A Lesson About Lying

At school fine art was compulsory for the first two years i sucked at drawing and totally hated that class. We had a teacher who took his art a bit too seriously even though he knew most of us would probably drop it by the end of that year. He gave an assignment on time about designing letters of our names, i was too lazy and didn't do it. He asked me for it the first time and i said i needed more time i was given two days. The second time i said the art book fell in water..he asked me if i was sure and i said yes. I thought he would just forget about it but he didn't he told me i had two more days to do it and give it to him. Those two days were actually a weekend and i felt like it was my time to rest so i didn't bother with the work. On Monday he asked again and i made up some ridiculous lie about how i had had a busy weekend and didn't find time to draw. He got angry and told me he was losing his patience and now i had to do the same work five times in full colour and hand it to him the next day. That day i painted in my art book until my fingers hurt, it was really late at night when i finished all five drawings because the art book was huge and he wanted the work to cover full pages. Just when i was done drawing one of my friends grabbed the book because she wanted to see my work and the another friend snatched it from her hands before she had seen anything, they got into a small fight over it pulling it away from each other. I tried telling them to stop but they were not listening so one runs out with the book and the other follows..5 minutes later they came in looking worried, i asked them where my art book was and they handed over my book slowly. It was soaked with water and all the paint was dripping out of it and the cover was off, it had actually fallen in water...the next day i went to see the teacher early in the morning and when he asked for his work i said the book had fallen in water for real this time. He said he was tired of my lying and didn't appreciate me not taking him seriously when he had given me many chances...he told me to bend over the desk and he got a cane from the side of his desk. I tried pleading with him but he said it was too late, i bent over his desk and waited for the worst. "Three hard lashes will be enough to teach you a lesson about lying young lady"  he said while i waited in silence. The first one landed hard and it stung so much i let out a loud "ouchh!" then the last two landed with about the same force. I jumped up really fast and started rubbing my butt, he said i should never lie to him again and i didn't have to do that assignment if i didn't want to and he hoped i had learned my lesson then i was finally allowed to leave. I didn't get mad at my friends i just considered it punishment for all the other times i had actually lied to him.      
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Sorry you were unjustly spanked. How old were you when this happened. What did your parents say or do when you told them.

i was 14. I never told anyone, it wasnt a big deal to me like i said i considered it punishment for all the other times i had actually lied.