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German Mother Interview - The Belt

Another yahoo messenger interview - this time a German mother.
Barbara: Hi!
Po: Hi! Munich wow. Thanks for adding me. It must be late there?
Barbara: Yes where are you from?
Po: Las Vegas.
Barbara: Cool! I am 43 and you?
Po: 19. I talk to several German girls who still get spanked.
Barbara: Do you get spanked too?
Po: I did till I was 16.
Barbara: I have a daughter 13 and a stepdaughter 16. I spank them both.
Po: How often do they get it?
Barbara: Twice a month or so. Who did spank you?
Po: My mom.
Barbara: On bare bottom?
Po: Oh yes! Your girls?
Barbara: Only in this way.
Po: Most German girls I have talked to seem to wear thongs. Do they have their panties completely down or thongs?
Barbara: Panties down!
Po: What do you spank with?
Barbara: Hand or belt.
Po: What is your procedure for getting them bare and ready?
Barbara: I announce a spanking earlier and let them prepare themselves. They come to me at the evening. I spank them in my room. I tell them to pull down the panties and to bend over.
Po: Do they do it without an argument?
Barbara: Yes, they obey.
Po: Bend over what?
Barbara: Over a chair
Po: Do they have to stand long with their panties down? Like for lecture?
Barbara: Yes, long enough. I spank slowly
Po: I meant before they go over the chair?
Barbara: Not really. But sometimes they stand with their panties down a while..
Po: Do they cry that way? Say anything?
Barbara: They cry, try to cover their bottoms. But they know it comes then worse.
Po: You mean under the belt they put their hands back?
Barbara: I mean, if they cover their bottoms I make a break and wait. They get additional strokes then. They react. They cry. But they do not resist. Sometimes they apologize.
Po: Are they different under the belt in their reactions?
Barbara: Yes, the older is more embarrassed.
Po: Yeah I bet having her panties down every couple weeks at 16!
Barbara: That is a part of the punishment - the embarrassment. Yes the embarrassment is quite big because she is totally exposed.
Po: Over the chair her legs come apart?
Barbara: Yes, a little. Did your mother spank you in a way, in which you were also exposed?
Po: Oh yes I kicked a lot.
Barbara: Have you ever been a witness of a spanking?
Po: No. How many belt licks do they get and where?
Barbara: At average 10 on their bottoms.
Po: Not their thighs?
Barbara: Sometimes. Did your mother hit your thighs?
Po: Oh yes. 10 isn’t too bad, other girls get a lot more. What do they do after do they spanky dance?
Barbara: They have no corner time. They get a kind of consolation and then they go to their beds.
Po: So they don’t rub and dance around?
Barbara: They rub. The strokes are not so hard. The embarrassment is much bigger than the pain.
Po: Do they cover their fronts with their hands when they take down their panties?
Barbara: Yes, but then they cannot cover anything when they bend over, they are exposed. Also the most private parts.
Po: So they do put their hands in front but then when they bend over you mean they can no longer remain covered?
Barbara: Yes and they expose all their private parts. The most private part too. I do not mean the labia.
Po: Well your spankings don’t seem overly bad but they get the full humiliation.
Barbara: Yes. What is in your opinion the most private part?
Po: Well I would say anything between your legs.
Barbara: Yes, for many girls it is the anus and not the labia..
Po: I don’t know nobody likes getting exposed like that.
Barbara: Sure.
Po: Most like watching their sisters like that though from what I have heard.
Barbara: Yes, I think so.
Po: Hey I gotta fix dinner. Great talking to you. Hope we can again.
Barbara: YEA! Thank you! Have a nice day! I must go to bed it is 3 am.
Po: Night.
Barbara: Night.
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This parent emphasizes the embarrassment and humiliation more than the spanking. It is rare for a parent to enjoy such feelings in their child, so I suppose she is enjoying the exhibition/voyeuristic elements too.

this made me ***, i felt so hot my ***** was throbbing and pulsating and i came i love this

thank you so much for sharing this, i want to be one of those girl that get humiliated and exposed and embarassed like that,such a sexy mama

I switched my sixteen year old daughter for drunk driving.

The whole 'exposing' privates disturbs me. Especially when the parent days the embarrassment is part of the punishment.

Yeah it sucks.


This def. sounds like overboard...if I had a mom like this, she could forget about getting anything from me on Mother's Day for many years

I feel sorry for the girls but at least I see I'm not the only one to get it.<br />
Hope you do well Po; we could chat once again (we did once long ago).

Yes I am on yahoo messenger all the time - would like to chat again.

I agree with Barbara that embarrassment is the worst part for teens. This is especially true if they know someone else hears them getting it.

Strict Parents have my Respect . youngsters need Discipline to stop them running riot . Bringing up youngsters without Discipline is Stupid Parenting .

Agreed, as long as love is expressed and is the guiding principle behind (no pun intended) the use of spanking. My mom makes it a point to emphasize that a good paddling is quite ok as long as its done out of love. And boy did she love me. :)

Actually, looking back now, as an adult, I did some really dumb stuff, ex drunk driving, smoking, and I thank my mom and dad for the loving spankings, strappings, etc that I truly deserved.