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I Spanked My Son Twice

My husband and I have 2 sons 14 and 16. On Saturday I felt sorry for my son because I had to spank him once right after the first. My 16 yr old son was disrespectful to my sister while we were shopping. If he were younger I would have spanked him in the store but I told him I would deal with his behavior when we got home. He asked me if I was going to spank him and I said "yes Jeffrey, I am going to spank you when we get home." He knew better than to try to talk me out of it so he just said "yes ma'am." He did immediately apologize to my sister.
We got home about 30 minutes later. I told him to sit in the dinning room. Our boys receive their spanking in the dinning room and anyone who is visiting sees our boys get their spankings. We do not spank the boys in front of girls their own age but they are spanked in front of adult women or men. My sister and her twin 13 yr. old sons were with us during the shopping trip so Jeffrey knew he was going to be spanked in front of them. I reminded him that my other sister was due over shortly and she would most likely see him spanked he said "yes ma'am." Jeffrey said he knew why he was going to be spanked so I told him to bring me the paddle and he retrieved it from the wall. By the time he handed it to me he was starting to tear up. After he handed me the paddle I started to pull down and take off his pants and underpants. I put him over my knee and I told him to spread his legs apart as far as possible. The reason we have the boys spread their legs is because it deters them from tensing their buttocks. If our boys tense their buttocks even once during a spanking then we finish the spanking put them in the corner for 30 minutes and then bring them back and give them another spanking. The other reason that will make them get their spanking restarted is trying to or actually covering their genitals while they are being disrobed or while walking to corner time. Well while I was spanking Jeffrey my younger sister entered the room and she witnessed most of his spanking. He was crying while I was spanking him so he may not have noticed her in the room but he knew she was coming over. When I was done I told him to go to the corner. Once he stood up he saw my other sister and covered his genitals on the way to the corner. I did not say anything to him at the time. After his 30 minutes of corner time was over I called him over to me this time he kept his hands at his side allowing his penis and scrotum to be in full view. Jeff stood next to me and apologized. I told him to also apologize again to his aunt. He turned to her and said "I'm sorry I disrespected you." Jeff asked me if he could get dressed and I said, "I'm sorry Jeffrey but because you covered yourself mommy is going to have to put you back over my knee for another spanking. He said, "yes ma'am I know." I asked him if he realized he covered his penis while walking to the corner and he said, "yes ma'am. I put him back over my knee and proceeded to administer a second full spanking to my son's bare bottom. The first time I spanked him 40 times with the paddle and his second spanking was another 40 swats. Jeff's bottom was still red from the first spanking and it was a brighter shade of red after the second spanking and he was crying uncontrollably. I let him cry over my knee for a few minutes then I stood him up hugged him and told him I loved him very much and was sorry I had to give him a second spanking for covering his penis. He said "I won't cover my penis again mommy." I then took him upstairs to his room laid him on his bed on his tummy. I asked his if he wanted me to rub lotion on his sore bottom. Again through tears he said, yes ma'am. After I rubbed his very red bottom with lotion I rubbed his back and kept telling him how much I loved him. After a few minutes he stopped crying. He stayed on his tummy with his bottom exposed until dinner. I went to his room put a pair of pajama bottoms on him and then brought him down stairs. Today Jeffrey has been a very respectful little boy. I hope it lasts because he told me his bottom is still very sore.
Lninwa Lninwa 41-45, F 70 Responses Jan 28, 2013

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Wish you were my aunty. Your so in controle and doing a great job as a disciplinarian. your son doesn't try to fight you or run away,you've done something right.

great mom

This is kind of similar to what happened in my house when I was young. It is just the way it was!

eeeeeeeeeeee :(

good job lets chat

i am a mommy to i know how it is but i wold never spank my son at that age

This is cool.

I know I told you this already a while back, but you are a disgusting excuse for a mother.

Thank god someone has a brain, you're right man

Amen to Gemini and jgpc96.

I never cover up

Certainly quite entertaining for your sisters who must have enjoyed seeing a 16 year old boy naked waist down with all his goodies on display.

This is appalling. What would you think if your husband ******** and beat your daughter (his stepdaughter) that way, having a couple of his brothers in to observe? I checked with a psychologist (female) and she considers it child sexual abuse. Sexual or not, it's abusive. I'll lay odds you were never beaten like that.

Come on;Does anybody REALLY believe these stories are ALL TRUE????? And to Lninwa-----I want to say You are a great FICTION writer------

It toughens a boy or young man (teenager) to have his penis and scrotum exposed to the female gaze while he is being spanked for his indiscretions.

Also, girls and young women need to be familiar with the sight of male genitals--the varieties of shapes and sizes-- and the spanking of a male is a perfect opportunity for their education.

Additionally, a mother or other older female relative (an aunt or older cousin) should feel free to spank the penis itself during the buttocks spanking.

Should the young male have an erection during the spanking, then the spanking should be concentrated upon his erect organ.

This is how our mother and aunts conducted discipline in our family and, I must admit, it was a good thing for the boys.


Probably, you have not seen or heard this type of incidents, that's why you feel perplexed , I am now 19 years old boy, but most of the time I fear like a girl, I always feel unsafe when I travel in nights & alone places specially in nights, even I feel scared of tall men, I start bubbling while taking with them…so I have no confidence at most of time..when i was 13 years old, i got a infection near my genitals & thighs, so i was rubbing my genitals for many days, my sister's ( my sister & cousin sister) saw & complained to mom, mom thought i have grown up & i was ************, she warned me not do this in-front sister's. but due to itch i did it many times, 2-3 days later mom, took me to a quack,( who was unskilled ) he asked me to remove my clothes,but there was only a small room so i didn't want to ***** in-front mom & sisters, but i was forced to *****, he checked me & found no disease, so he told mom, i was misbehaving & i don't have any problem, mom got very angry, but he suggested a punishment, he asked my sister to count 1 2 3 up-to 10, as he is going to tug/pull my penis 10 times as a punishment , hearing this all started laughing, at beginning mom was not sure but later my sister’s insisted mom & she gave her consent for this punishment then he suddenly grabbed my tiny penis and pulled on it, after 10 times he left my penis, & when i returned back to home, they told this to everyone & Most people of my family, neighborhood took it as a funny event,but it had killed my self-esteem and dignity.

Pisolo-This is clear CHILD ABUSE! How was this a good thing for the boys? I am sick of hearing the rubbish about girls or young women needing to see the males genitals. A penis should never ever be spanked. It is perfectly NATURAL that a boy during a spanking gets an erection.

Sorry Pisolo, you are being reported to management & you will be deleted. Take your fantasies elsewhere!

You are one sick person Pisolo! & your mother was a child abuser!

And does the same hold for young men and boys watching a girl being spanked by a father or older male relative (uncle or older cousin)? Abusive perverts, every one.

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Has he ever seen his girl cousins get spanked? If yes was it bare bottom or what

I am 21 and i am still spanked. Treating with kindness after spanking as you did with your son is so good. My sister does not do that but my neighbour lady does that when i cry after spankings.

which is the reason that you don´t want your boys tensing their buttocks your , something affects in the punishment.

I have a 14-year-old stepson who I recently began to spank. I always lower his jeans and underpants to the floor myself then have him standing in front of me with his arms crossed behind his back while I give him a talking to. During this I have noticed him getting a full erection. Which of course he tries to cover with his hands. I don't allow it and have him cross his arms behind his back. Once over my knee and the spanking starts the erection quickly goes away. My worry is if my stepson is somehow enjoying being spanked and if that could be why he is so disobedient? Also he has began ************ in a far too frequent basis in my opinion. Every morning there is evidence of his ************ on his bedding. This is happening so frequently that I was needing to launder his bedding every morning. Now he is required to do his own laundry and if he don't he can just sleep in the Mess he is guilty of making. James is my stepson and this is all new to me is this a normal thing have you had to deal with it before??

It very normal for 14 yr old boys to ********** several times a day. He is not enjoying his spankings. Becoming erect is normal

It is totally normal I regularly orgasmed two or three times a day during much of my teens and occasionally more). I now realise my mother must have known about my activity, but she never made any comment. She knew, I'm sure, that it was a natural and healthy thing for a boy to do.

I was always punished on the bare buttocks by my mother. From age 11, she insisted not only that I was naked below the waist, but above it too. As you may imagine, the tension in the pre-punishment lecture was intense and I frequently got an erection. I was embarrassed ay first but got used to it. My reaction was quite normal and not particularly sexual. My erection quickly subsided once the punishment began, but invariably returned during m corner time, which could last up to half an hour. I was definitely not allowed to hide my erection and was ordered to place my hands on my head if my mother thought I was even trying to do so.

it s normal…i always got erect during spanking…i even **********…so don t worry and go on…i also *********** nearly every day

it s normal…don t worry…i even ********** over my step mums lap during spanking

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i really hope this wasnt for real. if it was you are an abuser to put it mildly.

Yes, clearly abuse, but most of abusers get's no punishment for abusing.

Why dont you admit that you spank ONLY for your sexual pleasure?

Maybe not erotic pleasure as such, but exercising absolute power is a strong stimulant for many people.

Your abusing your child. 911, ANYBODY.

My parents were similar if I covered my penis in front of a girl I'd be spanked and have to spend 30 minutes in the corner with my penis on full display facing everyone that passed and not the corner with my hand behind my back

That would have been embarrassing for you. So you were spanked first & then you covered up, where you got an extra spanking. Is that right? What were you spanked with? how many swats did you get? How old were you when this happened? It happened to me as well.

Yeah thats right they usually used their hands there was no set number just till they felt it was sufficient

Bummer dude did it ever happen to you in front of others?

It sure did! it happened a few times in my teens & sometimes brought on an erection. That was hell! The girls would just stare.

O know what you mean that happened to me to it seemed as if there was nothing else in the room to look at lol

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Being disrespectful should earn a spanking. A good paddling over the knee is just what is needed. I am not sure I would have spanked the second time. I don't see anything wrong in covering up. His red bottom was still on full display.

This is wrong

I too think that this woman ? or person is full off bull **** too !

Is this story a fake or do you just look for attention? This exact same story appeared on in August this year. Still saying he was spanked last Saturday. You wrote it under the name Teresa & didn't get one reply! You wrote a few posts under the name Teresa.

For me she is a sexual spanker, nothing else...and a bit sadistic...and tries to hide behind discipline.

Well some times people steal other peoples stories and say is there story.

well ive putted on many comments and im gonna just say this now you dont need to put on a show to other people to make him understand his lesson, you dont need to get his penis exposed to get him to understand his lesson, yh you can spank them to make them learn their lesson thats fine by me but putting on a show, and make him be exposed is not right. you will get the message of behaving correctly without having him naked and putting on a show. i hope you reply and reconsider this. and if needed i will go out on a psychological note but i hope i dont and i hope i can try to understand your side for doing that

She gets off on it, and heavily.
Funny how she tries to hide her sexual cravings for spanking the boys behind "discipline", lol.

im gonna wait for her to reply and after my conversation with her im gonna talk to you

Yes she is sad and disgusting.

You are a total sicko and a perv. I really feel sorry for your sons to have such a sick and disgusting mother. I hope they get out of your house, and safely from your control as soon as possible.

@golubki, you are the sicko, it is because of people like you that the world is filled with disrespectful out of control lawless kids, with no respect for authority. This lady is a breath of fresh air in today's society, because she believes in regular discipline of her sons.

Decav, she has made this up! She posts in lots of forums!

I think you did the right thing. It's absolutely vital that once you make clear what the rules are, that you follow them otherwise the whole system falls down.

It's right I think that the humility rule is followed as it shows that one cannot avoid being exposed if there is wrongdoing.

uklondonmum, This is humiliation, not humility. How would you like this tale if it were the same but with all the sexes reversed. I suspect it doesn't happen that way which makes it sexist as well as perverted.

Is this for real? You forced a sixteen year old boy to show his genitals! You hit him again when he tried to cover them! Of coarse he is gonna try to cover his penis you should know that... Does anyone see anything wrong with that

Are all of your ancestors retarded or are you the first where it shows?

Maybe you need a maintenance you know how it feels to be beaten just for the pleasure of mommy (lol), auntie or any other relative.

Something is seriously wrong with u lady