My Son Is 15 And I Had To Spank Him Yesterday...on Father's Day Of All Days!

My son got a spanking for being very disrespectful my great aunt. My son and his cousins were over my mom’s house. They were told to quite down and stop rough housing or to go outside and play around. They told her okay, but didn’t listen. When asked again, he told her to shut up under his breath and go away. My father heard it and pulled my son up and brought him to me in the kitchen.

Now, my son is 15 and knows better then that, I raised him to be a lot more respectful than that. He looked like a dear caught in headlights. I asked him to tell me what he said and he just started saying sorry. My father said he was lucky as hell I was his dad, cause he would have pulled his pants down in front of everyone and whipped his butt right then.

I told him to go upstairs to the guest room. When I got up there (after apologizing for my son’s actions again) I asked him if he wanted to tell me to shut up and go away. He just looked at the ground and shook his head no. I told him to take off his belt and give it to me. I spanked him and he was crying, though he was trying hard not to. I turned him around to face me.

He was covering up his face with his arm and sniffling. I told him I was sorry to have spank him, but he knew better. He just shook his head yes and kept his face covered. I pulled him to me and hugged him.

He stayed upstairs for a while and I quietly told my great aunt what happened. She felt really bad for him getting spanked on account of her. She went up to talk to him, more than likely to hug and baby him. That’s what my great aunt did when my dad used to whip my butt…it always pissed my dad off though. He’d say I spanked him for a reason, don’t baby him.

Our family is very close, but we don’t do the disrespecting adults around here.
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What you did was right in my humble opinion there's a right n wrong way to spank. I feel like that should just be between the parent and child nit the parent whooping and hollering like a damn fool breathing the **** out the kid

did he get spanked over his pants? Did any of the cousins get spanked or know he was spanked or heard him? How much cryi ng at 15 did he do?

It shows that he will be better respected when behaved and you have zero tollerance. I to was spanked for similiar reasons. byy aunts, mom.

i AGree you were Right to Punish him . you have my Respect . for being A Good Parent . Bringing up youngsrers Without Discipline is wrong . Parenting is Taching your youngsters to Respect for Extended Family and ThemSelfs . Well Disciplined youngsters have Less Transgressions and Make Better Adults . Respected Gent 62 years young CyberDaddy .