Otk Spanking For My Wife, She Deserved It.

You have been being a real *****. Sometimes because you are in charge at work you think it means you can bring your attitude home. I have been pretty patient but am getting really tired of it and am wondering the next time you go off on me what I am going to do to give you an attitude adjustment and bring you back to earth. You are due home soon, and I hope it is just a normal, fun evening, but based upon the abrupt call I got from you a couple of hours ago, I am sure you will be ***** on wheels when you walk through the door. Oh what to do with you.

On my way home I stopped and got a nice dozen roses and a bottle of bubbly...hoping I can cheer you up. I clean up and make us a nice dinner and hope to seen a smiling face when you get home to me.

I hear you car pull into the drive and you get out and "slam" the door. I meet you at the hoping to help you bring in your briefcase and help with your coat. You push by me without even saying Hi, drop your bag and throw your coat over the chair. I ask you how your day was and your sort of growl at me...and by now I am starting to get a little pissed off. You head over to the couch and sit down. I walk over and cordially ask if your day got better by the end of the day and you respond with "What the **** do you think, those people at work are such ********. Why do you care anyway?" I tell you that tomorrow would be better and that I have a nice dinner prepared. You tell me that you are not hungry. Well you had just about pushed me to the edge...one more thing, just one more thing. You then see the flowers and bubbly on the credenza and smirk "What did you do wrong to get me flowers?"

That was it!!!

I walk over and look you right in the eye...and I say "get up". You look at me and say "what did you say" I said "get up, right now". Slowly, in digust, you rise and face me. I look at you and tell you "you have gone too far. I dont care what happens at work, when you get home you are to become a human again. And you will learn that you cannot treat me that way."

I sit on the couch and then grab your arm, pulling you over my lap. You look at me in wonder. I look back and say "you will learn your lesson, lay there and take your medicine. I love you tremendously and you need this in order to remember who you are with and how to act...do you understand." You look me in the eye and say "don't you dare touch me". With that I bring my right hand down hard on your right cheek. You try to push away, but I am ready for that and hold you down. I then bring my hand down on your left cheek, just as hard. I can see the shock in your eyes. I then proceed to alternate spanking your two cheeks sometime hard, sometimes a little easier, varying the timing so that you cannot fully anticipate when the next one will come from me.

I can see the anger in your eyes and I hear you scream out that I will pay for this. I bring down a very hard slap against your *** hearing you yelp alittle.

I dont think you are fully getting the message. So I reach down and pull up your skirt so that I am looking down at your white, school girl panties. Around the edges you are a nice shade of pink. I ask you "have you even began to learn that you cannot treat me, your mate, like you have been?" You again look at me with a little disdain...so I beging spanking again. This time it hurts a little more with only your panties being in the way. With your skirt up around your waste, I also include spanking the tops of your legs, the side of your ***, and of course both of your cheeks. You begin to fight a little and I tell you sternly to lay still and take your punishment. When you dont listen, I take my hand and give you 10 very fast, hard slaps to your left cheek. You cry out but still try to fight me...so I take my hand and give your 15 very fast, hard slaps to your right cheek. This time you seem to start getting the message.

In order to make sure, I grab ahold of your panties and slide them down to around your knees...getting to finally see my handiwork. You have a nice crimson shade on each of your cheeks. So I then ask you if you were done being a PITA (pain in the ***) and you whimper slowly..."yesssss, I guess I am." I tell you that isnt good enough, that I want you to apologize and to tell me that you have learned your lesson. You tell me "**** no". So I then take what I am doing more seriously. Your *** is going to know that I am your equal or maybe even your boss from now on.

I take my hand and just start spanking you, everywhere, some hard and quick, some hard and slow, but always hard. I spank first one cheek and then the other, I spank the area of your crack, I spank the tops of your legs, the side of you ***, making sure that all of your *** is getting the message. You begin to whimper and I see the first tear from you. I ask you if you have had enough and you dont respond. I then take my hand and give you 25 whacks hard and fast on one cheek and then 25 whacks hard and fast on the other. This time I hear you moan out. I reach down between your thighs and find that your ***** is dripping wet. I push two fingers into you and almost immediately you *** and ***.

I look at you and you look up smiling..."I apologize, I am sorry I have taken my work out on you and have been a *****". I just smile back and say "thank you...and remember I can always do this again if you get out of line." You look back at me and say "Please".

I get you up and take you over to the mirror so that you can see my handiwork. You just beem.

I tell you to head up to bed, get undressed and that I will meet you there. I stop by the fridge, get a bowl full of ice. I then go to the cabinet and get out a wooden spoon. And finally walk to the garage and get the leather device I keep there. And then I head upstairs. Upon arriving, I see you laying face down with your crimson *** looking at me with nice hand prints very evident.

I come over and get on the bed beside your...taking the ice to cool your behind. I can feel you tense up and you grind your ***** into the bed...
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Sep 15, 2011