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My eldest daughter is in her bedroom sulking b/c she has just got her bare bottom spanked,again. Of all the things my daughters could do i regard lying as one of the worst. For weeks i've been dropping her off at her friends in town thinking from there they were going to Netball practise.The first time i took her to her friends they did actually go to practise as i spoke to the other girls Mother who was taking them there.Unbeknown to me that was the first & last time they went. According to the story i got from Catriona they had decided that Netball wasn't 'cool' so they told the teacher it wasn't their thing & to let someone else take their place.They didn't ever have any intentions of staying in the Netball team it was just a way of getting out in the evening to hang around the town.Don't get me wrong i have no objections in letting my girls go out,as long as i know where they are,who they are with & they are home on time.More often than not i will pick them up from one of their clubs. I don't however like them hanging around the town,we live in a tourist town & there are an awful lot of pubs,Catriona is 13 & i think its way too young to be running around the town with a large gang of girls & boys,many of which are older. Anyway the crafty little madam had taken a few changes of clothes to her friends,was changing there then the pair of them would get a lift from her friends Mum & hang around the town with other friends.I probably would've been completely in the dark for i don't know how long if it wasn't for her Dad being on a call out in town.He saw her & the friends running & screaming down the main street with Catriona being the one egging everyone else on.She didn't see her Dad & i was gob smacked when i got a call from him asking why i was letting her run amok in town!!!!! He explained what he had seen & i immediately phoned Catrionas mobile. She did answer as shes been warned not to turn it off when shes out & if she sees its me,her Dad or her sister calling she must answer. When she picked up i remained calm & said i needed her to leave practise & i would come & collect her as i had been called into work as an emergency,she huffed & puffed a bit but said she would be waiting outside the school for me. I'll give it to her shes a pretty good liar,much better than i was at her age,she had it all worked out that b/c her Netball kit wasn't dirty she changed into her normal clothes which she took with her. I waited until we got home before i confronted her,asking how the practise was going & if she liked it,did she think that she would make the team etc,oh boy the lies just kept rolling out her mouth. After 5 minutes of her telling me how wonderful Netball was i had had enough i told her if it was that good why the hell was she seen running like a lunatic up the main street.Again she lied saying it wasn't her,i told her it was her Dad who had seen her & he phoned me,she looked down,something she does when shes been caught out.I told her that i better hear the truth as to what was going on otherwise not only would she be getting spanked by me but also her Dad in the morning.I got the whole story. I told her as she had continually lied she would be getting smacked with the hairbrush,she started to protest & whine apologising,she always does this as a delaying tactic.I told her to go get the brush then go to her room & get ready for me.She stomped off,i gave it 10 minutes then went to her room,she had done as i asked & had got the brush & was sitting on her bed in just her jumper & panties. I asked her why she was getting smacked,she told be b/c she had lied.I pulled her across my lap,securing her legs with mine as she kicks like mad & i lowered her panties,that started her crying. I then gave her 20 slaps with my hand before i started with the hairbrush. Within 30 seconds she was howling,i payed a good bit of attention to her sit spots,finally after 3 minutes or so she stopped fighting,i finished off with 5 very hard smacks to each cheek before i finished up. I then made her stand in the corner for 15 minutes,when done i went & hugged her & told her she was forgiven but not to pull another stunt like that. As i said shes still in her room,she tends to sulk a good bit now after being spanked,which is fine,i was the same at her age.By tomorrow she will be back to her usual self,hopefully without the lying.
smackedboarder smackedboarder 41-45, F 29 Responses Mar 15, 2012

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How old is she?

Im the oldest daughter and get spank most with dad. When im 10 years old i lied with my step mom. What i get is a few slapping at my face and my step mom take red chillies and force it to my mouth and force me to eat it.

you are a sick, sick woman

Thank you for whipping her... lying is unacceptable.....youre a wonderful mom.spanking should be two fold. Pain and it is a must to take of the pants completely.....they must walk to you and bend over....because submission is good.from ages of 5-18. If one parent spanks the other parent should me....if a teen boy or girl knows both parents will see their genitals.....they wont be so keen to be bad.nothing wrong in placing them in the corner completely naked. It works.

I do not understand about the two punishments of being spanked and corner time. I got one or the other I never got both. corner time is a time out and spanking is used for separate offenses.

I am not accusing anyone of anything bad, this is just my opinion. I am in favor of spanking children. I am a christian. I believe Gods word tells us to spank our children. I do have a daughter who is now grown of course. With my daughter, I only spanked her 3 times in her life. The last time I spanked her was when she was 10yrs old. I spanked her with clothing on, not off. I do not believe in spanking a child in the nude. When I was a kid, my dad spanked me with a belt with clothing on, never off and yes it hurt bad. I learned my lesson from the spankings. All spankings where over by time I was a teenager. Punishment when I was teenager was grounding and removel of privilages. My daughter was done the same as I was when she was a teenager. My daughter when going through puberty was very modest, and I respected her modesty. I do not believe in dads forcing their daughters to take their clothing off to spanker them, as well as mothers forcing their teenage boys to be naked for spankings as well. I believe it to be morally wrong, for opisote gender parent to see them naked unless their is physical or health related problems. I have a real loving relationship with my daughter and son in law now. If I would have forced her naked for spankings especially when she was a teenager, it probably would have ruined our relationship when she reached adult hood. I am very respectful of girls and women, and I would never violate or abuse them. Me personally, I was abused physically and sexually by my mother as a child until I was 13yrs old. I still have bad memories of it to this day, and I never wanted to repeat that with my daughter. I had no relationship with my mother after the age of 13, I only seen her once when I was 23 and that was it. I did attend her funeral in 1995. My mother was not allowed to see her granddaughter from me. Again, I am not judging the parent who did this to their daughter. To each one in their own home that is their busniss. But, I do believe that if this stripping or forcing teens naked by parents could open up for sexual abuse by parents or others in family where others are allowed to spank children like this. Again, I am not judging parents here, but this is my opinion. Please, excuse grammer and spelling? thanks

The only reason I support spanking on the bare is it's easier to gauge how hard you are spanking and the damage if any to the buttocks. I'm a Christian to and I believe you can spank bare without humiliating the child.


Thank you for sharing that expereince. I think you handled it very well. An extended spanking is more effective than a flurry of hard smacks.

how old was Catriona?

I was pleased to read your story again about Catriona because I was thinking about her quite recently and I orginally commented in September. Having 9 granddaughters at a time when spanking is no longer the norm causes me to often worry about them. You may recall I suggested you should try the cane, I got my first caning when I was nearly 13 and the last one (as a child) when I was nearly 19. It did not happen very often because it hurt like hell so I just behaved well for virtually all my teenage/boyhood years (a case of damage limitation!)

I may have mentioned before that I think it is important both parents are always involved, children are cunning and will often try to create a rift between parents if, by so doing, they can avoid getting a sore bottom..

I think too that if you use a cane it must not only always just be on the bottom (preferably bare) but also never on a cold one because that is too cruel. For me my mother usually gave me a good hard smacking on my bare bottom (which certainly warmed it up!). and then my father caned me.

However as he was often away on business it was my Mother who not only gave me my first spanking and caning but she also gave me the last just after my 19th birthday. As I think about it now I remember that the embarrassment of being put across my Mother's knee (I was nearly a foot taller than her) to get my bare bottom smacked when I was 16/17/18 and 19 years of age was almost as bad as the caning itself and therefore an equally effective deterrent to bad behavuour.

I vaguely think that we have also had a previous email contact on .

How is Catriona behaving now and how recently has she acquired a sore bottom from either you or her Father?


From personal experience I found that paddling an difficult older daughter longer is better than paddling her harder harder.

If I were going to use a hairbrush on my daughter, I would start with the hairbrush and keep going. The first lick should tell her that Mom means business. If a girl knows how many she is going to get or how long the paddling will last, she can strategist in her mind. On the other hand, if my applies the hairbrush randomly, causing some genuine pain, until she thinks the daughter has learned her lesson, then the paddling is more likely to be effective, and not as likely to have to be repeated in the near future.

By the end of a good paddling, the daughter should be crying and so compliant that she stops crying instantly when told to do so by her mother.

Why do 30 (or whatever) if 15 is sufficient? Most moms aren't ogresses. They simply want their daughter to behave. Paddling is about the daughter rather than the mom. When paddling becomes about the mom, then it become abusive.

When my parents spanked me it was between 2 to 3 times my age. for more serious offense it was three times my age. for less serious it was 2 times my age

Thank you.

You did the right thing,you have to spank her if she's misbehaved until she really2 behaved..

Do you finger her through her panties.

I have written 2 or 3 times about Catriona's bad behaviour and I am sure her mum's action is absolutely right. Of course it is difficult for a parent to intentionally hurt one of their children, usually they will do anythung to stop them being hurt and sadly this could be why many parents just do not bother. Corporal punishment can never put right bad behaviour which has already happened but I know, from personal expereince, it is a very effective deterrent to that behaviour being frequently repeated.. As a little boy I hated being put across my mother's knee, having my trousers and knickers pulled down and getting my bare bottom soundly smacked and when a little older getting caned so therefore I usually behaved well, respected authority and I think most adults liked me.<br />
<br />
Reading some of my previous contributions I notice that I failed to mention one vitally important matter and that is the "target" area. It makes no difference whether we are talking about a bare bottom hand spanking, the hairbrush or the cane (my preferred instrument) it must never, never be inflicted anywhere other than on the bottom (preferably bare because it is more humiliating and it is essential that you can see what is happening - particularly important when using a cane).<br />
<br />
I get worried when reading of children getting caned on their hands, this is dangerous, there are many small bones in the hands!<br />
<br />
I still think the cane is the most effective implement to use, it is quick, hurts like hell for a short time and should leave some marks which take 2 or 3 days to fade and until they do they act as a reminder to the miscreant as to what will happen if they behave badly again. Nowadays it is so easy to get canes of different lenghths and thicknesses. For punishing a little 12 year boy or girl you will only need a short thin cane and it is most important to "upgrade" the cane as they grow older. Having said that though it usually is good to continue with a bare bottom smacking across the knee, very humiliating and therefore a deterrent in itself. I got my first bare bottom spanking across my mother's knee when I was 6 years old and my last one just after my19th birthday.<br />
<br />
2 other thoughts occur to me, Corporal Punishment must be administered firmly but with compassion, never cane on a cold bottom. I have never done this, even when I was the headmaster of a co-ed boarding school. I always warmed the boy's bottoms up first with a thin light cane and I insisted that Matron did exactly the same with the girls<br />
<br />
A final thought, do not get taken in by the theory that Corporal Punishment is just for boys and some other form of punishment should be devised for girls. There is no practical difference between a 14 year old girl' bottom and her brother's of the same age!<br />
<br />
I confess I am appalled by the behaviour of teenagers waiting to get on a bus after school, they show no respect for adults, mums with babies, older people. I am absolutely sure that if they knew that behaving badly in school uniform on their way home would mean they would get "6 of the best" next morning at school they simply would not behave badly, all a matter of "damage limitation"!<br />
<br />
Sorry about this - 2 final thoughts, always ensure that the child knows exactly why they are being punished and never administer Corporal Punishment when you are angry. In family situations punishment must be carried out by both parents, maybe one smacking and the other one caning, usually it is good for these roles to be reversed from time to time.<br />
<br />
After the punishment is finished you must hug your child and either dad or mum stay with them until they fall asleep. Often it is a good idea to check the "target area" next morning.

To all those who are against spanking. If more parents would do as this mother did to her child, maybe then kids would learn respect for other people. I see nothing wrong with using a hairbrush or belt on the bare butt. You can give a good spanking on the bare and it not be abuse. More parent need to practice this method.

Like my daddy did with me.He spanked me every evneng before i go to sleep and he said its discipline.Even when i had my periode my daddy spanked me wihout my underwear.I am thankfull to him !!!! Every wommen need discipline !


If you don't like the fact i spank my kids don't read the stories,simple really,now you're blocked!

I agree with you smackedboarder, spanking kids is not an abuse and authority gives permission on some districts in US,SICKOS for you..wowomg1!!:P

omg your sick you need help and your child taken away seriously

My lying gets me to the cane let alone the brush!

Good afternoon,<br />
<br />
I hope you found the message I sent on June 16th to be helpful.<br />
<br />
Having 1 daughter and 9 granddaughters has meant that Catriona has been much on my mind. She certainly is a right little minx, I guess that if I was her Father I would be worried at what she might do when she is 16 or so.<br />
<br />
As a yougnster I was fairly well behaved because if I behaved badly from the age of 12 upwards I got caned on my bare bottom. Up until 12 I got my bottom soundly smacked and indeed I got my last bare bottom smacking from my mum when I was 19 - very embarrassing!<br />
<br />
Nowadays kids are much older and have more temptations than in my youth but when I was 16 I really started behaving very badly and was in with a bad crowd. My parents have said that my behaviour started going from bad to worse from about 15 years of age. I got the odd caning (always 6 of the best on my bare bottom) but things reached a climax a few months before my 17th birthday. A series of things happened and this culminated in my getting 24 very hard strokes of the cane on my bare bottom in just 7 days! 6 were from my mother, 12 from my father and 6 from the Headmaster at school.<br />
<br />
I was really shaken and given the impetus to totally change my life. During the time of my worst behaviour I seemed to be getting caned every 2 or 3 weeks but after the "24 strokes" it all changed, I still sometimes got the cane but it was only every 2 or 3 months or so. My last caning at home was when I was 19, strangely enough it was from Mum (who always caned harder than Dad).<br />
<br />
Catriona at 13 is probably effectively the same age as I was at 16 and I wonder if she needs a short sharp lesson before it is too late.<br />
<br />
I recommend the cane and I suggest it is kept on a hook on the back of her bedroom door where it is the first thing she sees when she gets up in the morning. You just cannot afford to be too lenient!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
Geoffrey<br />
<br />
P.S. my email address is - if I can help at all please contact me.

In the state of Minnesota their are laws and because of these law if you were to cane your child you would be charged with child abuse and put in jail.


Yes lying is very very serious. Spanking is a very good consequence for it.

Thanks for your honest report regarding your daughters, how old are they? I get very worried when parents "chicken out" from administering punishment and I am quite sure that in some cases they just cannot be bothered. One of my girlfriends never received Corporal Punishment from her parents and believed they were just not interested in her, she actually felt neglected, particularly as their form of punishment was to not speak to her for a week or so. She got her first ever spanking from me when she was 24 years old.<br />
<br />
I have tried out various alterrnatives to Corporal Punishment but nothing is as effective as knowing you will get a sore bottom if you behave badly. I was well behaved (except when I was about 16) and this was solely because I hated getting a sore bottom, just a case of "damage limitation"!<br />
<br />
I am just slightly concerned about 1 aspect of your story/report and that is you make very little mention of your Husband punishing his daughters. When I behaved badly I was always punished by both my parents so I never had the opportunity of playing one off against the other one - beware children are cunning and I know of a number of families where children exploited the fact that they were punished by just one parent. There is another aspect of this as well and I speak from personal experience, Corporal Punishment is even more effective when it is administered by a parent of the opposite sex because of the "embarrassment factor". Having my bare bottom smacked by my mother when I was 18 years of age was much worse than the same spanking I got from her when I was 8 years of age.<br />
<br />
I would like to add you as a friend and I hope my comments are of interest to you.<br />
<br />
Just one other small point, there can be misunderstandings in phraseology, for instance in the UK getting "spanked" simply means being put across someones knee, probably having you knickers pulled down and then getting your bottom hand smacked. However the cane and hairbrush are the same all over the world (in my opinion the cane is the most effective deterrent). We hardly ever use the phrase "being whipped" in the U.K. to us this is related to horses.<br />
<br />
I have written 2 srories regarding my own upbringing and I would be interested to have your comments on my comments!

What about sulking that lasts days, or even a week? I once knew someone who was rarely spanked. But on the rare occasions that she was, she would stay in her room for gours, and only come out to eat when her parents insisted. She ate, returned to her room, did homework. She even did what little chores she was assigned, but if Kaye had been spanked over the weekend, we knew the girl in the ivy covered house wouldn't be out much that week. I never dated Kaye, but we were friends and naturally, I asked her about it. But she never gave me a straight answer for why she holed up in her room for a week or more after she got a spanking, presumably when everyone else--even her own brother, would get over his in a matter of minutes.

my oldest girl did something like that a few months back.she "said" that she was going over a friends house for a sleepover. only to find her 5 miles away at some other girls party which the parents were not home. That was her third worst spanking she ever got. 18 licks at the girls party with a bare bottom with all the kids laghing the nugding untill i called their parents and told them about it. Neadless to say it was spank city at their house

My Mom was just like you and I was just like your daughter....Mom would know when I had done something contrary to what I had said I was doing and she'd give me the rope to hang myself with. She would let me tell my first lie and then keep asking questions as I dug my hole deeper and deeper. Then she'd spring the fact that she had found out I was doing something else and let me know how she knew and my heart would skip a beat and I'd think "Oh Crap!!!" Then things pretty much played out as they did with your daughter except I didn't have the hand was all brush then the corner :(

Very Glad you taught her a lesson! Im now 37 and wish sometimes somebody can SPANK ME SEVERE! With the RATTAN/CANE OR PADDLE when i tell small lies and swear!Maybe should visit you MAM!:-)

i Agree . My Mum Thrashed my bare bottom with a thick Leather strap for Smoking when i was Age15 . i never ever Smoked again . even at Age 63 i stil dont Smok . Thanks to my Mum being Strict when i was age15

My mom would have done the same exact thing. I think it is funny how moms on here are sooo much alike..but I guess us kids are kinda to. :)

All i can say is thank god u werent my mother i got away with loads when yiunger

Hopefully she will have learnt a lesson. Lying earned me a spanking when I was younger, and I did not make the same mistake again. I used to sulk after my spankings, I can understand why your daughter is sulking right now.

i Agree With Strict Parenting . youngsters need Discipline .

Thanks for the story.<br />