Black Boys Can't Help But Be Spanked!

Last summer I was over at a neighbor's house with our two boys, they have a swimming pool in the back yard. They had two black boys over and as we were sitting on the patio the black boys would get out of the large pool and were on in white briefs that showed everything. They were falling off and you ne the black boys could not pull them up. I asked my neighbor if he minded them being in the pool like that and he said no, as long as they did not act up. One of the black boys named Steven pushed his son into the pool and splashed out a lot of water. My neighbor called the black boy over and as the black boys came out of the pool he was fully exposed and his undies were to his knees. My neighbor told the boy if he did that again he would switch the young boys bottom red and not to be so rough around the blow up pool. After about 20 minutes of the 4 boys playing Steven pushed the white boy in the pool again to hard and my neighbor got mad and called the black boy over. he told the black boy that he had waned him and now he was upset. The black boys briefs were standing straight out I noticed and at even the boys age he was almost 7" rock hard. My friend pulled his briefs off the boy and pulled him over his lap and started spanking his bare black bottom firmly. over and over he spanked that black bottom each time the boy jumped with each spank. After about 20 minutes of this the neighbor asked me to get a switch from one of the trees. I yanked on off and ******** it of branches and handed it to him. he pulled the boy off his lap and I noticed that the black boy was still quite erect and there was a wet spot on my friends lap as well! he had the boy bend over the grill legs wide open and made the boy count each stoke with that switch! He took his time and as he spanked that bottom he would feel the boys bottom each time to see how warm it was even feeling between his legs. I was surprised at how erect the boy still was even though he was wincing a lot. After 25 strokes he grabbed the black boys between his legs and gave a few strokes and the black boy came shooting all over the grill. I laughed and so did my friend. he told the boy that if he spanked him again it would be a lot more painful and I believed my friend. he let the boy get back in the pool without his briefs. The boys continue to play and splash and I could see that blacks boys *** running down the outside of the grill. I told my friend that I bet that that black boy would learn from that and my neighbor said to me!!!! Thanks the third time I have spanked him today!!!! I was SHOCKED
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Im half black n i no wht u mean my grandma use2 use switch on me n my brothers n sisters

As you know black boys raise their bottom quite well when spanked they get quite use to it, when was the last time your black bottom was spanked?