Spanking My Little Cowgirl

As I walked into Meggy’s bedroom and looked at Meggy standing in the corner hands on head. I can remember fighting back the urge to laugh, Meggy was such a sight, hands on head still wearing her cowboy hat, gun belt still slung around her hips, little brown skirt scarcely covering her knickers and wearing an enormous pair of leather boots.
Meggy was in trouble because she had tied another child to a tree and left her there. To be honest I was quite relieved at first when Joanne stopped running up to me every five minutes telling tales on the other children and deep down I thought Meggy’s solution to the problem was rather inventive.
However, justice had to be done. I tried ever so hard to be the stern father as I said “Meggy take off your gun belt, your hat and those boots and get over my knee.”
These events happened nearly 40 years ago. This story has been humorously retold by both my daughter Meggy and me many times.
Meggy liked to exaggerate, especially when her children were young, how hard I spanked her. I know that I could have spanked her a great deal harder than I did
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i had spank my girls till late teens
most of there spankings coming home late curfew and smelling like beer once my daughter came home late an drunk took her to her room undress her put her to bed i see you in morning i wanted her to know an feel the whipping she was going to get for coming home drunk

Can you please add me :)

Sweet story. Sounds like Joanne was more deserving than Meggy though. Perhaps the other children should have given Joanne what she undoubtedly needed!

Cute story!

When Meggy grew up and became a mommy herself did she ever take her own children over her knee and spank their naughty, bare, little fannies till they would kick their little legs, squirm, wiggle, and squeal?

Nice simple story, well told. I can see her standing there and I can read the love and affection for your daughter in between the lines... Loving parents sometimes have to punish their children. A spanking hurts, the pain is shortlived but long remembered. Letting misbehavior go unpunished is far worse than a spanking. Children learn from it and adjust their behavior,

my daughter had kick our male cousin in the balls for no reason he was crying out an in pain as they tend to him i took her to her room the boy was 7 an she was 8 march her upstairs what did you do that for i dont know make her take her pants down an sat on the bed pull her to me took her panties down as she was grabing them to keep them on an took paddle an gave her one good thrashing she was kicking crying screaming out an done left her pantes at ankles put her in corner then made her later come down in panties only an say she was sorry all could see her red blistered bottom

I am a tom boy ahd cowgirl as daddy has horses for us all and he has a small farm i often got spanked from him and my uncle sometime sin the barn with a crop reins a small whip or barber strap that was kept there always over my tight levis jeans but it still hurt and i cried a few times i went riding right after a spanking and that was awful mom spanked me as well to age 14 otk on panties or bare in my room belt paddle or her hand I have to admit i was often a brat but my lil butt sure paid for it

Must have hurt going riding after a whipping?

that must of hurt riding for sure lucky you did not get it bare btttom like my kids did all the time

You sound like me, Becky - I was a tomboy out of necessity because I had two younger brothers and I played with them and their friends often. But I was also a brat and Mom and I and the paddle on my bare bottom were all well acquainted. She switched to the hairbrush if we were going to be out somewhere. Everything was bare bottomed.

Your daughter (who sounds quite a bit older than me) must have been purely precious!!!!

Well, precious children always are hard work. I know I was!!!!

I tend to find as a boy or girl plays esp. Roleplaying model such as cowgirl or cowboy their behavior trends to become or emerg into naughtyness.<br />
<br />
My four darling kids have and still act out as they roleplay whether theres only one child or more. So, ... I have discovered a spanking resolves these little problems.<br />
<br />
Carla James

Yep. That was the way it was and should be. Step out of line and there were consequences.

I agree, it looks like she learned her lesson well. Even if it took a while to sink in.

Let's see, now parents can end up spending 20K on therapy, when good spanking when needed would be free and much more effective. I have concluded that every time our government does something that counters common sense--like banning corporal punishment--that there is a burgeoning 'industry' in the background that's angling to make money. I include: private prisons, the war on drugs, the war on terror, Obama-care, and our factless, brainless, and responsibility-free educational system. Great story.

That is true up to an extent. I was spanked quite often as a child and I ended up in inpatient heavy therapy for a few psychological disorders. I was spanked almost daily because I had separation anxiety(although it is passed on genetically and it wasn't my fault) because I got to the point of suicide since it was only caught a few years ago. So although I fully support a good spanking(I'm 17 now) there are plenty of situations where children need psychiatric evaluation early in life. Thank God I'm on medication now and better(:

I was not spanked for attempting suicide. I was for separation anxiety(going to school away from my mom). Attempting suicide and cutting is what put the red flag up for therapy. That was meant to be two sentences lol.

I understand what you are saying and I agree. Freud used the term 'ordinary unhappiness', which includes all the little things that cause children and teen (&amp; adults) to act in immature, whiny, and self-centered ways. Most children who act in these ways are actually comfortable with their parents and have enough confidence to test the boundaries, but that was not the case for you. You were acting out because you were afraid to be abandoned, so spanking you was like punishing you for loving your parents 'too much' and that must have been very confusing for you. All schools should do psychological screenings of their students every so many years, especially at the start of primary school and teachers should always let principals and parents know when a child is acting in an unhealthy and abnormal way. We don't need more technology in schools or at home; we need better relationships in families so that kids get loved when they need it and get spanked when they need it. I hope now you get both.