A Good Reason

I'm a single mother with a 6 year old girl Sophie and a 5 year old son Dakota, plus I'm pregnant with a girl -Lydia, anyhow It was time to pick my kids up from school so I came and signed them out for some reason the whole car ride home was silent ...when we got home they started fighting over a friend in school it became physical when they not started punching at eachother then Sophie kicked Dakota in the nuts and laughed I came over there shocked that she did that he got up moaning and slapped me and called me a stupid **** for not breaking it up then his sister added in and kicked me saying the same thing in her words I was furious and grabbed my girl removed her pants and underwear and latest her over my lap I spanked her bare bottom hard for 5 minutes she kicked and struggled and screamed I sent her to her room I called my boy up and he said no thanks ***** I pulled him over removed his pants and underwear and slapped his butt super hard for 5 minutes and sent him to his room I came to my daughter and I held her and carressed her and massaged her bright red butt I bathed her and massaged lotion onto her butt and did the same with my son and fir dinner they got yummy mash potatoes and barbecue chicken and had a special Brownie desert this happened a week ago :)
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I'm not saying you didn't do a good job, but I've never heard a 5 or 6yo use the word ****. I would of blistered their fannies for that and soaped their mouths as well. Is that kind of language allowed in your house?

hi heartless mother


Vials if you don't like people who spank then why are you here??. You can tell she is spanking her kids because she loves them. It makes no sence what for you to be here.

my kids was always fighting and it always ended up with them over my knee for a good sound spanking

Should be more Mums like you. Never did me any harm, and that included the cane and that was 40 odd years ago.

More single moms are afraid to spank becauswe they think they will always be th bad person. More moms need a mentor to spank the kids i beleive. Someone not afraid to see bare bottoms red and spanked