A Kinky Spanking Experience

My girlfriend and I are in a Domestic Discipline relationship. She has spent much of her life having to be in control of so many situations, that she now finds it a relief to know what is expected of her in our relationship, be punished if she falls short (so she doesn't have to deal with lingering guilt and knows she's forgiven), and being reminded who is in control with weekly maintenance spankings. If she doesn't get these spankings, she gets very stressed out, high strung, bratty, and outright annoying. Every Sunday, we have some alone time to calm her down, and remind her that she does not need to try to control everything. She looks forward to it each week.

This is her first relationship that has been done this way. It has also been her easiest and happiest relationship. We have amazing sex (often a bit kinky), and I have been saying for months "We have such great sex, I think somebody should see it." After saying this several times she said to me, "You made me have crazy dreams. I had a dream that you tied me up and teased me, and invited friends to watch. Then you let them take turns torturing me (by torturing, she means making her want to ***)." I asked her what she thought of this dream, and she said "It was just...crazy." Her blushing and reluctant eye contact told me it turned her on more than she was willing to say. Now, knowing we both wanted it, I decided to bring this dream to life.

I told a couple who were friends of mine that the next night we went out, I wanted them to watch my girl and I have awesome kinky sex as she'd fantasized, with them helping me bite, tickle, spank, and tease her. I said it would be a secret to her, but assured them she wanted it. I said I'd rent us both nice hotel rooms, and after they watched us, they could go enjoy their hotel room together. I knew they had an unorthodox private life too, and they'd say yes if their schedules were clear. They agreed.

Last Saturday night, we hung out with a bunch of friends including this other couple. At the end of the night when everyone began to part ways we were walking toward our hotel, and the other couple was with us. My girlfriend asked where they were headed, and I said "I booked their room for them too". She simply took this to mean they also decided it was a long trip home, late at night, and hotel might be better than a long pricey cab ride home. I had told our friends to expect a text for me about an hour after we got into our rooms. My girlfriend and I showered, then relaxed in our room's hot tub. Once we were dry, I put on shorts and a t-shirt and she climbed in my lap (naked) to be held. After a few minutes of just holding her, I looked at my watch, and saw it was just past midnight. I said "Happy Sunday. She giggled, and laid across my lap. She'd been on her best behavior all week, which always results in a milder, more fun spanking. I spanked her with my hand and a hairbrush for a few minutes. Then I told her to stand up. I stood her by a wall, pulled a length of rope from my bag, and tied her wrists to a hook in the wall. I blindfolded her, then gave her a few more swats on the butt with my hand. I walked over to my phone and simply texted "come", then quietly unlocked the door. I gave a few more, swats as our friends sneaked into the room. Our room had two beds in it, and they sat on the one farthest from the action, for a good view.

As they watched, I spanked my girlfriend with a leather paddle. Since she'd been warmed up before they got there, she was now wiggling after each smack landed on her pink skin, unknowingly entertaining our guests. I began to give her hickeys on her back to make my first initial, just as a reminder to all involved, that even though I was sharing her a little, she is mine. She got very turned on with each bite. Then I looked at our friends and pointed to her back, like "watch this". I picked up an empty fountain pen and made a long, light scratch down her back with the tip. As the pen scratched down, her whole body arched trying to avoid it, as she let out a moan, telling that it excited her. The other couple smiled and nodded. Then I took a feather duster, and tickled her on the other side, making her jump, so she was standing upright again. I went to the other couple and handed the feather duster to the woman, and the fountain pen to the man, then held out my hand in a gesture that said "right this way". At this point, my girlfriend still had no idea that she and I weren't the only people in the room.

The couple used one hand each to scratch and tickle her, each occasionally nibbling her skin. I watched for a while, then began to paddle her again, reaching in front of her at times to play with her ****. By this time, she was being so stimulated that it must have been hard for her to think, but I could tell as my male friend cupped her breast, that it finally registered to her "Either I'm dating some Hindu god or there is someone else in the room", as I theoretically had FOUR hands on her now. The way she groaned and stood straighter told us all that she'd finally gotten the picture that she couldn't see through her blindfold. I got on one knee, fingered her with my right hand, and began to scratch her leg with the nails on my left hand. My male friend played with her nipples, while my female friend bit, scratched and tickled. I licked around her hips and pelvis. Now with 6 hands and 3 mouths on her, she began to ***...violently. She shook and could no longer stand up. Unfortunately, her wrists were still bound to the wall. I had to hold her up and untie her after her third ****** to avoid hurting her wrists. I removed the rope from the wall, but not from her wrists, and laid her on the nearest bed. My friends kept toying with the front of her body now that she was lying face up (still blindfolded). I kept fingering her, and made her *** until she looked a bit weak from it all. I removed my hand from between her legs, and it was covered in ***. Our friends were impressed. I then gave them a smirk that said "Check this out", and kissed her, nibbling on her lips a bit. This made her have another wild ******. Then I nibbled her ears and gave her another. By this time, she had *** so much I could tell she was about to pass out, so I stopped.

My friends helped untie her, while I washed my hands. I then removed the blindfold and stood her up to hold her. She leaned on me and hugged me, looked over my shoulder at out company and her face turned as red as her butt. She said "Umm....Hello." Everyone giggled. I turned to our friends and said "Thanks. I think we'll be enjoying some time alone now. Enjoy the room." They waved good night and went next door to their room. My girlfriend said, "I can't believe you did that." We laid down and cuddled for about half and hour, before having more great sex that night, then more when we woke up in the morning. I went out, picked up breakfast and brought food back to the hotel for everyone. A good time was had by all.
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Why you all didn't have sex together, I mean with the couple?