I Spanked My Son Twice

My husband and I have 2 sons 14 and 16. On Saturday I felt sorry for my son because I had to spank him once right after the first. My 16 yr old son was disrespectful to my sister while we were shopping. If he were younger I would have spanked him in the store but I told him I would deal with his behavior when we got home. He asked me if I was going to spank him and I said "yes Jeffrey, I am going to spank you when we get home." He knew better than to try to talk me out of it so he just said "yes ma'am." He did immediately apologize to my sister.
We got home about 30 minutes later. I told him to sit in the dinning room. Our boys receive their spanking in the dinning room and anyone who is visiting sees our boys get their spankings. We do not spank the boys in front of girls their own age but they are spanked in front of adult women or men. My sister and her twin 13 yr. old sons were with us during the shopping trip so Jeffrey knew he was going to be spanked in front of them. I reminded him that my other sister was due over shortly and she would most likely see him spanked he said "yes ma'am." Jeffrey said he knew why he was going to be spanked so I told him to bring me the paddle and he retrieved it from the wall. By the time he handed it to me he was starting to tear up. After he handed me the paddle I started to pull down and take off his pants and underpants. I put him over my knee and I told him to spread his legs apart as far as possible. The reason we have the boys spread their legs is because it deters them from tensing their buttocks. If our boys tense their buttocks even once during a spanking then we finish the spanking put them in the corner for 30 minutes and then bring them back and give them another spanking. The other reason that will make them get their spanking restarted is trying to or actually covering their genitals while they are being disrobed or while walking to corner time. Well while I was spanking Jeffrey my younger sister entered the room and she witnessed most of his spanking. He was crying while I was spanking him so he may not have noticed her in the room but he knew she was coming over. When I was done I told him to go to the corner. Once he stood up he saw my other sister and covered his genitals on the way to the corner. I did not say anything to him at the time. After his 30 minutes of corner time was over I called him over to me this time he kept his hands at his side allowing his penis and scrotum to be in full view. Jeff stood next to me and apologized. I told him to also apologize again to his aunt. He turned to her and said "I'm sorry I disrespected you." Jeff asked me if he could get dressed and I said, "I'm sorry Jeffrey but because you covered yourself mommy is going to have to put you back over my knee for another spanking. He said, "yes ma'am I know." I asked him if he realized he covered his penis while walking to the corner and he said, "yes ma'am. I put him back over my knee and proceeded to administer a second full spanking to my son's bare bottom. The first time I spanked him 40 times with the paddle and his second spanking was another 40 swats. Jeff's bottom was still red from the first spanking and it was a brighter shade of red after the second spanking and he was crying uncontrollably. I let him cry over my knee for a few minutes then I stood him up hugged him and told him I loved him very much and was sorry I had to give him a second spanking for covering his penis. He said "I won't cover my penis again mommy." I then took him upstairs to his room laid him on his bed on his tummy. I asked his if he wanted me to rub lotion on his sore bottom. Again through tears he said, yes ma'am. After I rubbed his very red bottom with lotion I rubbed his back and kept telling him how much I loved him. After a few minutes he stopped crying. He stayed on his tummy with his bottom exposed until dinner. I went to his room put a pair of pajama bottoms on him and then brought him down stairs. Today Jeffrey has been a very respectful little boy. I hope it lasts because he told me his bottom is still very sore.
Lninwa Lninwa
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Love the story, the world needs more Mom's like you! Add me. Please.

He did deserve another spanking for covering if that's the rule, but not that many.

do they face the corner or the room during corner time?

I see no reason not to spank the boys in front of girls their own age. A little extra embarrassment, and the possibility of girls their own age seeing their bare behinds and exposed genitals, might improve their behavior.

at 16 years old, I am sure he would get hard after all those spanking, and probably shoot ***.

for sure terezina. that would be much more embarrisment i would not mind if his mom finished it quick

Wow. When I was spanked I would always get a erection, whether it was a male or female that was spanking me. I got a erection almost every time my mom or dad spanked me, as well as uncles, aunts, and babysitters. I remember when a male teacher give me a spanking which made me have a very noticeable erection. He pointed it out which of course embarrassed me.

if u were naked in ur room and a visitor walked in would u like it if they spanked u for not locking the door its the same thing

That is abuse to spank for covering his penis

Wish you were my aunty. Your so in controle and doing a great job as a disciplinarian. your son doesn't try to fight you or run away,you've done something right.

great mom

i am a mommy to i know how it is but i wold never spank my son at that age

This is cool.

I know I told you this already a while back, but you are a disgusting excuse for a mother.

Amen to Gemini and jgpc96.

Certainly quite entertaining for your sisters who must have enjoyed seeing a 16 year old boy naked waist down with all his goodies on display.

i agree. it must have been nice time for her sister

This is appalling. What would you think if your husband ******** and beat your daughter (his stepdaughter) that way, having a couple of his brothers in to observe? I checked with a psychologist (female) and she considers it child sexual abuse. Sexual or not, it's abusive. I'll lay odds you were never beaten like that.

Come on;Does anybody REALLY believe these stories are ALL TRUE????? And to Lninwa-----I want to say You are a great FICTION writer------

It toughens a boy or young man (teenager) to have his penis and scrotum exposed to the female gaze while he is being spanked for his indiscretions.

Also, girls and young women need to be familiar with the sight of male genitals--the varieties of shapes and sizes-- and the spanking of a male is a perfect opportunity for their education.

Additionally, a mother or other older female relative (an aunt or older cousin) should feel free to spank the penis itself during the buttocks spanking.

Should the young male have an erection during the spanking, then the spanking should be concentrated upon his erect organ.

This is how our mother and aunts conducted discipline in our family and, I must admit, it was a good thing for the boys.


Probably, you have not seen or heard this type of incidents, that's why you feel perplexed , I am now 19 years old boy, but most of the time I fear like a girl, I always feel unsafe when I travel in nights & alone places specially in nights, even I feel scared of tall men, I start bubbling while taking with them…so I have no confidence at most of time..when i was 13 years old, i got a infection near my genitals & thighs, so i was rubbing my genitals for many days, my sister's ( my sister & cousin sister) saw & complained to mom, mom thought i have grown up & i was ************, she warned me not do this in-front sister's. but due to itch i did it many times, 2-3 days later mom, took me to a quack,( who was unskilled ) he asked me to remove my clothes,but there was only a small room so i didn't want to ***** in-front mom & sisters, but i was forced to *****, he checked me & found no disease, so he told mom, i was misbehaving & i don't have any problem, mom got very angry, but he suggested a punishment, he asked my sister to count 1 2 3 up-to 10, as he is going to tug/pull my penis 10 times as a punishment , hearing this all started laughing, at beginning mom was not sure but later my sister’s insisted mom & she gave her consent for this punishment then he suddenly grabbed my tiny penis and pulled on it, after 10 times he left my penis, & when i returned back to home, they told this to everyone & Most people of my family, neighborhood took it as a funny event,but it had killed my self-esteem and dignity.

Pisolo-This is clear CHILD ABUSE! How was this a good thing for the boys? I am sick of hearing the rubbish about girls or young women needing to see the males genitals. A penis should never ever be spanked. It is perfectly NATURAL that a boy during a spanking gets an erection.

Amen, Steve. Girls need to see males' genitals? Easily done. Much more often a boy is ignorant of girls' genitals, but no one ever says they "need" to see them.

Sorry Pisolo, you are being reported to management & you will be deleted. Take your fantasies elsewhere!

You are one sick person Pisolo! & your mother was a child abuser!

And does the same hold for young men and boys watching a girl being spanked by a father or older male relative (uncle or older cousin)? Abusive perverts, every one.

Total, unadulterated, brainwashed idiocy. If true, the judgement that this is sexual abuse of a child is absolutely warranted.

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Has he ever seen his girl cousins get spanked? If yes was it bare bottom or what

I am 21 and i am still spanked. Treating with kindness after spanking as you did with your son is so good. My sister does not do that but my neighbour lady does that when i cry after spankings.

which is the reason that you don´t want your boys tensing their buttocks your , something affects in the punishment.

I have a 14-year-old stepson who I recently began to spank. I always lower his jeans and underpants to the floor myself then have him standing in front of me with his arms crossed behind his back while I give him a talking to. During this I have noticed him getting a full erection. Which of course he tries to cover with his hands. I don't allow it and have him cross his arms behind his back. Once over my knee and the spanking starts the erection quickly goes away. My worry is if my stepson is somehow enjoying being spanked and if that could be why he is so disobedient? Also he has began ************ in a far too frequent basis in my opinion. Every morning there is evidence of his ************ on his bedding. This is happening so frequently that I was needing to launder his bedding every morning. Now he is required to do his own laundry and if he don't he can just sleep in the Mess he is guilty of making. James is my stepson and this is all new to me is this a normal thing have you had to deal with it before??

It very normal for 14 yr old boys to ********** several times a day. He is not enjoying his spankings. Becoming erect is normal

It is totally normal I regularly orgasmed two or three times a day during much of my teens and occasionally more). I now realise my mother must have known about my activity, but she never made any comment. She knew, I'm sure, that it was a natural and healthy thing for a boy to do.

I was always punished on the bare buttocks by my mother. From age 11, she insisted not only that I was naked below the waist, but above it too. As you may imagine, the tension in the pre-punishment lecture was intense and I frequently got an erection. I was embarrassed ay first but got used to it. My reaction was quite normal and not particularly sexual. My erection quickly subsided once the punishment began, but invariably returned during m corner time, which could last up to half an hour. I was definitely not allowed to hide my erection and was ordered to place my hands on my head if my mother thought I was even trying to do so.

I ********** more than most boys and im 23 I still live my parents. u just need to teach him to do ut more privately

spanking or no spanking, boys get hard around14 old. they have to shoot it off

you should ask him to do it before he goes to sleep, not necessary in front of you. he won't do it then again when in bed

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i really hope this wasnt for real. if it was you are an abuser to put it mildly.

Yes, clearly abuse, but most of abusers get's no punishment for abusing.

Why dont you admit that you spank ONLY for your sexual pleasure?

Maybe not erotic pleasure as such, but exercising absolute power is a strong stimulant for many people.

Your abusing your child. 911, ANYBODY.

My parents were similar if I covered my penis in front of a girl I'd be spanked and have to spend 30 minutes in the corner with my penis on full display facing everyone that passed and not the corner with my hand behind my back

That would have been embarrassing for you. So you were spanked first & then you covered up, where you got an extra spanking. Is that right? What were you spanked with? how many swats did you get? How old were you when this happened? It happened to me as well.

Yeah thats right they usually used their hands there was no set number just till they felt it was sufficient

Bummer dude did it ever happen to you in front of others?

It sure did! it happened a few times in my teens & sometimes brought on an erection. That was hell! The girls would just stare.

O know what you mean that happened to me to it seemed as if there was nothing else in the room to look at lol

disgusting i do not believe these nonsense stories.

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Being disrespectful should earn a spanking. A good paddling over the knee is just what is needed. I am not sure I would have spanked the second time. I don't see anything wrong in covering up. His red bottom was still on full display.

This is wrong

Is this story a fake or do you just look for attention? This exact same story appeared on voy.com in August this year. Still saying he was spanked last Saturday. You wrote it under the name Teresa & didn't get one reply! You wrote a few posts under the name Teresa.

For me she is a sexual spanker, nothing else...and a bit sadistic...and tries to hide behind discipline.

You are a total sicko and a perv. I really feel sorry for your sons to have such a sick and disgusting mother. I hope they get out of your house, and safely from your control as soon as possible.

Decav, she has made this up! She posts in lots of forums!

Is this for real? You forced a sixteen year old boy to show his genitals! You hit him again when he tried to cover them! Of coarse he is gonna try to cover his penis you should know that... Does anyone see anything wrong with that

Are all of your ancestors retarded or are you the first where it shows?

Maybe you need a maintenance caning...so you know how it feels to be beaten just for the pleasure of mommy (lol), auntie or any other relative.

Something is seriously wrong with u lady

Lninwa, you did just fine. My mom and dad spanked me (bare bottom and in front of whoever was present when I needed one) until I was finished with college. I'm glad they did, I'm a better person because of it, and we are still a very close family with them in their eighties.

I guess it depends on the individual, but in most cases if spanking is the most common punishment it will remain effective through the late teens. From both my friends when I was in high school and from talking with families now, kids resent grounding and other longer term punishments far more than a spanking which is over quickly.

Jamie W.
I would like to point out that spanking a teenage young man for covering his genitals is inappropriate.

Firstly, a 16 year old is not a young man, he is a child. The age of majority is 18 and anyone younger than that is a child. Referring to children as young adults is something this society needs to get over. A 25 year old is a young adult. Secondly, he was not spanked for the specific act of covering his genitals, he was spanked for the much broader act of breaking a rule that he knew about.

The first spanking was for breaking a rule. The second was for covering his genitals.

Legalist: the "rule" was to remain exposed. I'll lay you three to one that lninwa would've told him to cover it in most circumstances!

Some people see any spanking as assault, others as ineffective parenting, and still others as a legitimate and effective punishment method for children regardless of age. As long as the spanking is done in a calm and controlled manner and within well defined rules, I fit into the latter group. It is essential to keep in mind that he was not spanked speciffically for covering himself, he was spanked because the family has a rule against covering, he knows about that rule, and he violated it. Regardless of what we think of the specific rule (and I don\'t like this one either), violating a rule that he know about did warrant punishment.

And as an aside, I don\'t understand people who just block another member they disagree with, rather than engaging in a reasonable conversation about the issue at hand.

Hi Jamie thank you for your support. I totally agree with long groundings the parent and child relationship is more strained IMHO. With spanking my boys know I spank because I love them and just want them to behave. We hug them after a spanking and all is forgiven. We don't keeps reminding them of their bad behavior that got them spanked

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I don't agree with most of the reactions to this. You are a very, very strict mum, that's true, but a loving one that wants the best for her sons. I think you did a good job giving him punishment for being disrespectful to your sister, and then spanking him a second time for covering his genitals. If you have told him he's not allowed to he should obey you without fuss. It's mummy that calls the shots! If Jeff don't understand that he will have to learn the hard way. The bit with other people looking on is debatable. I think it would have sufficed with the sister that Jeff offended.

you are a bad mom

Scary, in a sick twisted way if true. 14 and 16 and still being spanked? Says a lot about the parents ability to communicate.

Unfortunately this is true,, The first spanking is ok but another 40 is a disgrace. They have a 25 yrs woman who spanks their sons as well! The boys love to get spanked by a sexy young woman. for some unknown reason the parents keep going away together every second weekend leaving their sons to be all the time and they love it!

That's the parents' INability t communicate.

i was punished like that in the 60s now such parenting should not be allowed if this story is true then you went way over the top and like me your son will grow up with issues a hand spanking is ok as long as its not excessive

You wouldn't have to spank your son in the first place if you brought him up in sucha way that you could discuss the problem. I was brought up like this as are many others and it works fine! I believe that spanking is unacceptable and especially to someone who is 16 years old! How do you think he is going to be with his children? You are setting a terrible example

Clearly a work of fiction, probably written by a man.

This is not a work of fiction & the writer is a woman

I really believe this psycho is real and sadly, this did indeed happen.

I think cps should be called.

In the NY Child Welfare System a story such as this would definitely be grounds for a case, but it's never guaranteed the child will be removed. A lot of times a Preventative case is granted by the court in which the parents have to complete services (anger management, parenting classes, etc) but the children aren't removed. Pretty much its CPS telling the parents, "cut the crap cause I'm watching you."

One approach might have court-appointed canings for those who overstep the limits. The enforce absolute obedience, so they should understand when it's enforced on them.


You are one sick lady!!! You are a disgusting disgrace !! Why would you do that?!?!! Why is out society so dumb? This is ridiculous !!! You should never spank your children! Who cares what the bible says!! Just spank them once on the bum (WITH THE HAND) and say dont do it again. Not 80 times with a paddle! Your so dumb :/ I'm sorry but I think your children are really scared / frightened. Especially to a 16 year old boy. Wow

I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees it this way. The sad thing is, she really needs help but probably would never get it.

I agree with both of you!!! SICK

The Bible says nothing about authorizing this kind of abuse.

in your opinion what is the purpose of naked corner time.

You are sick lady. I'm a foster care social worker and kids are placed with us for the exact reasons in the story you wrote.

Thank you decav! :)

First of all, do not quote Bible verses at me because they mean absolutely nothing to me. Secondly, she hit her son a total of 80 times with a paddle, partly because he covered his penis up when someone entered the room, a normal humman response. Why would a mother want her 16 YEAR OLD TEENAGE SON to have his manhood exposed? She is absolutely disgusting! Parents in Connecticut lost their children in a tragic way a week before Christmas last year and would do anything to get them back, and yet this psycho is beating and humiliating her children, who are NOT little boys. She is a horrfic mother, seriously! However, I do believe in karma, and she will get hers.

Please, call me whatever name you want. It does not change the fact that she is a sick person.

You need to go pay a visit to her home. Maybe put her kids in foster care.

Well they sure wouldn't be abused in foster care.

Yea. Agreed!!!

I am a pro spanker. Teenagers should be well past the age of spankings. Other punishments work well. If teenager said spank meto get it over with vs being grounded, personal things taken away, los of privialages. Then I would not spank them. I would never bare bottom spank a teenager. I was spanked many times growing up, and never spanked bare bottom. I am a Christian, grew up in Christian home, strong Baptist. Nudity was not allowed outside of bedroom/bathroom. If were ever caught nude, we would get spanked just for that. People who are Christians the Bible does say spare the rod spoil the child, and yes I agree in spankings. But, this bare bottom thing I believe is totally out of line. The Bible never tells mother or father to ***** their teenagers naked for spankings. I believe people take this out of context. Teenage boys and girls for that matter, can be tried as adults for many crimes. I don't believe a mother should be seeing her teenage son naked unless there is physical handicap, or an illness. Same father should not see his teenage daughter naked eather unless handicap or illness. I believe in modesty, and I would not do this to my daughter at all. This is discusting and perverted to ***** your teens naked. This stuff can be a cover up for ******, and sexual abuse by other women and men. If I knew someone who was purposely stripping their teens for spankings, I would report this to DHS childrens services in my state. I called DHS last week and asked these questions this mother is talking about. They told me parents do have a right to spank their kids upto the age of 18. Anything after 18 would be considered assault or sexual assault. Teens who are forced nude for bare bottom spankings if they feel a sexual violation from parents by this or others. The parents can be arrested and teenagers removed from the house. If the teens go to school and report this. By law the school must notify DHS and an investigation will be started. I hope this is made up story. P:S Please, excuse grammer and spelling?

I was wondering is nudity in these parents home a normal outside of just spankings, and do parents go nude as well? I know some family are into nudity, and nudity is nothing to them then, I guess teens wouldn't feel bad. Are the parents into nudity as well. I know in this state nudity in itself is not against the law. Some cities have ordinaces against public nudity, and some do not. But, also home nudity is allowed as long as no sexual activity goes on. Just wondering here? thanks

If I was this boy, I would refuse to get naked for the spanking. If they forced me I would absolutely call police and everyone I could that I was sexually abused by this mother. I am 51 now, and I am one who was sexually abused by women until I was 13yrs old. This older teenager must like this or he would go tell someone.

I wonder what you would do if your son or daughter one day after you spanked them bare bottom and they go to school and tells the school that you spanked them, told a friend or police you spanked them by stripping them bare bottom and they feel you sexually violated them. Do you threaten your kids if they do. You can only keep them quiet so long if they get tired of it. And they also tell the school and police you threaten them if they tell on you? Don't think it cant happen, because it can. I have seen it on the news. I know guy who spanked his 13yr old daughter personally. She told the school guess what. Him and his wife was arrested and all the kids were removed. They lost all their kids, and now kids were adopted. Him and wife, can never come in contact with the kids. Don't think this cant happen, because it can.

I wonder what you would do if your son or daughter one day after you spanked them bare bottom and they go to school and tells the school that you spanked them, told a friend or police you spanked them by stripping them bare bottom and they feel you sexually violated them. Do you threaten your kids if they do. You can only keep them quiet so long if they get tired of it. And they also tell the school and police you threaten them if they tell on you? Don't think it cant happen, because it can. I have seen it on the news. I know guy who spanked his 13yr old daughter personally. She told the school guess what. Him and his wife was arrested and all the kids were removed. They lost all their kids, and now kids were adopted. Him and wife, can never come in contact with the kids. Don't think this cant happen, because it can.

"Chasten," not forcibly expose him to the opposite sex. If he goes out on the street and does this at 16, he'll go to jail. Think before you use the Good Book to justify bad practices.

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Hello, while I can understand Jeffrey's initial 40 paddle swats, I cannot say the same for the second spanking. The reason for the first spanking was clear, however, with the second spanking, your reasoning is filled with flaws and does not hold up under scrutiny. Also, when was the last time you endured 80 swats of a paddle? Forty swats is even a bit much, but 80 given in one hour is too much. Lastly, according to the law, Jeffrey, at age 16, is not allowed to show his genitals publicly, therefore how can you justify spanking him for covering his genitals? You say that you love him, but in the same manner that Jesus asked "What father would give his son a stone if he asked for bread?" I ask " What mother, who loves her son, would spank him for covering his genitals as the law requires him to do?" Your son disrespected your sister in the beginning, but then you disrespected your son by requiring him to uncover his genitals and spanking him excessively for it. I feel that you do love your sons, and I ask that you please consider his right to cover his genitals as it is also the law. If you took him to his room and had him put on a jock strap there, then escorted him to the dining room, he would be suffieciently humiliated and bare bottomed without any issues regarding hus genitals. Thank you, and I welcome further discussion with you. My father was present in our home, but he left the parenting to my mother, she was totally occupied keeping track of my adhd brother and mentally handi-capped sister. I was left to raise myself for a while.

Children are not slaves. Any rules that are contrary to the law do not need to be obeyed nor punishment accepted.

You do not determine who will or will not burn in hell.

Sorry, but in the home, regardless of who is present at the time, does not meet the definition of \"in public\". He knew the rule about not covering his privates and he chose to disobey. The second spanking was justified, just as the first was.

I still say you did absolutely wonderful.

I am wonder why Jeff may not covered his penis?
Does he sometimes get an erection then he is spanked? It is very natural, if boys are being spanked, because the pain starts the brains production of Endorphins.

Being seen naked from the wait down is part of the punishment. Yes both boys sometimes get an erection before or during a spanking. He was not erect this day.

Do you agree with punishing girls the same way? Probably not. At least, I'll bet you never did.

You like to spank your boys, don't you? It turns you on.
You know it is wrong, but you really like it. Right?

no I don't like to spank them

Yeah right

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i had problems that i was spanked for i just got clever at hiding it from mum and my sister helped me mum just thought she had changed me

If I was these boys, I would refuse to get naked infront of these women and girls. I never let a woman especially my mother see me naked when I was a teenager. To this day, when I go to doctor or hospital I require same gender care or I wont accept care because of the sexual abuse by women in my past.

i got spankings and then sent to my room after 30 minuets i would go back over her knee for a 2nd with the belt just so i learned my lesson well but i never did so i got a lot of spankings up til i was 16

what changed when you were 16?

A well deserved punishment. However I personally prohibit the application of lotion or any other means of reducing the sting. A lingering burn helps impart the lesson. I put my teens in tight thick underpants immediately after a licking to retain the heat

thank you for your comment I have heard that other parents do the same as you

Wow you are sick, I hope someday someone with mental problems beats you and then makes you wear "tight thick underpants" your so stupid and angry its almost funny! I wish you had to wear a shirt that told your story on it and see if you could live with the embarrassment, of coarse you would do that because your a child beating coward.

I put my kids in 'Cupid' brand firm control briefs from Walmart . The tightness combined with the thick and somewhat abrasive fabric gets the lesson across. The fact that they're designed for women is an extra punishment for my son !

I appreciate your concern. The garment in question is plain white with a wide waist and diouble panel front. The only thing that really distinguishes it from boys' briefs is the lack of a front bathroom opening. My son is 13, and has twin sisters aged 15.. Each child has a pair of 'punishment undies' in their top drawer, and must wear them for a full day following corporal punishment. I am a single mother who has great kids and use my strap VERY rarely

You're another sick one.

You are very sick woman! Someone should take the cane to you!

Hahahahah so your saying u like your child in pain? Wooow... Your all sick

Sure glad you're not my dad. He spanked me too, but once he was done, he held me and comforted me. You want your kids to suffer with the sting and pain as long as possible. That really sickening, and abusive in nature as far as I'm concerned. I feel sorry for you children.) ;

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There is zero proof that kids who get spanked (or abused in this case) grow up any better than kids who are raised correctly and not spanked. So basically you pro spankers just love to be in control and obviously like to make people hurt. So I hope you feel proud hurting someone who can't do anything about it.

yes every time i *** its embarrassing to have to put on that kind of show.

has he ever got hard and do you make jeffy "take care of it"? mom dose its embarrassing as all getout

Thank god someone still knows how to raise disciplined children, ignore these people, I've raised 2 children who are now 18, their doing just fine, but I am not afraid to come to their college that I paid for and paddle them if they start slacking off.I still have 3 at home, whenever they need it they all get the paddle.Good job on your sons :)

I had no idea the world had so many sick people in it. I think Lninwa is fueled by these people disagreeing with her, it makes her feel more powerful. I feel very sorry for these boys. Hopefully they will get as far away as possible from this woman as soon as they are old enough instead of just letting history continue to repeat itself.

agrreed this wrong

it is your house, and your rules. Its not a surprise, so when discipline is warranted, so be it. i was disciplined by an Aunt, and other woman would see it happen. Whether the disciplinarian is a male or female, they need a firm hand. One can hope he becomes strong of confident, and understands the value of discipline, or one day you may be making suggestions to his wife what is needed to be done. Feel free to chat with me at any time.

You never explained why they aren't allowed to cover their genitals. Do you understand why most people think that's abusive and unhealthy for a teenager? What you describe is like a kinky adult fantasy.

Its because she loves the girls and women seeing him. perhaps she and others are performing oral sex on them. she and other women are pedifile sexual abusers thats all.

I think he deserved a spanking, but I would not turned it into a spectator sport as it seems you did here. Whenever possible, I prefer that spankings be given privately, without witnesses even though others in the house may hear. He should cooperate fully when told to bare himself, but I think it's natural to cover up the genitals, especially after puberty.

Some kids don't care about parents seeing them, but those who do should be allowed some modesty although chances are high that it all goes out the window after the spanking when their top priority is not covering their front side but cooling their backside. I would never give a second spanking for covering up in front, but interfering by reaching back is dangerous and can earn extra swats

Fair enough. I don't think she was abusing him like some have said here. It was more a difference of style, so I agree that if it works for them and no harm is done then it's fine.

What parents should be teaching -- never show support for something you feel is wrong.

Oh dear lord, I feel sorry for your children.

Good lord, you should not be allowed to parent....

In this case I would agree with the people who say you should have a license to parent.

I don't think that he should have been spanked for a second time, it's normal to cover yourself at 16 years old, and I also hope that you will consider spanking your kids in private. I think this was too much.

Totally OTT.....no spanking should be happily witnessed by anyone other than who needs to be there,also covering up your bits is normal from a boy of his age...hope you are proud of yourself....yesterday my wife spanked our son and his friend but everyone else were sent out of the room so it could be done in private as it should be

You're just a awful mother.............

I know for a fact that this would be considered child abuse in most states, hopefully some of the people who have witnessed your sickness will turn you into the proper authorities. I work with abused kids and some of their stories are LESS disturbing than yours. Hopefully you will wake up and realize your kids are people too, not just objects to take out your frustration on. You need to look up the facts on children who are treated like your children are being treated, they are 50% more likely to end up being criminals, abusive to other people and suicidal. Try living with that.

Thanks for posting. Children have to learn respect (and obey rules), if they do not show it.