Me And My Cousin

Me and my cousin, Mandy, didn't see each other too often, but when we were together, we always enjoyed each other's company. This was unusual, since Mandy was two years older then me, but I liked it. When I was three or four, Mandy taught me how to play You-Show-Me-Yours,-and-I'll-Show-You-Mine. Wow! I didn't know girls didn't have one! As we got older, we invented what we called The Underpants Game. Use your imagination. When Mandy reached puberty, she became a little shy, but as I entered my own puberty, we stood again on common ground. Mandy told me about her boyfriends, and really helped me with my early girlfriends. Mandy was my best friend.

One evening we were out in her garage and Mandy asked me if I ever got spanked. I said not in several years. "I think I need a spanking," she said. When my open mouth produced no sound, Mandy continued, "Spank me." So I gave her a playful whack on the bottom. Hands on hips, Mandy scowled, "That's not a proper spanking." She sat me down on a bale of hay, then she lay down over my lap. Her bottom was right there in my face; I could see a little of its roundness through her skirt. "Well?" she asked. Open-mouth silence. "Do I have to do everything for you?" Mandy asked with female superiority, as she reached back, pulled up the back of her skirt and pushed down the back of her panties. I was achingly hard. "Spank me!" Mandy ordered. To my surprise, I did. Smack, smack, smack. My palm slapped her buttocks alternately. "Harder!" I put some muscle behind each lick. Mandy's bottom turned pink, then red. I came in my pants; I'd never done that with Mandy, but I couldn't help it. I came, I hurt, I came again, my under pants felt all creamy in the crotch.

Then it was over. Mandy ordered me to stop. She stood, rubbed her bottom. "Good job," she said; then she pulled up her panties and let her skirt fall back into its place. "Want some ice cream?" I did, but I really wanted -- and needed -- dry under pants.
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Sep 17, 2012