My Two Boys Are Still Spanked At 13 & 10 Bare Bottom

After a good bare bottom spanking our boys have to do bare coner time fro 30 minutes hands on head. It's really not so much about the spanking as it is about the embarassment. the longer they are bare and exposed the more aware they are about what is showing! and i don't mean their red bottom. Boys get just as embarassed as girls do when being bare and spanked. Most parents have seen the rise between their legs and keep spanking. after 30 minutes with their hands on their heads they go to their room for the eveing. but we all know what their doing in their rooms, it's no big secret what boys do!. The redder their bottom the more they lear. I chat a lot as Indycpljym on yahoo, hit me up if you still spank your boys bottoms!

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Do they like their spankings?

you are one sick sick sick puppy

I love the thought of a woman giving her boys a bare bottom spanking!

Anyone in the NYC/Northern Jersey area that wants to give me a spanking? I desperately need one.... Never spanked before....

yes i still spank my boys 13 and 15. they both know afterwards to behave. I even do the corner thing as well. and how you said you make them get bare on the bottom. My question to you is do you make them get all the way naked or just the but and put them over your knee or how do you do that?

As a father that does spank his kids, I find that sick that they are naked like that. There's no real point to doing so, they will grow up to hate you.

It's hard to tell how many of these responses are real. I have posted about a series of spankings I have gotten as an adult. My real life experience as a 10 year old boy included two spankings from two different women. One was a neighbor and the other an assistant principal. In the first case I was spanked on the bare with a hair brush and stood in the corner as described by some here. In the second case I was paddled through jeans black and blue and had trouble sitting for several days. These punishments were many years ago and there is no question that they had a huge negative impact on my life. Adults who think it justifiable to spank their kids after taking there pants down are seriously demented. The idea that it was done to them and that they are ok is ridiculous. If they were ok they wouldn't subject anyone to this kind of degradation.

I feel absolutly sickened reading the posts on this page! What goes on behind some peoples doors beggers belief!

Wow what an amazing thread, I found this by accident my kids are grown up and have left home, but often I visit a neigbour across the street who has two boys 7 and 10 and I have seen them both have their pants takencdown and slapped several times on the bottom really bare no corner time cause they then run out of the room, my friend dont mind who is there she always says can you just excuse me for a few minutes then she strips and wacks right in front of you,, you dont know where to look but Im quite used to it now

Elsie Whiteley

My only question is why do u leave it to your husband. My 12 yr old son is mostly a good boy, but that comes from my disiplining him and even at 12, pulling down his pants and putting him over my knee for a smack.
As a single mother I also use "little boy treatment" on him. I find this effective and Iknow how he is embarrassed by the way I dress him afterschool sometimes. I dont make him go outside dressed like this but if a girlfriend comes over, i make him play in plain veiw of her.
Last week I has reason to punish Robbie, after a smack i made him go up stairs for a bath, I followed and after washing his hair, I got him out and dryed him, treating him this way makes him understand that mommy is in charge and he is still a little boy, and indeed makes him feel more comfortable with the way I dress him.
I put a pair of underpants on him that would have been at home on any child from 5 to 7 boy or girl, a matching singlet and T shirt, he then stepped into a pair of yellow shortalls with a teddy bear print on the bib and suitable gathering around each leg, pulling the material together, making Robbie look more like a little girl then a 12 yr old boy. At first he pleads with me telling me he will be a good boy now, but he knows that should he undo the buttons on his bib it will result in another smack and the same again the next evening.
I love how he becomes, how he speaks so softly, calls me mommy, and after he has got used to the way he is dressed is happy to let me take him to do a wee like any little boy needing his mothers help. By 7.30 Robbie wants a cuddle in my lap and is ready to be undressed again and made ready for bed. I love that my 12 yr old son can be undressed like a little boy, and how if i put baby powder on him and rub over him lovingly he just smiles at me telling me how it tickles him.

Nice that you get a kick outa humiliating your own disgusting perso.

I disagree, as a nanny, you using regression discipline does work. It not only stops a boy from acting too old, but also makes him realize he is still a little boy. Now for those of you who are poo pooing her little girl treatment, there was an old treatmentment called petticoat discipline use primarily back in the 50's, and it was proven that those boys did not turn out gay, but very respectful to women

Then perhaps you should find a time machine, set it for 1953, and go live your life over there, you like it.

You sound like a great mom. I can tell you really love your son and he loves and respects you.

You actually admit to being PROUD of doing things that belong in the mind of a child molester. Is that how you get off?

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My three boy's are given an old fashion bare bottom spanking. I normally begin with an open hand warming up then quickly paddle them. Corner time is very effective plus having them remain bare,really works.<br />
<br />
Who else? Hand warms up boy's bare butts before paddling?<br />
Please, texts me.<br />
<br />
Carla James

How old are your boys Carla and have you spanked all three at one time before: How did they react to spankings?

My wife spanks my 12 year old son by putting him on her lap and taking his underpants down usually with cupped palms on the lower part of the buttocks which is the sit spot. It makes a nice walloping noise and I sit and enjoy the scene. After about 50-60 whacks on each buttock he is asked to stand in the corner with hands on his head to feel embarrased.

I have two stepsons 15 and almost 17 who I punish on a regular basis but when interviewing a new student for summer work I knew by his parents that he was often chastised by them. He agreed I could do the same if he mucked up his work.<br />
Well on his second day he was 15 minutes late so at lunch break I took him to the store room and told him to undress down to his socks and as he quickly acted I knew he was used to this which helps.I knew this well built 18 year old guy was going to take a lot more out of me than my own boys... as I looked at the well developed athletic young body awaiting his whipping. I had ensured he was secured his well spread legs and smooth rounded bottom pushed out. He was fully erect and waiting for the first crack of the belt. This was better than giving guys warnings and then firing them. I always give job preference to boys coming from a strict background as it makes my job much easier and enjoyable and carries on a tradition they have become accustomed to.

I thought that my bare bottom punishment days were behind me when I left school at age 16. However, I went to board / lodge with a tall professional lady when I was 18: ostensibly to be the man about the house. Some of her interview questions focused on whether or not I had experienced discipline from women while I was growing up. For the next six years I was escorted, at a minimum of twice a week, up to the old stable where I was secured to a hitching rail; my pants remove and the tail of my shirt was pegged to my collar and my bare bottom was thoroughly punished with a three standed whip. For years I questioned as to why I stayed so long until I learnt that a receipient subconsciously forms a close tight bond with the disciplinarian. However, I am still fascinated as to why some women cleary enjoy punishing boy's bare bottoms and I have never understood why. My be it is secret women's business.

yes I have also felt that some women do love to punish boys bare bottoms. My wife spanks my 12 year old son on his bare *** whenever he misbehaves &amp; plays naughty. My aunt punished me by pulling my pants down and whacking my bare *** with her hands while my nanny used a ping pong paddle to punish me.

I don't fully agree with you but as long as my two boys ***** quickly and take up the spanking position with butt raised and legs spread. I am happy.

Dirty b*****d

When I spanked my sons, I would ***** them completely first. By stripping them, not having them undress themself, it emphasized that THEY were no longer in control, I was, and they were about to be punished for their misdeed. After the spanking I always made them stand in the corner, hands on their head, fingers interlaced. I always made them face out toward the room. It added to the embarrasment, and made the spanking something they would not soon forget

I was spanked at home until 17 y/o... I was spanked by both dad and my uncle. I hated it growing up. My bottom was always bare and I had to do corner time before and sometimes after bare butt.

What part of USA are you from and did any females see you spanked? What age where you when you got the most spankings? Why would your un cle spank you and did you also see some cousins spanked?

We bare our son before we pull him over our lap for this reason. He is seven now and hates to have his bottom bared. If he misbehaves in front of company, then they will see him too. He tries to cover his little weewee but my husband pulls his hands away before he places him over his lap. My husband also spanks my 12 year old nephew this way, who has recently begun getting erections. They usually began the moment he is told he is going to get his pants pulled down and put over uncle's lap, as he is engorged when my husband takes his pants down. He carefully positions him on his lap and smacks his bottom, and sends him to the corner with his pants still down. He remains erects until he gets gets sent to bed. Needless to say, he normally doesn't misbehave at our house.

I do the same thing

This post made me cry you dirty bxxxxxds! That poor child..fxxxxxg peadophiles

I think, boy's ought to have time of reflection; directly afterwards of a bare bottom spanking whether with a hand,paddle, or belt.<br />
<br />
Keeping their bottoms' exposed helps them not to wish to repeat their behavior.<br />
<br />
I have two boys,and one girl. I keep their bottoms bare for a hour after spanking them

I think, boy's ought to have time of reflection; directly afterwards of a bare bottom spanking whether with a hand,paddle, or belt.<br />
<br />
Keeping their bottoms' exposed helps them not to wish to repeat their behavior.<br />
<br />
I have two boys,and one girl. I keep their bottoms bare for a hour after spanking them

I feel the humiliation and embarrassment of having your pants and underpants removed is very important aspect of the punishment. When a child is prepared in this way as mentioned before lets the child know they are no longer in control and when my mom would do this to me and put me over her knee I felt very safe and loved because I knew she loved me enough to correct my bad behavior.