My Last Spanking

I last spanking was on Friday the reason I was spanked I was late home for my curfew so my dad pulled my pants and underwear down and he put me over his knees and used his belt to smack me
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Is this 2013 or 1913--Seems like a lot of old fashioned ideas going around on here ,Barely legal really, unless its by consent, and therefore an erotic game--- Paulapetal14

You certainly deserved the spanking that you got for breaking your curfew.

never had that happen. and i am glad. however, maple switches and leather strops were used on me. ouch

switches are something worse...

Amen to that! :(

yeah...the sound that it gets when it's in the air...and the marks that it leaves...

Switches are terrible. I would much rather have the strap.

me too...anything but a switch...

Did you ever get the belt over the knee?

yeah...unfortunately, it was folded in two...

I always wanted to be spanked over the knee as a kid, but it never happened. My dad always doubled the belt over to spank me. My wife spanked me one time over her lap with her belt though. Who spanked you as a kid and are you still spanked today?

my mom and aunt mostly did it...

What did you think about it?

of course that I hated it.... it was embarrassing...

Are you spanked now? If so by who?

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I know how you feel man

I never got the belt over the knees. But I am sure it hurts as bad as lying flat or bending over. Damned belts!

Rcarol72 add me please need to chat away from here

I never got the belt over the knee either. To this day I am not a fan of belts. Lol


:) I like the paddle a lot better.

Paddle, belt, switch, spatula, bare hand, mmmm, it's all good!!

I'll let you have the switch. Lol

I would have liked to get the belt over the knee, but my dad didn't spank over the knee. :(

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I could do that if you like

Do u have kids

did you like it

Did it turn you on to be spanked? Or to have your *** exposed?

Yeah, both are a big turn on!!

My dad was the worst always bare always right then and there on the spot it did matter who was there or where we were off came his belt and down came my pants and underpants so my friends have seen me get it

Yeah, my friends have seen Dad spank my naked *** too. They always liked to talk about it with me after they had seen it!

you have bee a bad boy now drop those pants and lay across my lap your next spanking is coming

why sir

because I think you would enjoy it

Hi, this is a HOT Spank Story! You are the perfect age for this kind of spanking. Did your Dad wear shorts or long pants? Did you gring your **** into his thigh, and did it leak at all? Did he spank you real fast or real slow? Did he squeeze your butt cheeks inbetween swats to make it hurt more? Did you have to stand in the corner with your red butt showing after he was through? Did he leave you over his knee for a while and rub your butt after it was over?

you were late an deserved it

do you get hard while being spanked?
could it be your dad likes the feeling of your hard c*ck on his lap?

I would get hard before the spanking, but as soon as it started, it went away. The belt has a way if doing that to you. Lol

Not me!

Wow! Really? You stay hard for the entire spanking? When my wife puts me over her lap and starts with her paddle I am soft in just a minute. She spanks it right off of me.

I do now! Even when she decides the belt is appropriate, it drives me crazy!!

Who is she and are you still spanked? I am.

My wife/girlfriend. And yes. I'm spanked quite often.

Good for you. :) :) :) My wife spanks me, but right now she is having some health issues so everything has slowed down.

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Sounds likes a really good spanking .I bet you were screaming I would be. Kids who get parental spankings are very lucky. I now I was.

21? Spanked at 21?
By dad?
Hmmm. For some reason, I find this exciting!
Thanks for sharing!!

My best friend growing up was spanked by his mother into his early 20's while he still lived at home.

Oh my!! Lucky boy!!

My dad always used his belt on me. I was only put over his knee once though and I was never spanked bare bottom by him. Usually I was taken to the laundry room for my whippings. My friends got the belt and the paddle. I wanted to be paddled, but I never had the nerve to ask.

How did you know your friends were spanked and paddled and what ages were they when they were being spanked by their parents? How old we're you on your last spankings and did your friends ever say they got spanked bare bottom? You ever get it bare bottom?

Did your mom ever hear you spanked and how much crying did you do? What was your last parental spanking?

Wow! A lot of questions. No, never bare by parents. I saw some of my friends getting spanked. I have seen them paddled, the belt and a sandal used on them. I guess i cried an average amount. My mom never watched or was around. It was always in private by my dad. Kids talk about being spanked too. Saying you were paddled was like a badge of honor. No one ever commented on bare or over pants. One time a friend was sent to his room to wait for dad to get home. He put magazines inside his pants. His dad came in with the belt. He almost got away with it. I forgot why he didn't. Last parental spanking was around 10.

my dad used belt on me all the time bare bottom an i use them on my girls when needed

A boy needs guidance

I'm afraid I would have given u the carpet slipper and two of the cane


the belt over his knee sounds harsh mate

Sounds like you have a good dad who knows how to handle you. Bet you won't be late again soon!

Ouch...those one suck, but I can't say you didin't deserve it

How much later than your curfew was it? I also got spanked for breaking curfew quite a few times. How old are you? Living in the UK?

One hour I'm 15 and in uk

At least you never got bare bottom spankings and aren't you glad about that?

15 , good age ;)
and where in uk?

I have done that. I got the cane.

Do u have yahoo messenger

the ' belt' that was the word that silence a room full of loud children when I was young!

Pm me

Did you cry? How long before you could sit down?

Yes and 3 hours

Ouch with a belt now that hurts

I know