My Teen Son Punched A Hole In My Wall!!!

I told him that he couldn't have any more money from me this week, I had already gave him his allowance. But I gave him the option on cleaning out the garage for extra cash. He got the worst attitude with me and I just told him to go to his room, before his mouth got him into some trouble.

He said something as he walked away from me and I got up quick and grabbed his arm. I asked him what he said and he said nothing dad and pulled his arm away and stumped upstairs. When i heard his door slam it took all I had to not go right up there after him. But instead I just yelled up that he could spend the day in the house for the way he was acting. To which he opened up the door and slammed it again.

I'm like really! I'm just thinking to myself to just stay calm and the storm will pass. Then I hear a "thud" and I get up. I find him in his room with a piece of MY wall of MY house in his hands looking worried. He had punched a freaking hole in my wall. He's now telling me "dad I can fix this, I really can. I'm sorry".

I was mad and pulled him up and him down on his bed. I yanked his pants down despite him trying to keep them up. He was screaming that he was so sorry at that point. And I tore his bare butt up with my belt. He was crying and trying to cover his butt with his hands, but I got a hold of his hands and kept spanking. He was crying and promising to fix the wall. When he was really crying hard, I let him go he just cried getting his pants up. I pointed my finger right at him and told him to act his age or he'd be seeing me again real soon. He gave me a yes sir through his sniffling.

I would have normally grounded him for a funky attitude, but he had pushed me to the point were a spanking was deserved.
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Don't spank in anger

horrible parent u should be ashamed *****

What you did was wrong, but I can understand anger.

How old was you r son when he punched the wall? Do you have to spank his younger siblings? Was that his first bare bottom spanking and does mom ever see him spanked or spank him?

GOOD JOB! well handled. I'm sure he'll never do that again. I believe in spanking kids about certain things, damaging your property is DEFINITELY included, especially since it wasn't an accident. He knew the consequences of his actions and he faced the repercussions. Every parent should act in the same way you did.

I'm not against spanking a MUCH younger kid, but NOT a teenager. You should have calmly gone into his room and told him that you understand people get angry sometimes, but a much better way to handle it next time would be hit a punching bag or stuffed animal - not the wall. Then you could calmly tell him to get the wall fixed by (whatever date) and tell him he has to buy all the supplies and if it doesn't look like it did before, you will call a repair man and your son can pay for it.

oh man.. american kids are so lucky.. u guys are awsome parents... if only ur kid knew how lucky he was..

You are looking for confirmation from a bunch of people who already beat their kids. Of course they are going to encourage your actions. I don't agree that spanking will solve anything. You are forcing a child to fit into your mold and if he rebels then you beat him. Spanking in anger is even worse as your judgement is clouded and you are venting your frustrations which can be very dangerous for your child physically and emotionally. Kids take shelter in their parents and by hitting them you shatter the one thing that is stable in their lives, the one person they should be able to trust. Now he will never know when you will again fly off the handle and cause him severe pain (just because it doesn't cause permanent damage doesn't mean it's not horribly tramatic, especially coming from his own father) He might end up thanking you for it later because it is the only way he can cope with the trauma. He doesn't want to hate you so he will try to believe you did the right thing. But forcing someone to behave by giving them pain will only lead them to hurt others and resent you in the long run. I should know. It's taken me more than a decade to learn to love myself and see my stubbornness as determination rather than a reason to be beaten. Is your son so stupid that you can't talk to him and only beatings will get through to him? If this is so then it is even worse, as a stupid person might not even understand what it is they have done wrong. If my father had trusted me to do the right things in my own life I wouldn't have dropped out of college simply to defy him and his beatings.

why can these people not spell?

You guys are ****** up.

I would've spanked my kids if they had done the same believe me.My eldest is almost 13 & her mouth is unblieveable,the back chat & attitude gets her more spanked bottoms than anything else.