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My eldest daughter who is 12 got a spanking yesterday.she is at the age where she will answer back,i won't tolerate back chat in any form & she knows this yet she continued to do so.I don't even have to warn her what will happen if she does cos she got spanked for something similar last week.I also won't ask for something to be done more than once so this combined with the back chat saw her get a very sore backside.I have 4 kids 2 boys,2 girls & they all get spanked but just lately over the last 6 months or so my eldest has gotton it more than others.I do realise this is her age & i was exactly the same as she is when i was her age,yep i got spanked as well.Anyway she knew by the look on my face what was coming & ran to her room, when i caught up with her she apologised,i don't get any begging from my kids not to spank them they have no choice,so over my knee she went & was spanked extremely hard on her bare bottom,i only use my hand,i can say she was glowing,she was then made to go downstairs to the dining room & stand in the corner for 30 minutes with her butt on show.I know this may sound extreme to some people but i am very strict & my kids have been spanked like this since they were 3-4.I never ever spank them when i'm angry & they know spankings are for their own good.
steveslittlehelper steveslittlehelper 36-40, F 44 Responses Jun 28, 2011

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OK, this adds to my theory that teenage girls gets spanks
later in their teenage life. My last (male) spanking was 14.
My girl cousins got spanked at 17 and 19.
Is it possible that girls bottoms don't see the severity of their miss deeds. My bottom don't have that padding and it
causes me to straighten up earlier in life.

Glad to hear that you are a mom that only uses her hand for a spanking. An implement should never be used on a child.

I agree wth you, she needs a butt spanking.

yes oh yes i want you to be my mommy! this is what i need, my parents should still do this forever ad ever

I think you are in for quite a battle. The physical punishments will only add to the emotional issues (i.e. the need to talk back and protest your every argument). The public embarrassment might end up really becoming a problem for her when she's in her 40's. Here's why I say all that. Only a real expert will be able to predict her emotional completeness as she hits her 20's. If she develops a strange emotional response to the physical discipline, it will cause significant gyrations into some very serious psychosis. I'm simply stating that you need to grow along side your daughter and really work hard to understand why she is treating you like you are the enemy. Yes, I have seen 14 year old women take off away from their families because the physical discipline was too severe, too much for them to take. Couple that with public humiliation and you might be going down a road that will be very hard to reverse.

In private, bare hands, for total disregard and disrespect of you, I understand. I personally still would not, but I understand....

The way you handle your kids is horrible. If you did that to another adult it would be ASSAULT!!! To call it discipline, punishment, or parenting is rationalizing, Hitting children to make them behave they way we want them to is abusive. grounding, taking something the kid enjoys for a period of time does work. Baring her and have her on display is disgusting. A parent should use his/her hand for patting the child on the back, wipe away tears, and to give hugs. Did you ever talk to your kids and let them know how much you love them, and it upsets you and disappoints your when they misbehave? learning is painful enough, without inflicting physical pain.

That's not assault. If she did that in school she would get an in school suspension. If her siblings are all younger an it's just her siblings, it's fine. I wouldn't do that in front of just anyone.

Also, many adults do that to each other. Domestic Dicipline. It's also wonderful foreplay


I think if you spank them with only your hand and with their clothes on that's ok and how it should be done

Good job spanking mom keep spanking spnkbooty

If I was your daughter, I would of told you to **** off and straight out the front door I'd go. Simples.

tough guy

What part of Idaho do you live in?

I'm not certain your spankings are for their own good, it seems more like you want to turn them into servile, obediant sub-humans than responsible adults. Quite pathetic.

Well this is one servile sub-human speaking. I am also a graduate (this term since you ask, with a First). I dance, sing, act, play netball, ride, work for two voluntary charities. I have an amazing family and a thousand friends. I got my butt smacked (spanked, if you like) for about a decade of my growing up years. Not too hard, just enough to make me think. Boy do I feel subhuman. Not.

Thousands of friends... you are delusional, but you're already lost, what do I care. The point is the poster hit a child in order to shut her up, showing him that authority is not to be questioned. So later, when his child's rights are trampled, and their dignity is abused, they'll just take it without saying a word. That is what a sub-human is.

I have a girl whose close in age. Sarha's mouthyness tends to be her worst freind. Her mouthyness has earned her a few bare bottom spankings. I prefer to ground rather than spank yet she doesn't mind being grounded she does mind me spanking her more. I have used cornertime yes I make each one stand there bare bottom. For some reason: my kids remember facing the corner with bottoms exposed much longer than the stinging.

Ha ha, I hated that bit too, it's embarrassing that's why you're bare bum being on show!. I especially HATED boys seeing my bare bottom but they sometimes did *red faced*.

Well my three are all grown now but I did find particularly with my youngest daughter that from about 12/13 there was an increse in the number of spankings earned. This levelled off by mid teens so it can, in part, be an age thing. Hand on bare bottom should still be sufficient for that age but this might change later.

Our daughter graduated from a smacked bare bottom to the slipper in her mid teens.

I will congratulate you steveslittlehelper, as you are setting boundaries for your children. Boundaries let a child know that they can only step so far without their being consequences to pay for their mistakes, and that is how the world works, you commit a crime and you will be punished. You don't spank when your angry, which is the mistake a lot of parents make. You should always approach discipline with a calm mind, as there only needs to be one child in the room, not two.

Sorry - I made a mistake in my first post: "... under 15" should be "under 16".<br />
<br />
I understand "physically if not mentally" old enough for intercourse - the writer may be correct there ( I am not a biologist or doctor) but it's the lack of any mention of protection that I questioned. <br />
<br />
With respect Bellatue, whilst I agree basically with you, you might find a more serious response without swearing would be more forceful. Some discussion groups would ban posts like that, not just asterisk the crudities, and cruelty is too serious for aggressive responses. <br />
<br />
You fear the girl will grow up with weird fetishes and lose her virginity too early. You are right to be concerned for her, but there are three points there.<br />
<br />
First, she may do, but not necessarily, but any sexual activity is regarded as "weird" by those who dislike it. <br />
<br />
Secondly, I don't agree that her parents' actions "will" make her lose her virginity "too young" (whatever that means beyond legal minimum age for intercourse - 16 in UK but I don't know the USA equivalent), <br />
<br />
Thirdly, much more seriously, she may grow up to accept or even advocate domestic violence, and what Steve's Little Helper describes goes well beyond reasonable punishment and into the realms of gratuitous violence.<br />
<br />
This raises a dark point that frankly baffles me. This area of EP - and other US web-sites I've seen - more or less encourage parents to be proud of beating their children. In a Western, advanced, civilisation? We've had more than our share of domestic cruelty in Britain, even excepting total perversions like the recent murder of a 15yo boy on the flimsy lie that he was a "witch", and violence between adult couples is too common; but I've never heard of parents here trying to outdo each other's mental and physical assaults on their children.

thats ******* weird, 12 year old and you saw her *** you ******* pervert she's going to have weird *** sexual fetishes and loose her virginity too young have you wife do it you freak what the hell is your problem!!!!!

The EP banner above this lot is telling us that replying helps "save puppies". It was baby seal the other day.<br />
<br />
Might be more to the point if it saves children.......

Hooray - a parent (Bellatue) who realises belatedly what she's doing to her daughter & beginning to realise the damage her own parents inflicted on her, & her motives. <br />
<br />
But... at 12, she's "...technically physically not mentally ready to have sex..." Living as I do in a country that makes it illegal for a male to have sexual relationships with a girl under 15, that implies your children have no such legal protection.<br />
<br />
Some sicko further back was on about weekly "maintenance spankings" - apparently spankings for the sheer hell of it by parents who enjoy beating children. Does your country have an equivalent of the UK charity, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children?

thats kinda creapy that its bare, like you like to stare at you 12 year olds bare red ***.. its weird just saying i understand spanking, but she's too old for bare.. she's going to be getting her period if she hasn't already and thats just awkward, shell be tequnicall physically not mentally ready to have sex, and believe me she will think about it and already does i recommending stopping with the bare soon before she gets some real messed up sexual fettish my parents did this to me, and I'm sexual ****** up in the head.. just saying

It hurts bad!!!!!!!!!!!

well come talk to me maybe I can help you

Well, if BeckyRomero's forecast comes true it will be a shame, but unsurprising. <br />
<br />
I don't support spanking & CP, but at least Steveslittlehelper rightly used ONLY her hand, but having spanked a child in her room, then to make her stand exposed downstairs is needless and cruel.<br />
<br />
With respect Bigbear7900, you've given away why you support spanking. Yes, like you I find spanking erotic, but only as an activity between consenting adults. Apart from that, fora such as these, irrespective of subject, are intended to encourage discussion, not put forward only those opinions with which you agree.<br />
<br />
I should explain what I believe to the mental seed for me: it was a unique spanking in front of the mixed class in Infants' School (age about 7, in 1959) by normally very mild-mannered teacher who been driven to the end of her tether by a trio of horrible brats. These boys were unpopular with most of us, and they could be bullies, but she proved this one had been stealing. She slipped his shorts and underpants down and smacked his bottom hard several time (NO WEAPON!!!!). We'd never seen her hit anyone previously!<br />
<br />
It didn't work... not for him anyway. Years later I learnt he'd ended up in Borstal (for US readers a juvenile delinquent's prison-***-training-school, and like the similar Approved Schools eventually closed partly because they were hotbeds of brutality).<br />
<br />
UK law used to allow the birch for teenage boys, as a sentence available to magistrates, but it was eventually abolished partly because it never really worked, also of course because it's basically torture and demeaned the police officers who applied it. But then the UK used to have a streak of domestic gratuitous cruelty fortunately now fading, although changing attitudes won't stop the (fortunately very rare) extreme cases like the Moors Murders or the death of Victoria Climbier.

Yall seem pretty honest, I'm 11 and last night my daddy took my phone for yelling at my sister, after he took my pho I yelled at him and smacked him. he usually wets my butt and spanks me bare butt, but this time he did it with my cloths on and only 3 hits. He stopped himself and said "no. I know that you know you have done wrong, so I'm going to give you 3 days to think a good punishment" so can yall help me? What would you do to your child?<br />
Oh a I cursed at him.

I wish more parents would do the right thing thanks for sharing Please add me Glen

You guys who says dont Spank her BULL****to you!Im 36yo and made arrangements with a 55yo male to Spank me!monthend for past regrets!My sentence=6with a plastic Cane and 6with a Real Paddle!AND,I DESERVE IT.Would even let Steveslittlehelper Spank me herself!Its biblical to get it:Dont spare the Rods and let the child go wrotten!!!

My parents also had guidlines for us kids and rules we knew what they were and if we broke then we were punished sometimes grounded sometimes spanked. We didn't do that again at least for a long time like lying. My freinds who's parents didn't care or set rules were out of control 2 are heavy into drugs one just had a baby out of wedlock at age 18 so spanking and discpline was good for me and my sisters we don't do any of that From about 12 to 15 i was very out of control often and spanked a lot as well as grounded

Maintance Spankings for Teens is Not Abuse. Daily may be too much? If done correct Maintence Spankings might need to be done each Week Month or Every 6Months?

By the looks of things there needs to be more bare bottom spanking going on I applaud her for disciplining her children -most of my spankings were for mouthiness too and yes I was made to bare my bottom for it and stand in the corner afterwards-every spanking I got was completely warranted We stopped spanking and now these kids are awful-delinquents pregnant at 13 or 14 bringing the next undisciplined generation into the world-there's not a time I dont go shopping or whatever and see at least 2 or 3 children acting up in public. Its disgusting the world we live in where we cant discipline our children as we see fit

By the looks of things there needs to be more bare bottom spanking going on I applaud her for disciplining her children -most of my spankings were for mouthiness too and yes I was made to bare my bottom for it and stand in the corner afterwards-every spanking I got was completely warranted We stopped spanking and now these kids are awful-delinquents pregnant at 13 or 14 bringing the next undisciplined generation into the world-there's not a time I dont go shopping or whatever and see at least 2 or 3 children acting up in public. Its disgusting the world we live in where we cant discipline our children as we see fit