My Daughter Got Spanked In Front Of Her Father

When my daughter was in ninth grade, her grades were continuously dropping. My husband and I were bother very disappointed and already given my daughter several scoldings in an attempt to fix her attitude. However, that was no use. She was getting in with a bad crowd and by the end of the first semester, her highest grade was a D.

We were in the living room when I confront her about these grades. She claimed that it was none of my business. I could'n't believe that she would say that to me! I replied by saying, "Are you looking for a spanking, young lady?" She laughed. "A spanking," she said, in a belittling voice.

"You know that i go easy on you, since you're a lady, but I think a spanking is long overdue for these grades and this bitchy attitude of yours," I said.

"Bitchy? You're the *****," she yelled.

That was it. That was the moment that I knew she had to be spanked. "Take off your clothes," I said. She scoffed and started to leave the room, but I quickly grabbed onto her shorts and pulled them back. I looked down and noticed that we was wearing a thong. This concerned me greatly, because I never bought her a thong and I certainly didn't approve of a fifteen-year old girl wearing them. I yanked her shorts down and slapped her bare *** once. She yelled at me, claiming that I had no right to spank her anymore.

Suddenly, the front door opened and her father walked in. He looked surprised for a moment, but walked past us and said, "Are you finally spanking her, Janet?" I said yes and proceed to pull my daughter's shirt over her head. I then forced to her step out of her shorts, slapping her *** three more times in the process. Now, clad in only a bra and thong, I dragged her to the kitchen, where her father was. He was sitting at the table. I pulled up a chair and pulled her over my lap. I quickly unsnapped her bra, pulled off her thong and began spanking her with my hand. After a couple minutes of this, I stopped, because my hand was sore.

"Your hand getting sore, honey," asked my husband.

"Yes, could you fetch me something to effectively spank our daughter with? Perhaps a slipper?"

"Well, you want to teach her a lesson, how about my paddle?"

"Sure. Thanks."

He returned a minute later with a medium-sized paddle and began to spank my naked daughter with it. This went on for ten minutes until her bottom was bright red and she was crying like a little girl. I decided that was enough and told her to go stand in the corner for an hour. She complained about standing there for so long, but I smacked her butt again and told her it would be two if she said anything else.

While her father and I talked, she stood there naked in the corner, feeling completely humiliated. At one point, we began laughing at her and making jokes at her expense. When that hour was up, I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, telling her that I only did that because I loved her dearly and wanted the best for her. She told me that she knew that and she would do better in school. I told her to get dressed and be back for dinner in an hour. My husband chuckled and gave me a friendly nod of approval, before he got up and left the room.
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Way to go Mom!

I doubt that I shall ever understand the point of taking off her bra for a spanking. The only thing that needed to be bare was her bottom. By the description, she was overdue for a spanking; but naked is pointless.

There are going to be a lot of you rotting in nursing homes. As you should be. Much of what is described here can be characterized as child abuse, sexual assault/battery. Also, the rest of society has to deal with your messed up children and clean up behind your terrible parenting. So, we'd all appreciate if you would stop already.

I'll start out by saying that I strongly agree with cp, when it is deserved, and in this situation it was more than warranted. Few parents see that after a child reaches seven years of age. It's ridiculous. The intensity of the spanking sounded very effective, to be honest. You SHOULD get her to tears, or the punishment is worthless. For those of you who are totally against what I'm saying, I'm not saying it to be an abusive perv. I'm coming from experience. I get punished this way regularly and if my disciplinarian stops too early, it just leaves me in a state of resentment instead of contrite acceptance of my need to change my behavior.
HOWEVER, for ANYONE under age 18 and/or who has not consented, a disciplinarian should never spank nude. Bare bottom, of course. Go for it! It is the safest way to spank because you can monitor damage before it gets abusive. However, nude spankings are too humiliating and related to sex to ever be attempted by anyone other than a committed significant other without it being considered abuse. Cornertime is acceptable in my book, but I'd have to agree with your daughter about the time situation. Again, I'm speaking from experience here. Ten minutes can easily feel like an hour when you are naked, on full display, freshly spanked, etc. Never, for the sake of the child put her in the corner for longer than 15 minutes. And knock off the jeering. That is emotional abuse no matter how you stretch it.

So overall, don't think I do not agree with CP or want it to be limited to one swat over jeans like so many others. I agree with your choice of punishment. But, please, for your daughter's sake, read over the suggestions with a careful eye.

My daughters 10 and 14 years old are always spanked completely naked. This intensifies the punishment and the embarrassment. Before the spanking. They have to undress completly. Before the main apnking, they have to stretch both hands, and i apply a hard hand strapping. Let them think on what they did for about five minutes. After that begins the spanking on the butt. 30-40 strokes on the bottom, and the punishment is almost complete and efficient only when they start to cry like a baby. Already've also heard of mothers or parents who apply genital spanking or punishment in the breasts, but I have not done that. At least for now.

To julia-I have two nieces who are 14 and 12 and they are both spanked,but they have to put on and wear toddler size rubberpants[plasticpants] for their spankings.the rubberpants fit them tight and constrict the blood vessels in their butts and make the spankings even more pain full.after their spankings they have to leave the rubberpants on and wear them for a few hours untill they are told they can take them off.they both made their first communions last year when they were 13 and 11 and had to wear the rubberpants under their communion dresses per the parish requirements,so now the rubberpants are used for their spankings also.

P.S.- julia-you should get rubberpants for your daughters also and make them wear them during their spankings.

my wife when she spanks she has spanking shirt it is a shirt that goes down to just about the butt crack an spnaks them an make them stay in that shirt no panties for 2 hours doing chores

i had allways have my daughters no panties for spankings watching there butts turn nice red to dark red color corner time yes make them think twice about what they had done

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what the **** you let a grown man let alone her own father see her naked mature body and you slaping her *** and let you lee him slap her *** then you made jokes about her body in front of her. this is illegal and child abuse

Learn how to spell dumbass

Twister371 hasn't passed basic English yet.

it is not illegal to keep your teen daughter nude around the house, spankings depend on what state you are in

The more exposed the better. I was made to sit naked with my legs spread in front of everyone after my spankings. this happened when i was 15-17 years old because i began to rebel. It was never sexual, just a way to teach me a lesson...

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So did her general behavior and grades improve? Did spanking become a regular thing after that?

I was spanked as a child, never in teenage years, and never bare bottom. My parents had more respect for modesty than that. Nudity was outlawed in my house, except bedroom and bathroom. My female family members never saw me naked past 11yrs old. Makes me glad I am not a teenager now days, and I grew up in the 70s. Where we still got spanked at school infront of everyone in class room. Never bare bottom.

that is the right way to deal with a teen girl but letting her put her clothes back on was a mistake, you should have made her go nude around the house from that point on

What would be the point in that? Plus, from what I have read, the girl has a younger brother.

the point is to use nudity to control her a little and the more people that see her nude the better!

Don't you understand that once you've been seen bare bottomed or nude for a spanking that image can't just be erased from the viewer's mind? You are still, in effect, being punished by the embarrassment and shame years later. It's humiliating.

which is why she should be nude all the time, nudist pre-teen and teen girls will be more well behaved to begin with and there is no embarrassment or shame once nudity is natural which she should adjust to in a few days


They should have made her spread her legs in front of everyone after her spanking! And yes, next time they need others watching her humiliation

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she was a smart alec and deserved it - It is interesting - as you started her over the knee - you decided you wanted her completely naked - as a full measure of shame - as her father watched. Very developed age for age.. well done.. I hope you felt the power and control

If is so hot why dont you have it done to you an d not for fun and see if uts that good aand any one that does this is jus to weird and out of CONTROLL.
The child needed love and the right things done years ago and not harsh like this so if it was me i have them arested and put awy for good see if they like the shoe for a change aand prison should do this to them to show how it feels wow sick people.

Invite people over next time and parade her around nude. Having others there to witness is the next step if she continues misbehaving

Do you have any idea how shameful that is?

Just in case this is true, honestly, she's going to get to hate you guts, and once she's 18/21, she's gonna be able to do whatever she wants, so if you'll ever need help from her and she'll just flip you off and leave, your extremely bad parenting was the reason.

Number one remember she is your child you wanted her and to take braw off to let it all hang for dad to see wow your all sick if it had been me i would of call the cops on you and see what fines or in prisonment felt liketo you or a good *** beating for talking back to your officer is like naked.
First get real you should of spanked her when she was little to be taught better but no you wait till she is a grown up nearly and rip her pride and any honer she has from her thats not a parent and you to have lost your minds wow get real people a child is a gift from god and we need to raise them in love and respect and as well oh boy wait till your old and you need her help i hope she strips you both nude and beats the tar out of ya and she say how does it feel you to.
Grow up if you want to be respected then show it with loving kindness and dont abouse the kids wow sick if you ask me she should run away an dnever lay eyes on you to again poor kid.:(

I agree that was not a spanking that was a beatting and when do you rip a brad off to spank the butt? sick and or your sex crazed and weird wow you to need to go see a sex shink cause your both nuts and deserve to have her taken away if it was me i would of called the police on you to and let them see the marks on me and i just bet it was not on her but but every where because if its a butt spanking no need to rip braw off what parent in there right mind would do that to there child so you to need help and the guys in white to keep you away fro her no wonder she gets bad grades look who she lives with >>> doctor jeckel and mr hide grose you to are so sick wow.

You did the correct thing in spanking your daughter. I spanked our daughter till she was 16, and like you, I had her get naked... she had to undress herself in front of me while I continued to council her on her errors. I would not let her cover herself in any way. Embarrassment and humility do wonders. I did use my hand, and I made sure her butt was red, using even numbers of hard slaps on each cheek. then, into the corner, and she was not allowed to rub her butt. When I felt it was time, I allowed her to leave the corner, but not until I held her and gave her a hug and a kiss, and she picked up her clothes. Didn't have to do it often, but when I did, it was effective.

Why do you feel full nudity is needed to spank your daughters (as you noted in another post, all the way up until one was 18)? What did you feel the purpose was of forcing them to expose their breasts to you and make them remain naked for the evening?

There you stated you ''wanted to humiliate them for doing something that was against the rules, and having to ***** naked to receive a spanking really got their attention.''

From my own experiences I can't deny such spankings are an ''effective'' way to cause embarrassment, humility and humiliation. But why couldn't a spanking over their clothed bottom be an effective punishment?

Nothing else leaves am impact like nudity does. teenage girls need caring dad's like him. Next time he should make her spread her legs. Now that would leave an impact

If that was me i would of called the cops on you and had you areasted as well as tell themn all my dad did to me oh the shame and will you think how grand that would be no i hope not.
Children is a blessing from the lord and we need to raise them in love and treat them with the same kindness we wish to be given to us any parent that strips or makes a teen ***** is sick thats how kids get rapped by there dads or moms sick sick people the good lord gave a but to spank when needed so get it right.
How would you feel if you were caught speeding and the offier made you ***** and beat you for doing that and then make you hug the speed sygn to make sure you get it see turn on the other foot looks so lame well so does this beatting your kids naked.

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect I sure hope she reports sexual abuse. It is lawful in this state to spank, but it is against the law to force anyone and this includes teenagers against their will. She goes to school and tells school officials cps and police will be at your door. I know my niease is a state trooper, and family friend is circuit judge.

the smart thing to do is threaten them with the harshest legal punishment you can think and propose the idea of nudity and corpral punishment as an alternitive

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three is nothing wrong in spanking any child naked boy girl an by there father or mother
they need it an they shall get it reguardless great job

Great job wow glad your not my parent what about love and happyness peace and joy in the home or let me guess there is none and so stripping your child of all its pride and clothes makes you mommy or daddy of the year think again >>> KIDS IF THIS HAPPENDS TO YOU REPORT TO CHILD ABOUSE CENTERS AND THE COPS ITS NOT RIGHT IN THERE EYES OR THE LORDS AND NOT MINE EITHER .

Yes you teached her a good lesson. She will not be backtalking you any time soon. Hope her grades and behavior emproves.

How has her behavior been since you laid down the law. It's unfortunate that you wiated so long. I would never have even dreamed of speaking to my mother like that.

Well done.. she probably needed more..

You should have given her a thong extreme wedgie and put an egg up her a$$

And what sick kick are you getting from this do you want an egg put up yours you could hurt her and need surgery but i bet you never throught of this oh doctor she was jus t trying to see what one felt like wrong people that are sick like this should lose there kids really yuour all grose that think like this poor kids in your care.

Yeah like i fall for this

Not buying this one. But it's a good story to use as an illustration of sadistic parenting.

Sadly, some parents DO believe in humiliating punishments for their kids.

A bare bottom spanking in front of family or friends is horrible embarrassing and shameful, but sadly it's nothing in comparison to what really is ''sadistic parenting."

In some cases may be legally abusive - but hardly ever if it's a hand-spanking and there's nothing sexually abusive about it. Using an implement, such as a belt or paddle, or causing welting, can bring about charges of physical abuse. Unless of course that welting, bruising or bleeding is caused by a paddling from school officials and thereby perfectly legal. (I know, outrageous, but true.)

But how about the mom and boyfriend who made a 12-year old girl in Fridley, MN walk around the neighborhood picking up trash wearing just a diaper - as reported all over the news?

I think shaving her head was even worse than having nearly 100 people see her in just diapers.

But even more sad was that apparently only two people acted as human beings and did anything to help the girl.

I agree this is very sad, if it really happened. Humans are capable of just about anything we can imagine. Knowing a little history should convince anyone of that. Sadism is enjoying the infliction of pain, physical or emotional, and that's the story presented here. The reason I'm not simply buying this experience as fact is that it's a lot easier to make up a sadistic fantasy for our entertainment than it is for two parents to actually subject their child to such callous treatment and then brag about it online.

Oh, please! You have a moron blowing away his daughter's computer with a shotgun and posting it on YouTube and seems like most people think it's funny.

You have a mom forcing her daughter to post a Facebook pic saying she's being punished for drinking.

Another mom punishing her daughter, forcing her to use her own account to humiliate herself:

You have other parents making kids stand on the sidewalk with signs saying they've done this or that and are now being punished. The net is full of news stories.

I see no reason to believe that these two a$$h---s in Minnesota wouldn't have written up a story about how they punished their daughter and bragged about it online.

I disagree with the punishment strictjanet68 inflicted on her daughter even though I understand she has the right to spank her, even bare-bottomed. It had to be extremely embarrassing for the girl.

But even more embarrassing for the girl would be if her mom let her daughter's friends know about it. For all we know that might be part of the punishment. Imagine the shame she'd feel if her friends knew she got spanked that way. And posting the story might have been a means to make the girl behave or do better in school, the threat being if she doesn't behave, the story would be told to her friends at school. I would hope that's not the case and that Janet is merely discussing her daughter's punishment.

But to say that parents don't brag about how the embarrassed or punish their kids is simply a fallacy.

Yes, it would be a fallacy to say that parents don't do whatever... I thought I made that clear. I said that just because someone posts a story like this here doesn't make it true. It's easy to make this stuff up. Do you take everything you read here as gospel? Checking strictjanet68's profile, I see that this person has joined many groups like this and enjoys fantasies involving humiliation. I read the story, and I felt it lacked authenticity. That's my feeling, but maybe their children are really being treated like this. There's zero actual evidence for it. Without any such evidence, I'll hold out the hope it's just fantasy.

I think the vast majority of people would agree that there would be something wrong with a teenage girl who WOULDN'T BE HUMILIATED being spanked on her bare bottom by her father or stepfather.

Therefore, your statement is really a disingenuous contradiction. It IS humiliating for a teenage girl to receive a bare bottom spanking from her father. Therefore, you really DO believe in humiliating punishments.

Parents who insist on spanking their children on their bare bottoms *****but only in private***** are likely to NOT want others (friends, neighbors, the kids' teachers, etc) to know they do so. Some instruct their children not to tell anyone. Some threaten their kids with a more severe punishment if they do mention their spankings to anyone. Others merely take advantage of their child's embarrassment and natural inclination to not want anyone to know they got punished.

Bottom line: if a parent is punishing their child in a way that they are afraid to let others see, then perhaps that's a good clue that the parent shouldn't be punishing them in that way to begin with!

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No need to ***** your 15 yr old naked to spank her, what? And the jokes at her expense is not right. :-(

What the **** is wrong with you, why the hell would you take off her bra let alone even her pants, and in front of her father. Shame on you you're a horrible parent, and if you think oh well now her grades will pick up, taking away her privileges would have worked just as well. I honestly don't think "Bitchy? You're the *****" warrants being physically & sexually abused and humiliated. I honestly hope this was just some sick joke and you're just a pervert on the internet making up stories... because if this is true YOU should be criminally charged for physical and sexual abuse. *Spit* horrible parent.

you are ******* disgusting

Aah it is always refreshing to read about small people who can't handle not being in complete control. Sometimes you have to look at the situation. Her grades were slipping and she was hanging with a bad crowd did you ever stop and think that your actions might be the cause of this. Children crave structure, children crave security and they want a relation ship with their parents. Kids generally act out when their needs aren't being met especially the situations where they appear to change so drastically. So instead of asking what is causing this am I not doing something you automatically assume that it's just because she isn't doing what you tell her. Did you ever think that maybe you aren't actually listening to her. I am not against physical discipline it just needs to be applied at intervals when you aren't sitting their anticipating it and redirecting the physical pain into a disdain for the parent doing it. It's not like spanking paired with this type of sexual humiliation is a form of libido redirection or anything, keep it up.Plus no girl has ever gone into stripping because her emotional needs weren't properly met by her parents. Hell I have never met a ******** who hasn't told a story almost identical to this. Mother of the year award!

Omg poor girl u and ur hubby r sick!!!!!
Y would u do tht to a lil girl and undnapping her bra and taking off her thong this should be privet and this is abuse!! Hope some one calls the cops on u

This Is what teenagers need when not behaving

My daughters are 20 and 17. They are great kids. My oldest daughter is about graduate from college and the youngest will begin college this year. My wife and I have spanked them both. As a parent I get a little sick of these arm chair wanna be experts who are against spanking. If you, as a parent, wish to NOT spank your child, so be it. All of us are allowed our right to free speech and the non spankers have that right. But to trash talk and try to, in the real world, violate my rights as a parent...that ****** me off. You did the right thing with your daughters and never allow any of these nay Sayers tell you different.

Maybe a girl deserves to get a caning on her bare bottom sometimes. <br />
<br />
But it´s wrong and no need to be completly naked in front of your father when you get spanked. It´s humiliating. <br />
<br />
I get caned like that too and my younger brother is watching me. It´s degrading.


Thanks for sharing Thanks for taking a firm hand with your daughter more parents need to do that. I bet she thought twice after that Please add me Glen

I´m getting aroused by the humiliation when I have to show myself naked and get belted till I whimper and I burst into tears. I'm humbled, but I am at the center of attention.

Before I get a belting, I always have to remove my clothes and my slip gets dragged down I feel humiliated but I also get aroused.

A father or stepfather (or mother/stepmother) has no legal right to demand an adult child ***** for a spanking - or even to spank them period (at least in the U.S.). Yes, they can be coerced to do that, but an adult child generally has the right to refuse to ***** or be spanked and if they are ******** or spanked against their will, the parent can and very likely WILL be convicted of battery or assault if the child files a criminal complaint. If the father also did this for his own sexual gratification, then sexual assault crimes could apply, too. HOWEVER, and this is a BIG however, many of us who suffered embarrassing exposure while being spanked and were UNDER 18 at the time were out of luck. We didn't have the same legal rights as an adult, not even to remain clothed. The only things standing in the way of our punishments from a legal standpoint were physical, sexual or mental abuse. You said you would get turned on by the 'power' of being able to command your daughter to ***** so you could see her naked. The law though does requires it to be for sexual gratification. If the reason you want her to ***** is merely to embarrass and shame and punish her, then in dealing with a child under 18, you could be considered to be acting legally. If you, like by stepdad did, merely enjoyed seeing me humiliated and didn't get sexual gratification from it, it would not meet the standard for sexual abuse. If the spankings you have me hurt but did not cause severe bruising or injury, it would not meet the threshold for physical abuse. And if there were no strong signs of clear emotional abuse either (humiliation, shame and embarrassment don't really meet that standard), guess what? I'd be out of luck - and was. If, however, you made me ***** naked so you could see me naked for the purposes of getting an erection that you then went off and *********** to, then you would be breaking the law. I'm not disagreeing with your premise that many fathers who punish their daughters in such a manner are indeed doing it for sexual gratification because they HAVE the power to do it. But I disagree that's it's for sexual gratification in all cases. It wasn't in mine. Although it would be nice to think a father or stepdad wouldn't do it period, since it IS legal for them to do so unless they cross a certain fine line, many will do it. But don't underestimate the reasons for doing so are often for pure humiliation and degradation (i.e. 'discipline' or 'lesson teaching' in their eyes).

Whatever is effective is what is done. The spanking worked because the daughter corrected her behavior.

I've already experienced how humiliating it is, to ***** completly naked in front of my father before I got the caning.<br />
It has been so degrading when you have to expose your boobs.

It´s wrong and no need to be completly naked in front of your father when you get spanked.

It´s humiliating.

she needed that an from the sonds of her she should of been spank way before that moment

girls i knew at school got spanked for less inc stained panties and a dirty bum but back chat and rudeness always got them a bigger whacking

Dare to Discipline. 1970'S book. Buy it Read it Do it. My Parents did.

Spanked @ Home means Naked & Bent over Hand swats work to warm it up,Spankings need to be Bare Bottom as this is Best way to get someones Attention & keep it. Second Brothers & Sisters seeing each other naked during Discipline is within reason. After Starter Swats Disciplineshould be Private,Heard yet not seen. Father may Spank their Sons & Daughters without worry? It not Sexual People??? If you have never seen a Naked body look @ your own then walk in on someone when their Naked. Its nbd...

beltspanked, so basically are you saying it was OK that my younger brother and his 12-year old playmate (a boy I regularly babysat) saw me essentially reduced to a crying, naked, jiggling spectacle when I was 16 by my stepdad? Can't you understand the humiliation and shame I felt? Why is it ''within reason''? I know my stepdad technically was within his legal rights to do what he did, but do you feel it was necessary?

He loved you. Yes being Spanked sometimes means being embarrassed. Helpful in teaching you to act proper. Sets example ? What to expect for misbehaving. My Dad Spanked our Bare butts very hard sometimes in front of others. Sorry if u don't understand. Parents who love their Children? Spank them.

@ I'mshy/Spanking a child because your Bigger makes you no better than a Bully. Spankings are Punishments reserved to teach lessons or correct wrongs done. I will Never encourage or Endorse Spankings for Any other reason. PS. My name is what it is because as a Child & Teen I was Spanked that way (Naked or Bare Bottomed)...

PS. Dads generally Spank Hard by hand may Paddle that butt or may use my namesake? BeltSpanked? All will cause FEAR EACH BUTT WILL ACHE AND TEARS AND BEGGING WILL HAPPEN. O U C H ... Belt Spanking minimum ? 25

You Spanked her outta love. Good for you that's the way Good Parents are Tag Team Partners,glad her Dad spanked her as well, sometimes a tender butt Changes attitudes?

Yeah she deserved to be punished but nudity is so ****** up. And what kind of mother are you making fun of your daughter while shes naked in front of your husband. I hope she reports you.

Oh go grow up better yet? Shut the hell up? If it really bugs you leave this group? You wont because Deep down you need the attention? Acting like your offended hypocrite.

Why don't you shut the **** up ******* I'm not a hypocrite and I'm not offended but no where on this group title does it say anything about nudity, dumbass

i had spank my daughter many times in her teen years but bare bottom <br />
her mom spanks her naked even when i was theree it was humilating for my daughter but that is all part of her punishment

You ''had'' to spank your teenage daughter's bare bottom? Why is that? Did that crazy judge in Texas order you to do it? OK. And maybe you can tell me why you think making your teenage daughter bare her most intimate areas before you was necessary? Why do you believe humiliation has to be part of her punishment? Do you feel my stepdad was justified in humiliating me? (I know he had a legal right to do what he did. I'm asking if you think humiliating me naked like your daughter was was a necessary part of my punishment).

i spank her al the time bare bottom thsi was just one of those times i do not bare her bottom wth her faceine me the panteis come down over my knees then they come down
i guess having hem pull down embrassing no matter but that is the way it is
sorry for the way you got it it must of been very humilating an i dont htink that you hould of got spank bare or not in front of all those people an they shudl not of watch yo uge *** either

Why are you here in this group if your so offended? Omg bare bottom spanking gets message across? Duh

I think your daughter deserved all of the spanking especially the paddling padt

Your daughter is very lucky, Ma'am.

OMG!<br />
<br />
Janet, first of all I'm not excusing your daughter for the disrespect she showed you.<br />
<br />
* But was it really necessary to totally humiliate her?<br />
<br />
* Did you have to allow her father to see her completely naked? Does he ever spank her bare bottom as well and if not, why not? Although I hope he doesn't, it would hardly be any more humiliating after what you described.<br />
<br />
* You said you also have a son. How old is he? Would you have at least allowed your daughter to retain some shred of dignity if he was present?<br />
<br />
* Was it necessary to add to her degradation by making fun of her as she stood there naked and crying? What kind of 'jokes'?<br />
<br />
* An hour of naked corner time? What would have happened if guests had stopped by?<br />
<br />
* Unless she told them of her punishment and embarrassment, how would her schoolmates know? Can't you imagine how embarrassing it would be for her at school?<br />
<br />
My mom never spanked me. Although I'm not sure she wouldn't have if I called her a ''*****.'' But I can't imagine her ever humiliating me like that.<br />
<br />
My stepdad, on the other hand, did exactly that. Complete mortification!<br />
<br />
It also involved a thong - a thong g-string tie bikini he caught me in after I had tried it on to show my mom. (And btw my mom was OK with it - the bikini that is, not the spanking I got.)<br />
<br />
This happened back in 2002; I was 16 at the time.<br />
<br />
As I stood wearing the bikini, my mom and I starting talking in the kitchen and didn't realize my stepdad, my younger brother Matt (who had just graduated 8th grade) and his 12-year old playmate Vaughn (a boy I regularly babysat, his mom being a good friend of my mom's) had returned.<br />
<br />
As I thought my mom left out the back door to the driveway, (thank God she later came back in to use the bathroom and get something), I heading out from the kitchen to go upstairs to change out of the bikini. That's when my stepdad saw me. That alone was embarrassing, Matt and Vaughn giggling when I blushed.<br />
<br />
My stepdad, however, was furious with me. He started yelling at me, ''What the f--- are you wearing?''<br />
<br />
I told him as matter-of-factly, it was a new thong bikini I had bought to wear to the beach the following weekend.<br />
<br />
He said, ''Like hell you will" and proceeded to order me to get upstairs and change. I told him, yes, I was going to change, but that's what I would be wearing to the beach. He said no "STEPdaughter" of his was going to be walking around looking like a two-bit ********. I lashed right back, saying no "STEPfather" of mine was going to tell me how I could dress. And it basically got worse from there. We continued arguing and shouting at each other and then he grabbed me and put me over his knee, saying by the time he was done I ''wouldn't want any guys looking at my bare ***.''<br />
<br />
I can still visualize my brother's face, smirking, as I struggled over my stepdad's lap, basically trying to let myself fall off his lap to avoid the spanking, when his first hard slap hit more of my thigh than my butt and I did indeed almost fell off his lap.<br />
<br />
Pulling me up again, he then untied my string bikini bottoms and pulled down the back portion of it, out of my butt crack and down below my bottom. Out of fear if I fell off his lap, my bottoms would fall off completely, I changed strategies.<br />
<br />
Instead, I reached around my back with both my hands, interfering with his attempts to spank me. He kept ordering me to put down my hands, but I refused. He grabbed my right hand with his and held it behind my back. So I kicked up my feet as he continued to spank me. Then he yelled that if I kept insisting on trying to block his slaps with my left arm and hand, he'd give them something to do.<br />
<br />
So, without warning, he yanked hard on the string of my bikini top, undoing it. As it fell to the floor, my brother's friend Vaughn giggled at my exposure. I gasped and then pulled my left arm back from behind me, trying to cover my exposed breasts as best I could, my right arm still being held behind my back.<br />
<br />
He then placed his left leg over mine, holding then down. Resigning myself to the inevitable, I then winced in pain as one hard slap after another crashed down on my bare bottom. I was soon crying, begging him to stop to no avail and only the unexpected intervention of my mom, who thankfully heard me crying when she had come back into the house, avoided a much more prolonged spanking. Still, my butt was really stinging from his repeated slaps.<br />
<br />
My mom and stepdad started arguing, her telling him to stop spanking. He responded that I was disrespectful and nothing but a "spoiled brat" and he didn't want me going to the beach looking like a "****" and embarrassing him. I was still over his lap as they argued for another minute or so, though he had stopped swatting me.<br />
<br />
Then he slapped me one more time on my bare bottom, one that really stung, and then he let go of my right arm, warning me if I ever wore that "slutty outfit" again, he'd finish what he started. (yes, unfortunately, he was a man of his word the following weekend.)<br />
<br />
My mom filed for divorce not long after, the spankings I was now starting to receive basically becoming the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.<br />
<br />
I was even spanked during mandatory visitations (until the jackass finally shot himself in the foot when the mediator - walking back down the hallway - caught him slapping me across the face, causing my lip to bleed slightly over something I had said to him during a mediation session).<br />
<br />
But after my stepdad reduced me to essentially a naked, jiggling spectacle multiple times in front of others that was it. He become deader than the dinosaurs as far as I'm concerned and I have not spoken to him since that day at the court when I said I sometimes cried myself to sleep and wondered why the drunk driver couldn't have killed my stepdad instead of my real dad.<br />
<br />
Only time will tell if your relationship with your daughter will weather the humiliation you inflicted on her. And I hope she doesn't act in a similar manner to her children one day.<br />
<br />
Again, I'm not saying she was right for how she acted. And surely there is a better way of dealing with poor grades (grounding? taking away privileges? was anything else tried?)<br />
<br />
I'm not even saying she shouldn't have been spanked.<br />
<br />
But I just don't understand why you and some other parents think it is necessary for a father or stepfather to see and/or to spank their teenage daughter/step-daughter as she is half-naked or totally naked.<br />
<br />
Why is naked corner-time necessary?<br />
<br />
I can't deny that my stepdad was acting within his legal parental rights - baring my bottom and humiliating me, even though I was 16 - with the spankings he gave me. Even him removing my bra -- to increase the humiliation and shame of my punishment and essentially reduce me to a naked, jiggling spectacle in front of those present -- was also within his parental rights, since it was not done for his sexual gratification but as a punitive, disciplinary action.<br />
<br />
But just because you and my stepdad may have acted within the law doesn't make it right.<br />
<br />
So please re-consider your stance if your daughter is still at home and subject to being disciplined.<br />
<br />
And I wish you or some of the other pro-spanking parents out there could really explain why they feel that nudity in front of their father/stepfather and/or brothers and/or house guests must be part of their teenage daughter's punishment.

If your daughters truly aren't embarrassed by their dad seeing them bottomless and spanking them and you honestly feel there is nothing wrong with it either, then clearly there is absolutely no reason in the world at all why all their friends and classmates at school shouldn't know it either. Do please let us know how it turns out and what their classmates' reaction was after you tell them all, as your daughters stand silently nearby.

Wow, thats just messed up... and terribly inappropriate for him to have untied your top or bottoms for that matter especially concidering your age. I think a dad spanking his daughters is okay, after all its discipline, and my boyfriend agrees, but at a certain age spanking is just inappropriate. And as far as striping a child of any age naked is wrong no matter whose doing it and whose present to witness it. theres a difference between bare bottom spanking and stripping clothes off... thats a lude act on a child.

Well said. I used to think all the accounts of CP involving stripping a girl or boy completely were obvious fakes---some sick fantasy. I've now decided that it must go on to some degree, and I oppose it. IT's not my place to tell others how to discipline their kids (unless they are brutal--then ANYONE should step in). But removing all clothing just serves no purpose. I know--I can hear it already--"it's the humiliation factor." Well, I know plenty of girls who were spanked by both parents, and I'm sure they were embarrassed sufficiently simply by having to submit to a spanking in their teen years. Going over a knee or bending over the bed (the 2 most often examples I've heard) was humiliating enough, thank you very much, and if they'd been naked, it would have risen to a feeling of abuse, which I would have agreed it was. And to have them displayed that way in front of others? That's just over the top.
Yep---I'm sure I won't convince some diehards, and that's okay. I learn something new every day. But it's sad that a simple, good, hard spanking isn't enough to correct an attitude---seems that some people just have to add some "flair" to it. To each his/her own.

Hi, Reggiefane. I know that my stepdad had a legal right to spank me, even bare. However, that doesn't make it right. Obviously it would have been far less humiliating if my mom spanked me instead. I'm not saying that parents shouldn't spank, though hopefully when I'm a mom someday I won't spank. But I do think many parents take it too far, with the humiliation aspect of it being more of a punishment than the actually spanking. Of course just being spanked is humiliating, being bared for it even more so. But I think 'ritualizing' the punishment, i.e. making it a family event for everyone to watch after dinner certainly borders on the line of mental abuse at least. I also think there shouldn't be anything secret about it, such as ordering the child who was spanked not to discuss it with their friends. That could, not necessarily, just 'could' indicate that the parent feels he/she might be taking the spankings too far as to border on the line of abusive. If a parent is comfortable spanking their child then they should be comfortable discussing it with relatives, the child's friends and their parents, etc. And if a spanking at home is warranted, it need not be in private. Yes, as I know first-hand, being spanked - especially bare - in front of others is far more humiliating than in private, but depending on the parent, a private spanking could be more abusive or eventually lead to abuse, particularly if it is the father/step-father doing the spanking of a girl. I do wish more parents would try non-spanking punishment methods. But many just feel it's OK because it's the way they were brought up.

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She would have had her mouth washed out with soap first and then spanked. She would have never been that disrespectful. Even if she thought you were being a "b" she should have never said it. When I grew up, you never even thought of saying that to someone especially an adult. She got what she deserved.

Ur story sounds jis like wat I did too my mom.. Jis she neva spanked mee she would always try too ground mee bit tha neva worked either id walk out thee door... bit later I felt bad so wen I was koo down I sed sorry... Idk if tha makes things better bit I sed sorry!!

She deserved the spanking she got. She should have never gotten surly with you and called you a *****. You had given her chances but sometimes talking to the head doesn't work. Sometimes you have to talk directly to the *** to get through. I'm glad you set her straight.

Yes, I agree. She was humiliated.

Well done! Exactly what your daughter needed. When your hubby was paddling her bottom, was she still bent over your knee? How long ago was this? How old is she now? Do you still give her naked spankings? Ever spanked her in front of anyone else?

....My husband didn't spank her....this was last year. She's 16. Yes. Yes.