My First Caning (Saved By Bell)

I attended a co-educational college where corporal punishment was used on many occasions and having seen the results of canings on my fellow classmate’s bottoms it was something I tried to avoid receiving at all costs! However on one occasion through no fault of my own I came very close but managed to escape the punishment thanks to taking an embarrassing alternative from my female English teacher Ms Elaine Walters who was an extremely tall buxom lady (over 6 foot tall) with extremely long legs and in fact quite attractive in many ways. It was the last period of school day and one of my classmates had taken my ruler for a bit of a joke before the class began and I was trying to pull it out of his hand and we got into a bit of a tussle and just as I managed to retrieve it after yelling at the top of my voice to "give it back you bastard! Ms Walters entered the classroom and you could just about hear "a penny drop"

She asked me why I was not seated at my desk and why she could hear my shouts down the hallway, I explained what had occurred but she said that it was no excuse and that I needed to remain behind at the end of the lesson after the final bell.

Now to be quite honest as a young lad of 13 years of age and indulging in the usual fantasies I found her quite attractive and when the rest of the class had left she called me to her desk. She was seated and I was standing and feeling quite apprehensive. She told me that I had two choices I could either bend over and she would give me two strokes of the cane on my bottom or I could accompany her to her private study where she would give me a bare bottom spanking. Now to be quite honest the last suggestion I found quite "a turn on" so I agreed to accompany her to her private study which was down the school corridor and very quite and private.

So I followed her long strides to the door of her study which she opened and closed very firmly once I was inside. I then asked what I should do and she moved a large padded wooden chair to the rear of the room and sat down. Ms Walters removed her dress ring and cardigan and she seemed to be having a bit of a hot flush.

She then told me to take my trousers off and by that time I was standing by her left side she then said please remove your underwear and lie over my knee and push your bottom up. I then lay over her massive thighs and my "manhood" immediately slipped between hey thighs and was throbbing like a loaded gun. She placed her right had across my lower back and began a series of firm slaps on my bottom and each one seemed to get harder but it was not that painful and all of a sudden "I came between her legs" she told me that if she hope I had learnt a valuable lesson and I said thank you for not caning me. But I feel I deserve more discipline of this type as I know I should not have upset her class by my unruly behavior. Ms Walters told me that she accepted my apology and that was the end of the matter. I then left her office feeling quite pleased with my choice of punishment. The next day I was looking forward to seeing Ms Walters in my English Class but there was a replacement teacher I enquired as to where Me Walters was and was told she had been called to relieve at another school, she returned to my school a few weeks later and I asked her if she was coming back permanently. She seemed very embarrassed when I spoke to her and asked if I had discussed my punishment with my parents. I said I had not and as far as I was concerned it was between her and I and I missed her lessons. She thanked me and that was the last time I ever saw Ms Elaine Walters.
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Sep 18, 2013