
" yes miss." i answered.
"okay you nasty little boy, remove your trousers and under wear and bend over the back of the sofa."
i removed my trousers and was removing the red knickers i was wearing. when she saw the knickers i was wearing she laughed and asked me why i had them on and if i was a ******. i told her i just liked wearing female clothes and that i was not gay. i bent over the sofa and she stroked my bottom then lifted her hand up bringing g it down hard across my bare arse. it stung and made me jump after twenty slaps my arse was red raw and stinging like hell but i was also so aroused as to have an erection. i tried to hide it as i stood up and tried to get dressed but she stopped me. she had me remove my t shirt leaving me totally naked and completely confused. i was embarrassed being naked in front of a beautifully sexy strong woman yet also feeling so aroused at the same time. she removed her dress and was naked apart from her stockings and suspenders. she then sat on the sofa and had me lay across her lap, trapping my erect **** between her legs then began to spank me again, this time she used a wooden hairbrush. each slap made me jump but ms Jones held me down with a strong arm in the small of my back and my penis held tight between her lovely smooth legs. my arm was hanging limply and with each slap i received and every time my body jerked my hand would brush against her leg. as my spanking went on and my arousal mounted i boldly placed my hand on  the back of her leg and began to gently stroke it from her ankle to just above her knee, running my hand over her stocking clad legs moving from one to the other.
i knew i could not last much longer and i *** shooting my ***** over her stocking tops and her inner thigh es, almost at the same time she counted of thirty strokes and stopped. she let me stand up and scooped some of my *** of her legs and raising her hand to her lips she licked my *** of her hand and swallowed it, commenting that it tasted nice. she then hand me go down on her and wrapped her legs tight around my head rubbing her self against my face as i got busy with my tongue licking and sucking and swallowing her sweet juices when she *** .
for the next ten years or so i would occasionally receive a short note from her which would simply give a date and a time, and occasionally an address other wise it was always at her home. she would sign her self as miss Jones and that was it. i would go to the given address on that date at that time and we had fun. i always had to wait for her to contact me and was never allowed to contact her. the only time that there was any changes was when i began dating Betty. i told her about miss Jones and what happened at our meetings, and the one and only time that i contacted her i informed her about Betty. her reply was that i was to bring Betty with me if i was going to keep our next appointment. when i showed Betty the note and invitation she surprised me by agreeing to go with me to my next meeting. and what a day that turned out to be!!
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Go on then,tell us about that meeting.you know you want to,so tell!!!!

What are you waiting for. Do tell.