The Last Humiliation

My sex life had become tedious to the point we had ended up having sex with Master three or four times a year. The unknown man's intentions were clear. He wanted to train me as a female pet via email with Master's consent. Until I become one, I belonged and still do, to the Stranger. He even sent me a dog collar as if to show both Master and myself, that I belong to the Stranger. No intimate moment with Master without the dog collar. We both had weekly tasks to fulfill, helping me turn into a seductive female pet. Until then, Master and I were the Stranger's submissive pets. Everything was going great until I was late completing my tasks.

The Stranger had to punish Master, who is in charge of making sure I completed the tasks. For two weeks I had to spank Master with a wooden spoon hard, wearing the collar the Stranger had sent me. The spanking was to be performed in a manner the Stranger wanted and as if the Stranger was doing the actual spanking. I was devastated and Master, who is my pillar of life, humiliated!!! I couldn't help wonder if this was Master's punishment or mine. I had to hit his bum so hard that each spank reverberated through my body. My hand, even though I spanked Master with a wooden spoon, swelled. Master's bum was almost black and blue. Sometimes I thought his bum would start bleeding. All sorts of wicked thoughts would run through my mind, even that Master would get up and leave me for good. I couldn't take it anymore and I told the Stranger my troubles.

The Stranger finally took pity on me and decided that Master had been punished enough for now. On the day Stranger decided that enough punishment for now, I was to perform the spanking in the following manner. 1. As always, he was not allowed to know any details of his punishing spanking. 2.I had to wear the most sexy underwear and stilettos I have and the Stranger's collar in advance. 3. I had to sit comfortably on a couch, tell Master to stand up and to take off all his clothes and be barefoot. 4. I had to tell him to bring me the wooden spoon. 5. Tell him to drop on his hands and knees in front of me, facing me. I then had to light a cigarette and have it while looking at him on his hands and knees in front of me. 7. Next, I had to tell him that I will spank him really hard. 8. I then had to stand up and move behind him. 9. Then the spanking would begin. I had to give him 50 really hard spanks with the wooden spoon, 25 on each cheek, alternately, while he would count them and repeat "Thank you Stranger, may I have another one even harder" after each spank.
10. I had to make sure that I would hear him moaning from the first spank. 11. I then had to return to my seat, light a cigarette and have it while looking at him spanked, on his hands and knees in front of me. 12. Once I was finished with my cigarette, I had to tell him that I was going to spank him even harder, stand up and move behind him once again. 13. I then had to give him another 50 even harder spanks with the wooden spoon, 25 on each cheek, alternately, while he would count them and repeat "Thank you Stranger, may I have another one even harder" after each spank. 14. I had to make sure that Master moaned really loud during these 50 spanks. 15. After that, I was to return once again to my seat, light a cigarette and have it while looking at him spanked, on his hands and knees in front of me. 16. I had to inform the Stranger that I had finished spanking his submissive pet, about his pet's bum color, if he is looking at me or he has his head lowered and what I see when I was looking at him on his hands and knees on the floor, just spanked. 17. I had to let him stand up when I would have already informed the Stranger. 18. Finally, I was to announce to Master that this was his last spanking and that his punishment was halted and tell him to inform the Stranger about his spanking while still totally naked, Master also had to thank the Stranger about his spanking and his punishment halt. I was delighted when I read the Stranger's email. Yes! I had to get the courage to spank my Master once more, more spanks and even harder than the previous times, but this was going to be the last time for now. I had to thank the Stranger in the only way I could.

That night, I wore my crotch-less underwear with the matching bra which has strings, and when pulled, they let my nipples free, black stocking and stilettos, as well as the Stranger's collar, which Master loves. I walked into the living room with the sexiest walk I could. Master looked at me. He loved the site but he knew what was about to happen. After I told him the first few of Stranger's orders, I spanked him really hard the first 50 spanks. Sometimes, I would stop and caress his back with the wooden spoon to rest my hand but also, as if to tell him I am sorry. When I finished spanking him, I sat on the couch, had a cigarette all the while looking at him, and him looking at me. He was sitting there, on all fours, staring at me and my sexy look of the night. He loved the sight! He was getting turned on by what he saw, but his bum was hurting him. Looking like that turned me on as well. When I had stopped spanking him the first fifty times, I tried not to think of what I had done to him and what was about to happen. Master's look was so sexy! He could always turn me on with just one look but this time his look seemed different. I got up because if I didn't, I would have given myself to him right there and then. I went behind him and started to spank him even harder the remaining 50 spanks. He moaned on both sets, but even louder the second set. His bum became even more than red. I think it was the color of skin bruised deeply, and it was I who did this with all the spankings. I hoped I hadn't drawn blood. I wanted to cry. I couldn't believe that it was my fault he was in this condition, and I was the one, in the Stranger's place, spanking him, humiliating him. I stopped. I caressed his back with the wooden spoon once more. I closed my eyes and yelled at myself for not only getting him in trouble, but also to get on with the spanking so Master's punishment could finally be over. When Master counted another fifty spanks, I was ecstatic!! It was finally over or at least over for now. I walked slowly to the computer. I started to write the email to Stranger telling him how the spanking played through, still wearing the collar and nothing but the sexy underwear. Master was still on all fours looking at me like a tiger about to attack his prey. I was his prey. His eyes never left my body while writing the email update, and my eyes never left his. He had sort of a smile on his lips. Even though I loved that look on his face, that sexy look, I couldn't help but feel guilty for spanking him so hard. Even after I had spanked him and humiliated him, he was still looking at me so adoringly! He was in pain, but he was still looking at me patiently for me to tell him to get up. I was the reason his bum was so red and sore. I took my time righting the email and his eyes were on me. He never looked away from me. I thought to myself "God I love this man!" When I finished writing the email, I stood up and told Master to get up also. I informed him that his punishment was halted for now. I told him that the Stranger wanted an email immediately and a "Thank you" for halting the spanking. Master got up, kissed me hard. He walked over to the couch picked up his computer, turned it on and started to write his email to the Stranger. I sat there next to him, still in my sexy underwear, stilettos and collar. It was as if to ensure him we were in this together. He knew how I felt about the spanking. I have always been against that kind of punishment. I don't like hurting people physically. Even our offspring has never been slapped, spanked or hurt physically in any manner.

When Master was finished writing the email, he held me in his arms. He asked me if I was ok. I was still shaking to be honest with you. He took my hand and we stood up. We walked together to our bedroom where I took off the sexy underwear, stilettos. Master looked at me one more time before helping me to remove my collar. He loves the way I look with it on. He thinks it's sexy. As I put on my nightgown, Master was still staring at me. I walked over to our bed, the bed which held so many pleasant memories, until the his first spanking a few days before. I felt the guilt in my stomach. I got under the covers and huddled in Master's arms. I asked Master if he knew how much I love him and he responded "I think I do" and smiled. Like that, in my love's arms, I drifted off to sleep. A good sleep. A much needed sleep. I hadn't had a good night's sleep since the first spanking. Finally, the punishment was over and I could once again sleep peacefully.

petsophia petsophia
36-40, F
Nov 29, 2012